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arms, London, the twenty-second day of January, one thousand seven hundred and seventy-one.

(Signed) (L.S.)


Translation of his Catholic Majesty's Order for the Restoration of Falk

land's Ifand.

It being agreed between the King and his Britannic Majesty, by a Convention, figned at London on the 22d of January last past, by the Prince of Masserano and the Earl of Rochford, that the Great Malouine, called by the English Falkland island, should be immediately replaced in the precise fituation in which it was before it was evacuated by them on the roth of June last year; I fignify to you, by the King's order, that as soon as the person commissioned by the Court of London shall present himself to you, with this, you order the delivery of the Port de la Crusada, or Egmont, and its fort and dependencies, to be effected ; as also that of all the artillery, ammunition, and effects, that were found there, belonging to his Britannic Majesty and his subjects, according to the inventories figned by George Farmer and William Maltby, Éfqrs. on the 11th of July of the said year, at the time of their quitting the fame ; of which I send you the inclosed copies, authenticated under my hand ; and that as soon as the one and the other shall be effected, with the due forma

cause to retire immediately the officer, and other subjects of the King which may be there. God preserve you many years, Pardo, Feb. 7, 1771.

The Balio Fray Don JULIAN DE ARRIAGA, To Don Philip Ruiz Puente.

lities, you

Note 9.--A List of the Squadron sent to the East Indies, under

the Command of Rear-Admiral Sir Robert Harland, Bart,

in 1771.

[blocks in formation]

Note 10.-A List of the Squadron fent to Jamaica, under the

Command of Vice-Admiral Sir George Brydges Rodney,
Bart. in 1771.

Guns. Commanders.
ŞSir Geo: B. Rodney, Bart

. Vice. Princess Amelia,


Capt. John Symons.

Thomas Burnet.

J. Wheelock.

A. Schomberg

Richard Collins.

Richard Onllow.


Note 11.-A List of the Squadron, under the Command of

Captain John Stot, sent to receive Port Egmont from the
Spaniards, 1771:

Guns. Commanders.

32 John Stot.

14 William Burnaby. Florida, storeship. Note 12.-A List of the Squadron fent, under the Command

of Captain John Macbride, to escort the Queen of Denmark from Elfineur to Stade, 1772. Ships.



32 John Macbride.

24 Henry Davis. Cruizer,

12 James Cumming.


Note 13.--A List of the Squadron sent to cruize to the Weft,

ward, in June 1772, under the Command of Rear-Admira! Spry. Ships.

Guns. Commanders.

ŞRear-Admiral Richard Spry. Ocean,

2 Capt. Joseph Knight. Royal Oak,


Mariot Arbuthnot.

John Bentinck.

Hon. Samuel Barrington,

Richard Hughes.

Hon. Henry St. John.

William Locker.
28 John Brisbane.


George Balfour.

74 74 74 64 64

Note 14. P. 29.-Lift of the Fleet, under the Command of

Sir Edward Hughes, sent to the East Indies.

Guns. Commanders,

Sir Edward Hughes, Knight, Salisbury,

50 Commodore.

Capt. Geo. Robinson Walters, Coventry,

28 Benjamin Marlow. Dolphin,

24 Sir John Clerke, Knt,

George Farmer.


James Pigot.


Note 15. P. 29.-Lift of the Fleet on the Jamaica Station,

under the Command of Rear-Admiral Clark Gayton.


I 2


Guns. Commanders.

ŞClark Gayton, Esq; Rear-Ad. Antelope,


Capt. William Judd.


Alan Gardner.

Stair Douglas.

A. Scott,
Note 15. continued.—List of the Fleet in the Mediterranean,

under Rear-Admiral Robert Man. Ships.

Guns. Commanders.

Robert Man, Esq; Rear-Admiral. Medway,

60 Alarm,


John Stot.

28 Sir Thomas Rich, Bart. Levant,

George Murray

Henry Bellew.

John Stanhope.

Hon. William Waldegrave,

{ Cape William A deck


28 14

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Note 16.- A List of the Fleet at Spithead, when reviewed by

the King.

[blocks in formation]

the brilliancy and spirit with which the troops and seamen under my command know how to operate, notwithstanding the inclemency of the feason.

You will meditate upon the fatal consequences to the innocent subjects of his Britannic Majesty, if, instead of the kind treatment I offer you, you oblige me to use the most rigid, as indispenfible in the prefent case.

At all events, I wilh to serve you with all civility in what regards your persons, which I pray God to preserve many years.

On board the frigate Industry, at anchor in the bay of the Crui. zada, June 9, 1770. I kiss your hands, &c.


The Spanish Commodore to Captains Farmer and Maltby, dated in the

Bay of Cruizada, June 9, 1770. MY DEAR Sirs, After having wrote the adjoining letter of the same date, I receive ed by my orderly officer two letters of yours upon the same subject and the fame reasons, and for to avoid a repetition, which is prejudi. cial to the quickness that is requisite, I answer you both in this.

Your letters are reduced only to warn me to quit this port, strengthening your reasons to justify the right you have of poffeffing the new establishment. Notwithstanding all you have expressed, I nevertheless confirm what I have wrote in the adjoined, because your figured reasons and rights do not appear sufficient.

Was I a Spanish Ambassador in London, I would demonstrate the just and legal titles of my Sovereign to these islands and lands of Magellan ; but this does not belong to this day, nor is it my

business to question rights, only to proceed to doing ; leaving or submitting to our Courts the decisions of right and property: so I confirm what I have said in the adjoined, remaining always at your service. Pray unto God to preserve you many years. I kiss your hands, &c.


Captain Farmer to the Spanish Commodore John Ignacio Madariaga,

dated at Port Egmont, June 9, 1770. Sir, Your letters of the 8th and this day's date I have received, in which you threaten, pursuant to your orders, to send me from hence by force of arms. Words are not always deemed hoftilities ; nor can I

think you mean, in a time of profound peace, to put them in execution ; more especially, as you allow there now subsists the greatest harmony between the two crowns.

I make not the least doubt of your being thoroughly convinced, that the King of Great Britain, my Royal Mafter, has forces sufficient to demand satisfaction in all parts of the globe, of any power whatsoever, that may offer to insult the British flag. Therefore, was the time limited shorter than the fifteen minutes you have allowed, it should make no alteration in my determined resolution to defend the charge committed to me, to the utmost of my power; and am, &c.


Copy of the Articles of Capitulation between Captains George Farmer and

William Maltby, Commanders of his Britannic Majesty's Forces by Sea and Land at Port Egmont and Falkland's Islands, and Don John Ignacio Madariaga, Major-General of the Royal Navy of his Catholic Majesty, dated June 10, 1770.

Art. I. That we will deliver to the said Commander the block. house, with its guns, and whatever appertains to it within or without, like wise the battery commanding Jason's Cove, being sensible of the superior forces with which we are attacked by sea and land.

Answer. The blockhouse battery, and the rest, must be delivered immediately to the Colonel Don Antonio Gutiarroz, Commander of the Spanish troops.

II. That the King's colours be kept flying on the shore until we embark, and the same on board his Majesty's floop Favourite, and that the officers and troops be permitted to remain in their quarters as before.

Answer. They will be allowed their quarters on shore for the officers and troops until they embark, and likewise their colours flying on shore and on board the Favourite, but without exercising any other jurisdiction but with their own people, they being only there for a time limited until their embarkation.

III. That we may be permitted to carry in his Majesty's sloop Favourite, wherever we shall think proper, the officers, troops, seamen, ammunition of all kinds, provisions and stores as much as we may think neceffary, and depart as soon as we are fit for fea.

Answer. The troops must precisely go in the Favourite frigate, with the seamen and whatever effects the can carry, to be transported out of the American dominions belonging to the Catholic King, my Master, after duly delivering every thing in proper form to Don Philip Ruiz Puenta, Governor of these islands of Magellan, residing in the eastermost

, to which we will immediately give an account, that he may come in perfon, or send his deputy, without delay, to take


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