An Account of the Voyages Undertaken by the Order of His Present Majesty for Making Discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere: And Successively Performed by Commodore Byron, Captain Wallis, Captain Carteret, and Captain Cook, in the Dolphin, the Swallow, and the Endeavour: Drawn Up from the Journals which Were Kept by the Several Commanders, and from the Papers of Sir Joseph Banks, Bart, Band 3

W. Strahan, 1785
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Seite 142 - I was now prompted, by my desire to avoid further hostilities, to get some of them on board, as the only method left of convincing them that we intended them no harm, and had it in our power to contribute to their gratification and convenience. Thus far my intentions certainly were not criminal ; and though in the contest, which I had not the least reason to expect, our victory might have been complete without so great an expense of life, yet in such situations, when the command to fire has been...
Seite 21 - ... no change for many months : it is taken out of the hole as it is wanted for use, and being made into balls, it is wrapped up in leaves and baked ; after it is dressed, it will keep five or six weeks. It is eaten both cold and hot, and the natives seldom make a meal without it, though to us the taste was as disagreeable as that of a pickled olive generally is the first time it is eaten.
Seite 380 - ... in the heaven above, or in the earth beneath, or in the waters under the earth.
Seite 93 - ... in one end of it was a square hole, in the middle of which was a ring touching the sides, and leaving the angles open, so as to form a round hole within a square one.
Seite 24 - ... fifteen ripe bananas, or six or seven apples. He first takes half a bread-fruit, peels off the rind, and takes out the core with his nails ; of this he puts as much into his mouth as it can hold, and while he chews it, takes the fish out of the leaves and breaks one of them into the...
Seite 317 - W. From this time to six in the evening it was calm ; but a light breeze then springing up at ENE we steered SSE .all night, edging off from the land, the hollow swell still continuing; our depth of water was from sixty to seventy-five fathom. While we were becalmed, Mr, Banks, being out in the boat, shot two Port Egmont hens, which were in every respect the same as those that are found in great, numbers upon the island of Faro, and were the first of the kind we had seen upon this coast, though we...
Seite 351 - Of this plant there are two sorts ; the leaves of both resemble those of flags, but the flowers are smaller, and their clusters more numerous ; in one kind they are yellow, and in the other a deep red.
Seite 70 - The blood copiously follows, and is carefully received upon pieces of linen, which are thrown under the bier. The rest of the women follow this example, and the ceremony is repeated at the interval of two or three days, as long as the zeal and sorrow of the parties hold out. The tears also which are shed upon these occasions, are received upon pieces of cloth, and offered as oblations to the dead : Some of the...
Seite 25 - ... or breaking it with a stone, he sucks out the liquor. When he has eaten his bread-fruit and fish, he begins with his plantains, one of which makes but a mouthful, though it be as big as a black-pudding ; if...

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