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he is puzzled by having to deal with several distinct constructions at once. Here he has to deal with only one construction at a time.

2 This construction is made clear to him by an accumulation of instances. Perhaps these may seem more numerous than is necessary; but I believe that we can hardly give too many instances, if we wish to impress a fact clearly on a boy's mind. And he need not make out all the Sentences by himself. Much time would be saved, if several under each head were read out in the Form, and explained by the Master..

3 As all the constructions are classified as they occur, the construction in each sentence should be referred to its class. And the class is labelled, not by a definition, but by a type. Some explanation indeed is commonly added: but the main point is for a boy to know by heart and thoroughly understand the Type-sentence. The method of classifying by definition may be deemed more scientific; but the beginner prefers example to precept. He discerns the central point more easily than the boundary line, and likes to classify by resemblances which he feels. And in teaching that, I believe, is really the most scientific method which best makes the learner to know.

4 In most of our elementary school-books on a foreign language, sentences in English and in the foreign language are commonly placed side by side from the first. This arrangement is in my opinion

There have of late been many books on Latin
Grammar; and it may seem to some that those who
write them attach undue importance to a somewhat
arid field of knowledge. But I do not think that
this is our feeling. Rather are we anxious to help
the learner through it, that he may all the sooner
make his way into the fairer regions of Literature
and Science, and Art.


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