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"Oh! Egypt felt Thee when, by signs unscared, flows from “The Omnipresence of the
To mock Thy might the rebel monarch dared ;
Thou look'dst, and ocean sever'd at the glance! | Deity. On this poem, should he never
Undaunted still the charioteers advance:

produce another, he may rest his claim to Thou look'st again, she clash'd her howling waves,

immortality among our national bards, and And roar'd in stormy triumph o'er their graves!

cherish the assurance that fame will inscribe « On Sinai's mountain, when Thy glory came his name on a conspicuous tablet in her In rolls of thunder, and in clouds of dame; There, while volcanic smoke Thy throne o'ercast,

temple. And the mount shrunk beneath the trumpet-blast, From the preceding sketch it will be How did Thy presence smite all Israel's eye!

seen, that Mr. Montgomery is still a very How dreadful were the gleams of Deity!

young man, not having yet attained the " There is a voiceless eloquence on earth,

completion of his twenty-first year. Through Telling of Him who gave her wonders birth ; And long may I remain th' adoring child

a train of favourable circumstances, but Of nature's majesty, sublime or wild ;

more by intrinsic merit, he has written himHill, flood, and forest, mountain, rock, and sea,

self into reputation; we hope he will have All take their terrors and their charms from Thee, From Thee, whose hidden but supreme control

the prudence not to write himself out of it. Moves through the world, a universal soul.” We would strongly caution him against

pp. 21 to 24, 4th edition. venturing his character for trifles. Many The thunder storm which follows, is in

who have been less successful would re

joice at his downfall, and even lend a helpperfect accordance with the preceding

ing hand to accomplish his overthrow. The lines.

pinnacle to which he is elevated is hazard“ Ye giant winds: that from your gloomy sleep ous in the extreme, and nothing but that Rise in your wrath, and revel on the deep ;

grace which flows from the great source of Light'nings! that are the inystic gleams of God That glanced when on the sacred mount he trod; “ Omnipresence,” can enable him to preAnd ye, re thunders that begird His form,

serve his station with honour, and transmit Pealing your loud hosannahs o'er the storm! Around me rally in your mingled might,

an unsullied reputation to posterity. And strike my being with a dread delight; Sublimely musing, let me pause and see, And pour my awe-struck soul, o God, to Thee. « A thunder storm! the eloquence of heaven,

THE WESLEYAN “ NEW TEST ACT," AN When every cloud is from its slumber riven,

Who hath not paused beneath its hollow groan,
And felt Omnipotence around him thrown?
With what a gloom the ushering scene appears !

The leaves all fluttering with instinctive fears,
The waters curling with a fellow dread,

SIR-I perceive from your answer to
A breezeless fervour round creation spread, Correspondents, that you have received
And, last, the heavy rain's reluctant shower,
With big drops pattering on the tree and bower,

several letters referring to the subject of While wizard shapes the bowing skies deform, Mr. Tucker's communication, inserted in All mark the coming of the thunder-storm. your number for February, col. 193, sar"O now to be alone, on some still height,

castically called “The Methodist New Test Where heaven's black curtains shadow all the sight,

to think, that some of them have been inAnd watch the swollen clonds their bosoms clash, While fleet and far the living light'nings tlash, tended as answers to that paper, which was To mark the caverns of the sky disclose

obviously intended to hold up the MethoThe furnace-flames that in their wombs repose, And see the fiery arrows fall and rise,

dist Conference to ridicule. Now, if you In dizzy chase along the rattling skies,

decline inserting those remarks, tending to How stirs the spirit while the echoes roll,

annihilate that bad feeling which Mr. TuckAnd God in thunder, rocks from pole to pole.”

er's observations were calculated to excite, p. 25 to 27, 4th edition.

it will manifest an unfriendliness towards a On the favourable impression which the large and respectable body, of which I preceding passages are calculated to make, thought you incapable. the author need not hesitate to risk the Will you, sir, allow a word or two in character of his production. In the estima- your Magazine, for the purpose of shewing, tion of the writer of this sketch, they are so that “The Methodist New Test Act," is decisive as to preclude the necessity of any not new, but perhaps as old as Mr. Tucker further quotation; though others of equal himself, as will appear to yourself and your beauty every where meet the eye ; but readers, who will be at the trouble to refer these literary carnations we must leave in to the first volume of Minutes, p. 42, from their native soil.

which it will appear, that “ The New Test Several minor poems are included in Act” has been in exister.ce since the year the same volume; but what degree soever | 1749, or from the original proper settleof merit they may possess, the whole is ment of Methodist chapels ; for the doceclipsed by the overwhelming blaze which trine of the Eternal Sonship of Christ, is as prominent in that statement of Christian expressions. But how do these agree doctrine contained in Mr. Wesley's Notes with the following ? On Acts ii. 23, he on the New Testament, and first four says, “ Because it was the determinate volumes of Sermons, (as originally pub. counsel of his love to redeem mankind lished,) as most other evangelical truths. from eternal death, by the death of his The fact is, that it is such an old Test Act, only begotten Son." On Rom. viii. 28, that in many cases, from 1749 to the pre- he speaks of God's “ gracious design of sent time, the trustees might have locked saving a lost world by the death of his their chapel doors against any man who Son.' On 2 Cor. v. 19, he says, “ Taking preached a contrary doctrine. I shall say away that enmity, which could no othernothing as to the obvious right of a body of wise be removed than by the blood of the Christian ministers, to propose any theolo- Son of God.On Gal. ii. 20, he says, gical question to the candidate for admis- “ Even in this mortal body I live by faith sion among them. Latitudinarianism in in the Son of God-I derive every modoctrine would be a queer rule to guide a ment-from that supernatural principle; body of ministers, when they examine a from a divine conviction, that he loved me, young man for probation, or full connexion, and delivered up himself for me.” On among them.

chap. iv. 4, he says, “ But when the ful

INSPECTOR. ness of time, appointed by the Father, was · March 18th, 1828.

come, God sent forth from his bosom his Son, miraculously made of the substance of

a woman.” Now, sir, I ask, Can that OBSERVATIONS ON THE WESLEYAN ME which is made of the substance of a woman,

THODIST NEW TEST ACT, IN VINDICA be eternal ? But Mr. Wesley and St. Paul TION OF DR. ADAM CLARKE.

declare that the Son of God was made of a

woman; therefore the Son of God, thus MR. EDITOR,

made, could not, as a son, possibly be SIR,_You have the thanks of every lover eternal. Again, sir, can that which is subof liberty of conscience, for exposing to ject to death, be eternal ? Mr. Wesley animadversion the “ New Test Act," passed declares our redemption is by the death of by the Methodist Conference, held at Man- the only begotten Son of God. Then, by chester, 1827, which requires from every the absolute and repeated declarations of candidate for the ministry among them, an Mr. Wesley himself, the Son of God, as a explicit assent to the doctrine of the Eternal son, cannot be eternal. Sonship of Christ, stated by Mr. Wesley By confining the term son to the divine in his Notes on Hebrews i. as a truth re- nature, the advocates for Eternal Sonship vealed in the inspired Oracles, as the indis- make Mr. Wesley declare, that he has pensable condition of admission into their killed the supreme, eternal God himself ; connexion.

and this absurd dogma is imposed upon That the doctrine in question is stated every candidate for the Methodist ministry, by Mr. Wesley in his Notes on the New as the sine qua non of admission! But, Testament, is true; and that it is also sir, the subject disputed, is found in Mr. pointedly contradicted and refuted in the Wesley's Notes : the fact is allowed. But same work, is equally certain. By not Mr. Wesley tells us, that many of these always attending to the complex character were extracted from Drs. Heylin, Guise, of Christ as God and man united in one Doddridge, &c. We find in them also person, and to what Mr. Wesley calls, much from Bengelius, Bishop Porson, and

the communication of properties between the Nicene Creed. Here our surprise abates. the divine and human natures, whereby Different writers would have different views, what is proper to the divine nature is and different modes of expressing the same spoken concerning the human, and what is views. We see also by Mr. Wesley's proper to the human is spoken of the answer to Mr. Hill, that so far from atdivine,” many who have written on the taching infallibility to the compilation he person of the Son of God, have fallen into had made, he carefully left out of succeedcontradictions and mistakes.

ing editions what was found objectionable On Acts xiii. 33, Mr. Wesley says, “ He in former ones. But now a set of men is was the Son of God from eternity.” On risen up, who collect the objectionable Heb. i. 7, he says, “ The Son is eternal.” | phrases, scattered up and down in that On chap. iv. 14, Christ is called “ the otherwise excellent work ; and these, though eternal Son of God ;” and on chap. i. 5, fully refuted by Mr. Wesley himself, are we read of his “ eternal, inconceivable insisted upon as being doctrines of the generation :" in other places we find similar Gospel.


Wesleyan Methodist New Test Act.


Mr. Wesley's followers have widely de- | applied to Jesus, is a title of absolute parted from the doctrines which he taught. divinity;* in other words, that God himself On John i. 1, he says, “ The Word was was delivered up, killed, and raised from God supreme, eternal, independent.the dead. What St. John calls the Word, these It is amusing to see what ingenuity is gentlemen call the Son. Again, in his employed in proving this doctrine from Sermon on 2 Cor. v. 10, Mr. Wesley says, Scripture. The viüth chapter of the Pro“ All who speak of Christ as being inferior verbs is brought for this purpose. Unto the Father, though ever so little, do fortunately, the person there speaks in the undoubtedly know him (like the Arians) feminine gender; and describes herself as after the flesh.” I ask, Can that which is a child growing up at her father's side. eternal be begotten, produced, or receive And yet this lady is positively declared to life, as the gift of another ? Can that which be the Eternal Son of God. Again, chap. is independent, depend like an effect upon xxx. 4, is adduced with triumph. All the its cause, like light upon the sun; or the text says on the subject is, " What is his flowing of the stream upon the fountain? Son's name, if thou canst tell ?” Can the supreme God learn obedience by But, sir, the doctrine of the Eternal suffering, or become obedient unto, death, Sonship absolutely generates hypocrisy. even the death of the cross? And yet the The chairman of a district observed to me, writers on Eternal Sonship boldly assert all that he neither did nor could believe this these absurdities, and gravely tell us, “ If doctrine, but was miserable to hear it the Son were unbegotten, i.e. in his divine named at the Conference. And yet I have nature, the Father would be deprived of his learnt from young men whom he examined, pre-eminence." And again, “For if the that he proposed the question with as much second Person of the Trinity were co-ordia

gravity to them, as though it had been nate and independent, in no good sense an article of faith with himself. I have could he be the effulgence, the lustre, of the known candidates for the ministry quesglory of the Father.” See Watson's Re tioned and tortured by their elder brethren, marks, p. 45 and 46. Institutes, vol. ii. till, wearied and half stupified, they have p. 53 to 64.

reluctantly yielded a modified assent. I Here I join issue with the Conference.

onterence. am intimately acquainted with one, who Mr. Wesley calls Christ in his divine declares he can never reflect upon the exanature supreme. Mr. Watson contends | mination he underwent, and the manner in that he is subordinate, and learnt obedience which the subject was explained to meet by suffering. Mr. Wesley calls the second his views, without feelings of the deepest Person independent. Mr. Watson con. regret. This, sir, is the way in which tends that he cannot be independent, be young men are made orthodox ; and then cause the Father is pre-eminent. Here, the Conference rejoice to think that they then, Mr. Watson speaks of Christ as infe

preserve the body in purity, and keep the rior to the Father, and, therefore, in Mr. younger brethren from being corrupted by Wesley's judgment, he, and all of the same Dr. Clarke. opinion, are downright Arians; and yet to ! A respectable preacher, who 'attends the the doctrines of these men, all must assent Conference, told me recently, that no queswho become Methodist preachers.

tion excited such violent bitter feelings as The same hostility exists against the the Eternal Sonship question did. And yet disciples of Christ. St. Peter, Acts iii. 13, this source of mischief must be perpetuated says, “ The God of our fathers hath glo- by a positive law. I asked a preacher the rifeá his Son Jesus, whom ye delivered | other day, why they suffered such a law to up, and killed the Prince of life, whom pass, and, as honest men, did not oppose Gód raised from the dead.” I ask, does it? He replied, “Not one in a hundred the term son designate the divinity of Christ, thinks or cares any thing about it.” as the advocates for Eternal Sonship de

But, sir, whatever be the consequence, clare? Was it the eternal God himself the Eternal Sonship must be maintained. that was delivered up, killed, and raised | We are told, it constitutes a part of the from the dead? or was it the man Christ body of divinity on which our chapels are Jesus, who is here called the Son of God ? settled. This is decidedly untrue. The It could be no other. This was the doc- | doctrine is as amply refuted in Mr. Wesley's trine which the apostles taught, and to sup- Notes, hymns, and sermons, as any thing port which, they counted not their life can be. How long, then, will trustees dear; and yet, notwithstanding their testi- suffer themselves to be duped by such tales mony, and the sufferings by which it was attested, we are told that the term Son us * Watson's Institutes, vol. ii, p. 41. .

as these? How long will the preachers observed above Mars. She is in perigee look on in silent sadness, and see their on the 1st, in apogee on the 15th, and in younger brethren wrung and tortured as perigee again on the 28th. they have been, to gratify a few men, who Mercury is an evening star, at his greatest are determined by all means to shoot their elongation on the 27th; on this day his arrows at a man, whose only crime consists elevation above the horizon is 12 degrees, in excelling them? How long will the Con- but owing to the great strength of the twiference continue practices, the inevitable light he will only be detected by the very tendency of which is, to sink chairmen and skilful observer. He passes Saturn on the candidates into a state allied to that of con- 17th, and crosses the ecliptic in his des contemptible hypocrites? How long shall scending node on the 28th. Saturn sets on laws exist which keep men of talent and the 1st at 59 minutes past ten in the evenpiety out of the connexion, merely because | ing, and on the 25th at 20 minutes past they are too honest to assent to what is | nine : he is at first seen to the east of 8 anti-Methodistical and unscriptural. Geminorum, but is soon lost in the superior A WESLEYAN METHODIST.

splendour of the solar beams.

The motion of the brilliant planet Venus Manchester, Feb. 24, 1828.

is considerably slower at the present time, than it has been during the preceding six.

teen months ; her height above the horizon ASTRONOMICAL OCCURRENCES FOR

is, consequently, greatly diminished towards JUNE 1828.

the close of the present month. She is ob

served on the ist nearly in a line with a The Sun enters the tropical sign Cancer on and B Geminorum, and a little to the west the 21st at 8 minutes past twelve at noon; | of u 1 Cancri, which she passes very near on this day he arrives at his greatest dis | to, before her next appearance; she sets on tance from the equator, his declination being this evening at 33 minutes past eleven. On 23 degrees 28 minutes north; his con the 2d she is seen to the east of u 1 and 2 tinuance above the horizon is 16 hours 34 Cancri, forming a scalene triangle with minutes, being a longer period than on any them; after this day she is noticed to re. other day in the year; this occasions to the cede from them, directing her course above inhabitants of the northern hemisphere then and between y and 8 Cancri, she forms longest day, which is the commencement of a scalene triangle with the two latter stars the summer quarter; after this day his de- until the 10th, when she forms an isosceles clination decreases, and on the 30th it is triangle with them, o Cancri being the apex; 23 degrees 11 minutes north : his semi she is also noticed above n Cancri, her disdiameter on the 1st is 15 minutes 47 se tance from it being 18 minutes. On the conds and 5 tenths, and on the 25th 15 evening of the 12th she is observed between minutes 45 seconds and 6 tenths.

y and 35 Cancri. Her position now beThe Moon enters her last quarter on the comes particularly interesting, as she passes 4th at 2 minutes past eleven in the evening; the nebula in the Crab on the following on the 12th at 12 minutes past eleven in the morning; should the atmosphere prove morning she is in conjunction with the Sun, clear on this and the following evenings, it and turns her unenlightened side towards will afford the telescopic observer an excelus; after this day she gradually presents lent opportunity of noticing her passage by her illuminated disc to the earth, and enters this beautiful cluster of stars. On the 14th her first quarter on the 20th at 52 minutes she is noticed a little to the east of y and past two in the afternoon; she then be • Cancri, receding from them; with these comes more enlightened, and arrives at that stars she forms a scalene triangle until the part of her orbit which is exactly opposite 17th, when she forms an isosceles triangle the Sun, on the 27th, at 43 minutes past with them, y Cancri being the summit: three in the afternoon, when she is full. after this day she is again observed to form She is observed to the east of, and at a la scalene triangle with these stars, and to considerable distance above Mars on the direct her course to three stars in a line, a morning of the 1st ; on the 14th she is in considerable distance to the east of her, conjunction with Mercury and Saturn; she marked 68, 71, and 78 Cancri, the latter is noticed a considerable distance to the star being the northernmost : on the evensouth of the beautiful planet Venus on the ing of the 23d she is seen about 10 minutes evening of the 16th; on the evening of the north of 68 Cancri, and passes between this 22d she is seen gradually approaching star and 71 Cancri on the following day : Jupiter, which she passes before her next she afterwards recedes from these stars, appearance ; and on the 27th she is again and passes between 73 and 78 Cancri on


Astronomical Occurrences for June.


the 27th. On the 29th she is observed be- On the evening of the 16th, at 17 minutes tween the former star, and 83 Cancri, di 14 seconds past eight, the star marked K recting her course to the sixteenth of this Cancri, which is of the fifth magnitude, constellation. On the 13th she has 4 digits emerges behind the obscure part of the illuminated on her western limb, her ap Moon, the point of contact being 76 degrees parent diameter being 34 seconds; and on from the vertex to the left; at 17 minutes the 27th she crosses the ecliptic in her de 46 seconds past nine it emerges from bescending node.

hind the enlightened portion of her disc, During this month the noble planet at 118 degrees from the vertex to the right. Jupiter has a very slow motion towards a The brilliant star Arcturus which was and 2 Virginis; he finishes his course be noticed on the 16th of May, forming the tween them, being distant from the former apex of an isosceles triangle, of which star 30 minutes, and from the latter 1 de Jupiter and Spica Virginis were the base, gree. He sets on the 1st at 42 minutes is situated in the constellation Boötes. It past two in the morning, and on the 25th is remarkable for having a greater proper at 59 minutes past twelve at night. There motion, which is independent of the motion are two visible eclipses of his first satellite, arising from the precession of the Equinoxes, one of his second, and two of his third, this than any other star in the heavens. Its month, which happen in the following order : annual change in right ascension, arising on the 3d at 47 minutes 39 seconds past from its proper motion, is 1.26 seconds eleven in the evening the second emerges decreasing, and in declination 1.72 seconds from his shadow, the third also emerges at increasing; and its change arising from 18 minutes 21 seconds past ten in the even the precession of the Equinoxes and the ing of the 4th, and the first at 1 minute proper motion combined is 2.73 seconds 50 seconds past eleven in the evening of the increasing in right ascension, and 19 se7th ; an immersion of the third takes place conds decreasing in declination. On the on the 11th at 10 minutes 22 seconds past 9th its true situation in the heavens is 14 twelve at night; and on the 30th at 14 hours, 7 minutes, 51 seconds, and 64 hunminutes 32 seconds past eleven in the even dredths of a second in right ascension, its ing the first again emerges from the shadow | distance from the north pole being 69 deof Jupiter.

grees, 55 minutes, 6 seconds, and 2 tenths ; The motion of the planet Mars during on the 29th its right ascension has decreased this month is retrograde, he is at first no 18 hundredths of a second, and its north ticed at the distance of 30 minutes to the polar distance 2 seconds, and 5 tenths. A east of Sagittarii, directing his course to considerable distance north of this star in the south of this star; his distance from it the same constellation, is observed a star of daily increasing ; on the 7th he is in con the third magnitude marked & Boötes, it is junction with it, the star being 42 minutes also called Mirac; the true place of this to the north of the planet : after this day star on the 9th is 14 hours, 37 minutes, he directs his course between 7 and w Sagit 31 seconds, and 7 hundredths of right astarii : on the 12th he is observed in a line

cension; and 62 degrees, 11 minutes, 43 with v and 30 Sagittarii, and on the 14th seconds, and 5 tenths, of north polar diswith 33 and 29 Sagittarii; on the morning tance, the annual variation in the former of the 19th he passes 7 Sagittarii at the dis instance being 2.61 seconds increasing, and tance of 57 minutes, Mars being to the in the latter 15.5 also increasing. On the north; on the 23d this planet is observed 29th it has decreased in right ascension the between rand w Sagittarii, being nearest same quantity as Arcturus, and in the north the former star; on the 24th he is noticed polar distance 3.3 seconds. When viewin a line with & 1 and 2 Sagittarii, on the ed with a powerful telescope this star ap25th with w, 26, and 21 Sagittarii, and he pears double, and is a most beautiful object finishes his course in a line with w, v, and to the observer; one of the stars which 33 Sagittarii. Those of our readers who compose it is of a light red colour, and the observed the motion of this planet during other of a fine blue; they appear as a the preceding month, will doubtless feel ex

planet and its accompanying satellite, their ceedingly gratified in noticing the change | diameters being as 3 to 2; the blue star is that has gradually taken place in his lati the smallest. From a series of very actude. He rises on the 1st at 49 minutes curate observations on this double star, past ten in the evening, and on the 25th during a period of nearly 23 years, Dr. at 8 minutes past nine. The Georgian Herschel has concluded that the small star planet is observed near the same spot as revolves around the large one in 1681 years last month, his motion, which is retrograde, in an elliptical orbit according to the order scarcely exceeding half a degree.

| of the signs.

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