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111.—DEED, DATED 26 JANUARY 1596-7, PROVING THAT SHAKESPEARE'S FATHER THEN RESIDED IN THE HOUSE NOW KNOWN AS THE POET'S BIRTHPLACE. Deed of sale by John Shakespere of Stratford-upon-Avon, yeoman, to George Badger, of the same, draper, for 50s., of a toft and parcel of land in Stratford, in Henlye Strete, between his own free tenement on the east, and the said George Badger's free tenement on the west, being in width 4 yard and extending in length 28 yards from Henlye Street on the south to the highway called Gyllpyttes on the north, and now being in the tenure of the said John Shakespeare. Dated 26 January, 39 Eliz. (1596-7).

Signed with John Shakespeare's mark. Seal lost.

Sealed, delivered and seisin given on the same day, in the presence of Richard Lane, Hen: Walker, Will. Courte,"scriptor," Tho: Loche, and Tho. Beseley. Latin. Vellum.

Printed in “ Halliwell-Phillipps' Outlines,” 6th edit., 1886. vol. ii, p. 13.


Ettington Park.

112.—THE POET'S STRATFORD ESTATE.-A FINE ASSURING NEW PLACE TO SHAKESPEARE, 1597:Fine, Easter Term, 39 Eliz. (1597), whereby William Underhill, gent., assures to William Shakespeare a messuage (i.e. New Place), two barns and two gardens with appurtenances in Stratford-uponAvon for £60. Seal “ad Brevia in Banco." Latin. Vellum. Recorded, 4 May, A° 39 (1597).

Presented by Miss ANNE WHELER.

113.—THE POET'S STRATFORD ESTATE.-SURRENDER OF A COTTAGE IN CHAPEL JANE TO SHAKESPEARE, 1602.-Extract from the Court-Roll of Rowington Manor, co. Warwick, recording that at a Court of Anne, Countess of Warwick, held 28 Sept. 44 Eliz. (1602), before Henry Michell, Deputy for John Huggeford, steward, Walter Getley, by Thomas Tibbottes, Junr., his Attorney, surrendered a cottage in Stratford-upon-Avon, in Walker's Street, alias Dead Lane (now Chapel Lane] to the use of William Shackespere and his heirs for ever. Latin. Vellum.

The cottage, which has since disappeared, adjoined the garden of Shakespeare's residence, New Place.

Presented by WILLIAM OAKES HUNT, Aug. 1861,

to whom the property then belonged.

114.—THE POET'S LITIGATION.-DECLARATION OF SHAKESPEARE IN STRATFORD COURT OF RECORD, 1604.- Declaration of William Shexpere in an action against Philip Rogers in the Stratford Court of Record, to recover 359. Iod. the balance of 415. rod. due for 20 bushels of malt, etc. (1604). Latin.

Presented by Miss ANNE WHELER.

115. -A DEED WITNESSED BY GILBERT SHAKESPEARE, 'THE POET'S YOUNGEST BROTHER; 1609-10. Lease from Margery Lorde, widow, and tavern-keeper in Middle Row, Bridge Street, to Richard Smyth, alias Courte, butcher, one of her sons, for 99 years at a rent of 2d., of a small piece of ground, 3 yards wide, whereon is a “ foundation of stone"

placed in a Taverne or sellar which is parcel of the Taverne of the said Margery” in Middle Row, Bridge Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, and supporting, a chymneye now in the hall of the dwellinge house of the saide Richard.”

Dated 5 March 1609-10. Vellum.

Witnesses-Richard Wylling, Gilbert Shakespere (youngest brother of the poet), and William Bellamye.

Presented by Miss ANNE WHELER.

116.—THE POET'S LITIGATION.-PRECEPT IN SHAKESPEARE'S SUITS, AGAINST JOHN ADDENBROOKE, 1609.-Order of the Court of Record of Stratford-upon-Avon to the serjeants at Mace to produce John Addenbrooke before the Bailiff at the next Court, to satisfy William Shackspeare, gent., for a debt of £6 recovered against him with 24s. costs. Dated 15 March 6 Jas. I. (1609). Witness-- Francis Smyth, junr., Bailiff. Latin. Vellum. Endorsed with return by F. Boyce, serjeant, that the said John Addenbrooke had not been found within the liberty of the Borough.

Presented by Miss ANNE WHELER.

117.—THE POET'S LITIGATION.-ANOTHER PRECEPT IN SHAKESPEARE'S SUIT AGAINST ADDENBROOKE, 1609.- Order of the Court of Record to summon Thomas Horneby, as surety for John Addenbrooke, to show cause why he should not be answerable to Will: Shackspeare for the debt and costs of John Addenbrooke. Dated 7 June 7 James 1. (1609).

Witness-- Francis Smyth, Jun., Bailiff.
Latin. Vellum.

Presented by Miss ANNE WHELER.



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118.-A collotype facsimile of a Mortgage by “ William Shakespeare, of

Shakespeare, of Stratford-upon-Avon, Gentleman”, and others, to Henry Walker, citizen, of London, of a dwelling-house within the precincts of “the late Black Fryers" Dated, 11 March, 10 Jas. I.

. (1612-13). See No 123. The original document is in the British Museum.

Presented by RICHARD SAVAGE, Secretary and

Librarian to the Trustees, 1899.

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119.-Shakespeare's Marriage Licence Bond.A framed photographic facsimile.

In this deed, of which the original document is in the Dio. cesan Registry, Worcester. Fulk Sandels and John Richardson, husbandmen of Stratford, bind themselves in the bishop's consistory court, on November 28, 1582, in a surety of 401. to free the bishop of all liability should a lawful impediment- hy reason of any pre-contract' [i.e. with a third party]or consanguinity-be subsequently disclosed to imperil the validity of the marriage, then in contemplation, of Wilsiam Shakespeare with Anne Hathaway. On the assumption that no such impediment was known to exist, and provided that Anne obtained the consent of her friends, the marriage might proceed with once asking of the banns of matrimony betwene them. There is no known documentary record of Shakespeare's marriage extant.

Presented by EVAN G. HUMPHREYS, Bath Road,

Worcester, April 1901.

120.—Shakespeare's Will. Photo-lithographic facsimile.

The original, which was drafted 25 January, 1616, and was signed in March following, is in Somerset House.

Presented by Day & Son, 6, Gate Street, Lincoln's

Inn Fields, London, W. C.; 9 April 1864.

121.-SIGNATURE OF SHAKESPEARE'S ELDER DAUGHTER, MRS. SUSANNA HALL.- A SETTLEMENT OF SHAKESPEARE'S ESTATES 1639. Indenture tripartite, whereby Susannah Hall, of Stratford-upon-Avon, widow, Thomas Nash, of Stratford, Esqre., and Elizabeth, his wife, covenant to levy to George Nash, of Southwark, gent., and Edmund Rawlins, of Stratford, gent., a fine of a messuage in Blackffriers, London, neare the Wardrobe,” now or late in the tenure of...... Dickes,

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cordiner and heretofore in that of John Robinson; a messuage
in Acton, co. Middlesex, in the tenure of...... Leerewood ; a
capital messuage in Stratford-upon-Avon called the New Place;
two messuages in Stratford in Henley Street, in the tenure of Jane
Hiccox and Johan Harte, widows; and 41 yardlands of arable
meadow and pasture in Stratford-upon-Avon, Old Stratford,
Bishopton, and Welcombe, with all other lands, etc. in the same,
heretofore the inheritance of William Shakespeare, gent., late
father of the said Susan; such fine to be to the intent that the said
George Nash and Edmund Rawlins shall suffer a
Recovery, to be had of the same by George Townesend and
John Stephens, of Staple Inn, co. Midd., to the uses as follows,
viz: as regards the messuage at Acton to the use of Thomas Nash
and Elizabeth, his wife, for life, with remainder to the heirs of
their bodies, and in default to the heirs of the body of Elizabeth,
and in default to Thomas Nash his heirs and assigns, and as re-
gards all other the premises to the use of Susan Hall for life, with
remainder to Thomas Nash and Elizabeth, his

wife, for life, with remainder as before. Dated 27 May, 15. Chas. I. 1639. Signed by Susanna Hall, Geo. Nashe, Edm. Rawlins, Geo. Townesend and John Stephens.

With five seals, that of Susanna Hall bearing the arms three talbots heads erased, impaling the armıs of Shakespeare.

Presented by Miss ANNE WHELER.

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