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34.--A model of Shakespeare's crest, carved by W. G. Rogers, 1860, and shewn in the London Exhibition of 1861.


35.--A Maidenhead spoon--silver--Leicester Towii Mark.

Presented by Miss ANNE WHELER.

36.--An Elizabethan latten spoon,

found when excavating near Kuaresborough Castle.

Presented by Mr. T. C. HESLINGTON, 2 North

Road, Ripon, 1891.

37.--An Elizabethan pewter spoon, dredged froin the Thames at Wandsworth.

Presented by MR. THOMAS BOYNTON, Norman

House, Bridlington Quay, 1892.

38.--A inilled Sixpence, dated 1562, silver, 46


39.—A milled Threepence, dated 1569, silver, 20 grains.

Presented by MR. G. W. CORDNER, 14 Carlyon

Street, Sunderland, June, 1906.

46.—A milled Sixpence, dated 1562.

Presented by MR. JOHN MARSHALL.

41.-A milled sixpence, dated 1566.


42.-Shilling of Queen Elizabeth, 1591 : Obv. Bust and Tudor Rose. ELIZAB D G AN FR ET HIB' REGI; Rev. shield of Arms, 1591, POSVI DEVM ADIVTOREM MEV. One inch diameter.

No. 43

43.—A silver penny of the reign of Queen Elizabeth undated.

Presented by MR. GEORGE SAVAGE, JUNR., Priory

Street, Alcester, 1888.

No. 44.

44.-An Elizabethan three-farthings piece, dated 1561.

Presented by SIR JOHN EVANS, K. C,B., F.S.A., Nash

Mills, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, July, 1900.

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45.-A farthing token.


10. At ye Mearemayd. A Mermaid. Engraved in Ackermann's "Tradesmen's Tokens current in London,” No. 415.

This coin was privately struck, in conformity with authorised practice, by the keeper of the famous Mermaid Tavern, which Elizabethan men of letters frequented. The tavern stood in Bread Street, but had passage entrances from Cheapside and Friday Street, that from Cheapside being most used. Hence the reference to Cheapside on the reverse of the token.

Sir Walter Raleigh is said to have established the well-known literary club at the Mermaid of which Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, Beaumont, Fletcher, Carew, Donne, Selden, and others were from time to time members. Cf.

“What things have we seen
Done at the Mermaid, heard words that have been
So nimble and so full of subtle flame,
As if that every one from whom they came
Had meant to put his whole wit in a jest.”

Francis Beauinont.
Presented by SIR JOHN EVANS, K.C.B., F.S.A.,

Nash Mills, Hemel Hempstead, Herts.,
December, 1900.

46.-An Elizabethan sixpence, dated 1580.

Presented by Miss LOCKWOOD, Kingham,

nr. Chipping Norton, April, 1904,

47.-Round snuff-box of oak, 3tin. diameter.

On the top a silver plate with the inscription : " The wood of which this Box is made formed part of the old Blue Boar Inn, Leicester, where Richard 3rd slept on the night of August 16, 1485, on his way to Bosworth."

Presented by WILLIAM KELLY, Esq., of Leicester,


48.-A pocket ring-dial of brass, 21 in. diameter, with the maker's name—Hancock. Cf. “And then he drew a dial from his poke."

As You LIKE IT, ii, 7, 20. Presented by WILLIAM HAINES, Esq., Chichester.


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49.—T'wo silver medals, struck for Garrick's Jubilee Celebration at Stratford-upon-Avon in 1769, one of which (with ribbon) was worn by Mr. William Hunt, the then Town Clerk at that commemoration. Obv. Shakespeare's bust,“ We shall not look upon his like again;" rev. Jubilee at Stratford in honour and to the memory of Shakespeare, Septr. 1769, David Garrick Steward.” 2 inch diameter.

Presented by W. O. HUNT, Esq.

50.—Two silver medals struck for the Jubilee Celebration at Stratford-upon-Avon of 1769. See

No. 49.

Presented by Miss ANNE WHELER.

51.-An ormolu inedal struck in 1864, to commemorate the Tercentenary of the birth of Shakespeare.

Purchased of MR. FRED BOLTON.

52.—Medal in bronze commemorating the Shakespeare Festival at Stratford upon-Avon in 1816.

Presented by Miss ANNE WHELER.

53.—Two medals, in pewter, commemorating the Shakespeare Festival at Stratford-upon-Avon in 1816.

Presented by Miss ANNE WHELER.

54.-A silver medal struck to commemorate the formation of the Shakespeare Club, at Stratfordupon-Avon on 23 April, 1824.

Purchased of MR. FRED BOLTON.

55.—A bronze Jubilee medal of 1824.

Presented by Miss ANNE WHELER.

56.-Three medals struck to commemorate the Tercentenary Festival of 1864.

Purchased 1864. 57.—A pair of large brass stirrups; with a statement by the donor that they were purchased about fifty years before 1863 by S. J. Shirley, Esq., having been found in a cupboard in the Birthplace.

Presented by EVELYN P. SHIRLEY, Esq,,

Ettington Park, 1863.

58.-CORPORATION MACE.-Silver-Gilt Mace 162 inches long, composed of thin plates on an iron shaft with three plain collars; the bowl if inches diameter, with rich cresting of trefoils much injured; on the top the Royal Arms with crown and ostrich feathers; small plain pommel with six chased wings. Without date, inscription or hall mark.

Probably a verge of the Guild of the Holy Cross, our blessed Lady, and St. John the Baptist, of Stratford-upon-Avon (13th century to the Dissolution, 1545-6.)


UPON.Avon, 1867.

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