Historical & Descriptive Guide to Carlisle and District

A.B. Moss, 1881 - 290 Seiten

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Seite 30 - Where be ye gaun, ye hunters keen ? ' Quo' fause Sakelde ; ' come tell to me ! ' ' We go to hunt an English stag, Has trespass'd on the Scots countrie.
Seite 32 - We scarce had won the Staneshaw-bank, When a' the Carlisle bells were rung, And a thousand men, in horse and foot, Cam' wi' the keen Lord Scroope along. Buccleuch has turned to Eden water, Even where it flow'd frae bank to brim, And he has plunged in wi' a' his band, And safely swam them thro
Seite 32 - And he has plunged in wi' a' his band, And safely swam them thro' the stream. He turned him on the other side, And at Lord Scroope his glove flung he — "If ye like na my visit in merry England, In fair Scotland come visit me!" All sore astonished stood Lord Scroope, He stood as still as rock of stane; He scarcely dared to trew his eyes, When thro
Seite 41 - I'm sure That at Sheriffmuir A battle there was that I saw, man. And we ran, and they ran, And they ran, and we ran, And we ran, and they ran awa', man...
Seite 30 - I would set that castell in a low, And sloken it with English blood ! There's never a man in Cumberland, Should ken where Carlisle castell stood. "But since nae war's between the lands, And there is peace, and peace should be, I'll neither harm English lad or lass, And yet the Kinmont freed shall be...
Seite 30 - The laird of Stobs, I mean the same. He has call'd him forty marchmen bauld, Were kinsmen to the bauld Buccleuch ; With spur on heel, and splent on spauld2, And gleuves of green, and feathers blue. There were five and five before them a', Wi...
Seite 32 - O mony a time,' quo' Kinmont Willie, 'I have ridden horse baith wild and wood; But a rougher beast than Red Rowan I ween my legs have ne'er bestrode. And mony a time,
Seite 31 - He has ta'en the watchman by the throat, He flung him down upon the lead — "Had there not been peace between our lands, Upon the other side thou hadst gaed ! "Now sound out, trumpets!" quo' Buccleuch; "Let's waken Lord Scroope right merrilie !" Then loud the warden's trumpet blew — 0 who dare meddle wi me?
Seite 31 - James and a' his men Had won the house wi' bow and spear; It was but twenty Scots and ten, That put a thousand in sic a stear! Wi' coulters, and wi' forehammers, We garr'd the bars bang merrilie, Until we came to the inner prison, Where Willie o
Seite 29 - Kinmont Willie, Between the hours of night and day. He has ta'en the table wi...

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