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Christmas Hollidaies. By his Maiesties Seruants, playing vsually at the Globe on the Banck-side. (Printer's device). Printed for Nathaniel Butler. 1608.

Small 4to., a little writing on the title anıl blank verso; measures 718 by 5ió inches. Bound by Rivière & Son, 1906. See note under No. 103 supra.

Purchased October, 1906.

105.-A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, 1600.A Midsommer nights dreame. As it hath beene sundry times publikely acted, by the Right Honourable, the Lord Chainberlaine his seruants. Written by William Shakespeare. (Printer's device, with motto “Post tenebras lux”—after darkness, light.) Printed by Iames Roberts, 1600.

A perfect copy. Measures 77e by 575 inches. Bound in red morocco by Bedford. See note under No. 103 supra.

Purchased January, 1908. 106.—THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR, 1619.A Most pleasant and ex-cellent conceited Comedy, of Sir Iohn Falstaffe, and the merry Wiues of Windsor. With the swaggering vaine of Ancient Pistoll, and Corporall Nym. Written by W. Shakespeare. (Printer's device, with Welsh motto “Heb ddim heb ddiev” without anything, without God.)

Printed for Arthur Johnson, 1619.

A perfect copy. Measures 77 by 516 inches. Bound in red morocco by Bedford. See note under No. 103 supra.

Purchased January, 1908. 107.—THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, 1637:- The most Excellent Historie of the Merchant of Venice, etc. Printed by M. P. for Laurence Hayes, and are to be sold at his Shop on Fleetbridge, 1637. 4to.

Purchased from J. RUSSELL SMITH, 1872.

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108.—BEN JONSON'S AUTOGRAPH.-Hieronymi Savonarolæ Ferrariensis Trivmphys Crucis, sive De

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Veritate Fidei Libri IV. Recens in lucem editus. (Savonarola's Triumph of the Cross), 1633.

This copy was the property of Ben Jonson, Shakespeare's friend, who died in 1637. Jonson has written in latin on the titlepage, his motto, “ tanquam Explorator” (as it were an explorer), and words to the effect that the book was a gift to him from the famous Sir Kenelin Digby. Sum Ben: Ionsonij ex dono perillust. Equitis D. Ken: Dig bæij."

Purchased 1904.

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109-Photographs from Council Book “A”, Stratford-upon-Avon Corporation Records :—The first page of the Account of John Tayler and John Shakspeyr, Chamberlains of the Corporation, for 1563-4, and the first page of the Account of William Tylor and Williain Smythe, Chamberlains, for 1565-6 'inade by John Shakspeyr' (the dramatist's father], with full transcript of each photographic facsimile.

Reproduced by permission of THE CORPORATION


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110.-CONVEYANCE BY JOHN AND MARY SHAKESPEARE (THE DRAMATIST'S PARENTS] TO ROBERT WEBBE, OF PROPERTY IN SNITTERFIELD, 1579, WITH BOND OF SAME DATE. -Deed of sale by John Shackspere, of Stratford-upon-Avon, yeoman, and Mary his wife, to Robert Webbe, of Snitterfylde, yeoman, for £4, of their moiety of two messuages with appurtenances in Snitterfylde.

Dated 15 Oct. 21 Eliz. (1579). Signed by marks. With seals. John Shakespeare's seal bears the initials J. S., and his wife's seal has the design of a horse galloping. WitnessesNycholas Knoolles, Vicar of Auston (Alveston), Will. Maydes, and Anth. Osbaston.

With bond from the same to the same in 20 marks, to perform covenants. Date, witnesses, etc., as above.


Ettington Park.

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