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LIEUTENANT COOK's VOYAGE tivity, it cannot be thought strange that these people enjoy perfect and uninterrupted health : in all our visits to their towns, where young and

old, men and women, crowded about us, · prompted by the same curiosity that carried us

to look at them, we never saw a fingle person who appeared to have any bodily complaint, nor among the numbers that we have seen na. ked, did we once perceive the Nightest eruption upon the skin, or any marks that an eruption had left behind : at first, indeed, observing that some of them when they came off to us were marked in patches with a white flowery appearance upon different parts of their bodies, we thought chat they were leperous," or highly scorbutic; but upon examination we found that these marks were owing to their having been wetted by the spray of the sea in their passage, which, when it was dried away, left the falts behind it in a fine white powder. . .

Another proof of health, which we have men. tioned upon a former occasion, is the facility with which the wounds healed that had left scars behind them, and that we saw in a recent ftate ; when we saw the man who had been shot with a musket ball through the fleshy part of his arm, his wound seemed to be so well digested, and in so fair a way of being perfectly healed, that if I had not known no application had been made to it, I should certainly have inquired,

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with a very interested curiosity, after the vulne-
rary herbs and surgical art of the country.

A farther proof that human nature is here un.
tainted with disease, is the great number of old
men that we saw, many of whom, by the loss of
their hair and teeth, appeared to be very ancient,
yet none of them were decrepit, and though not
equal to the young in muscular strength, were
not a whit behind them in cheerfulness and vi.

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Of the Canoes and Navigation of the Inha

bitants of New Zealand; their Tillage, Weapons, and Music: Government, Religion, and Language: With some Reasons against the Existence of a Southern Conti


1770 March.


T HE ingenuity of these people appears in

1 nothing more than in their canoes : they are long and narrow, and in shape very much resemble a New England whale boat : the larger sort seem to be built chiefly for war, and will carry from forty to eighty, or an hundred armed men. We measured one which lay ashore at Tolaga: she was sixty-eight feet and an half long, five feet broad, and three feet and an half deep; the bottom was sharp, with strait sides like a wedge, and consisted of three lengths, hollowed out to about two inches, or an inch and an half thick, and well fastened together with strong plaiting: each side consisted of one entire plank, fixty-three feet long, ten or twelve inches broad, and about an inch and quarter thick, and these were fitted and lashed to the bottom part with great dexterity and strength,

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