Memoirs of the life and services of Daniel Drake, M.D.

Applegate & Company, 1860 - 398 Seiten

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Seite 88 - Then gin I thinke on that which Nature sayd, Of that same time when no more Change shall be, But stedfast rest of all things, firmely stayd Upon the pillours of Eternity, That is contrayr to Mutabilitie ; For all that moveth doth in Change delight : But thence-forth all shall rest eternally With Him that is the God of Sabaoth hight : O ! that great Sabaoth God, grant me that Sabaoths sight ! COMPLAINT OF THALIA (COMEDY).
Seite 51 - first to discover that a book abusing the people of the United States would be profitable by its popularity." Daniel Drake, whose preceptor was the deluded Goforth, mentions Ashe, alias D'Arville, as that "swindling Englishman;" but the favorite appellation by which indignant Cincinnatians advertised the offending bone-stealer was
Seite 284 - ... with the Gulf, or camping with Indians and Canadian boatmen under the pines and birches of Lake Superior, the image was still my faithful companion, and whispered sweet words of encouragement and hope. I bided my time; and after twice doubling the period through which Jacob waited for his Rachel, the united voice of the trustees and professors has recalled me to the chair which I held in the beginning.
Seite 409 - CINCINNATI. In addition to a large and varied assortment of School, Classical, Theological and Miscellaneous Books, which they have constantly on hand, publish a series of VALUABLE STANDARD WORKS, suitable for the family circle, as well as public libraries. At this time, when the press teems so abundantly with ephemeral literature, the thinking mind experiences...
Seite 278 - ... all denoted the burning fire within, and served to impart force and vigor to everything which he uttered from the rostrum. Of all the medical teachers whom I have ever heard, he was the most forcible and eloquent. His voice was remarkably clear and distinct, and so powerful, that when the windows of his lecture-room were open, it could be heard at a great distance. He sometimes read his discourse, but generally he ascended the rostrum without note or scrip.
Seite 283 - ... love, your alma mater. Her image, glowing in the warm and radiant tints of earlier life, was ever in my view. Transylvania had been reorganized in 1819, and included in its Faculty Professor Dudley, whose surgical fame had already spread throughout the West, and that paragon of labor and perseverance, Professor Caldwell, now a veteran octogenarian. In the year after my separation from this school, I was recalled to that ; but neither the eloquence of colleagues, nor the greeting of the largest...
Seite 281 - What, however, contributed more, perhaps, than anything else, to its immediate downfall,was the resignation of Dr. Parker, who, in the summer of 1839, accepted the corresponding chair in the College of Physicians and Surgeons of the city of New York, an institution which he has been so instrumental in elevating, and which he still continues to adorn by his talents and his extraordinary popularity as a teacher and a practitioner. The vacation of the surgical chair was soon followed by 24 my own retirement...
Seite 325 - ... transformed, as if by enchantment. ' ' Such was the power of the Buckeye wand ; and its influence has not been limited to the West. We may fearlessly assert, that it has been felt over the whole of our common country. Till the time when the Buckeye tree was discovered, slow indeed had been the progress of society in the new world. With the exception of the Revolution, but little had been achieved, and but little was in prospect. Since that era society has been progressive, higher destinies have...
Seite 410 - THE NEW TESTAMENT. 2 vols. super-royal 8vo. Plain and embossed gilt. The increasing demand for Dr. Clarke's Commentary on the New Testament, has induced us to issue an edition on superior paper, large clear type, handsomely and substantially bound, containing 1978 pages, with a portrait of the author. THE COMPLETE WORKS OF THOMAS DICE, LL.
Seite 411 - D 1 1 vols. in 2 ; containing An Essay on the Improvement of Society ; The Philosophy of a Future State ; The Philosophy of Religion ; The Mental Illumination and Moral Improvement of Mankind ; An Essay on the Sin and Evils of Covetousness ; The Christian Philosopher, or Science and Religion ; Celectial Scenery, illustrated ; Sideral Heavens, Planets, etc. ; The Practical Astronomer; The Solar System, its Wonders ; The Atmosphere and Atmospherical Phenomena, &o.

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