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219.- :-“Prologue spoken by Garrick at the opening of Drury Lane Theatre, 1747,” by Dr. Samuel Johnson; on velluin, framed.

" When learning's triumph o'er her barbarous foes
First reared the stage, inimortal Shakespeare rose,
Each change of many coloured life he drew,
Exhausted worlds and then imagined new,
Existence saw him spurn her bounded reign,
And panting time toiled after him in vain.
His powerful strokes presiding truth impressed,
And unresisted passion stormed the breast.”


Rector of Burford, 2nd part, Salop, 1885.

220.—Plaster bust of Shakespeare, after the Chandos portrait, 1 ft. 9 in.

221.-Engraved portrait of Thomas Amyot, F.R.S., F.S.A., Chairman of the London Committee for the purchase of Shakespeare's Birthplace, 16 September, 1847.

Thomas Amyot (1775-1850) was a distinguished antiquary, who took an active part in the work of the Shakespeare, Camden, Percy, and other literary and archæological societies between 1839 and his death. See No. 229.

Presented by W. H. Amyot, Jesmond Gardens,

Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1893.


NOS. 222-228. 222.—Shakespeare's Birthplace. Pencil drawing from an etching by Colonel Philip De la Motte, 1788.

The Trustees own the copper plate on which De la Motte etched the Birthplace in 1788. The Colonel, an archæologist of repute, resided at Batsford, Gloucestershire. His etching of the Birthplace followed a drawing made in 1769, by Richard Greene, a well-known antiquary, of Lichfield. A reproduction of the original etching is given on p. x of this Catalogue.

223.—View of Shakespeare's Birthplace, etched by A. Rider, of Leamington, 1824.

Presented by ROBERT BIRBECK, Birmingham

December, 1894.

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No. 222.

224.- Daguerrotype of Shakespeare's Birthplace, 61 in. by 5* in., taken early in 1849 by Joseph Whitlock, of Leamington and Birmingham, photographer.

Presented by SAM : TIMMINS, F.S.A., Arley. 1883.

225.–View of Shakespeare's Birthplace, about the year 1830.

A copy in water-colour made in 1867 by Charlotte M. Halliwell, daughter of James Orchard Halliwell [-Phillipps].

Presented by Miss CHARLOTTE HALLIWELL, 1867.

226.–Front view of Shakespeare's Birthplace before the restoration of 1849-50, showing the Swan and Maidenhead with its brick front and the house adjoining since taken down; chromo-lithograph.

Presented by E. W. ASHBEE.

227.-A water-colour drawing of the western portion of the Birthplace, made in 1858.

Presented by R. PHENE SPIERS, London,

April, 1901. 228.-Shakespeare's Birthplace, in 1871, 15in.. by rožin.

An oil painting by J. T. Marshall, of Stratford-upon-Avon. See Nos. 259-61.

229—The original autograph of the offer of the Stratford and London Committees" for raising subscriptions for the purchase of Shakespeare's House" made to George Robins the Auctioneer, of £3000, “without regard to the Funds which they at present command, in the confidence that the justice of the Public will eventually discharge the Committees from the individual responsibility which they thus incur"; London, 16 September 1847. Signed by Thos. Amyot, Tho. Thomson,

Peter Cunningham, W. Sheldon.


Shakespeare's Birthplace and adjoining Houses in 1806. From Saunders' Warwickshire Drawings,vol. 1. f. 71.

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