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Seite 205 - For from the rising of the sun even unto the going down of the same, my name shall be great among the gentiles, and in every place incense shall be offered unto my name, and a pure offering: for my name shall be great among the heathen, saith the Lord of hosts.
Seite 142 - As he clothed himself with cursing like as with his garment, so let it come 'into his bowels like water, and like oil into his bones. 19 Let it be unto him as the garment which covereth him, and for a girdle wherewith he is girded continually.
Seite 95 - For venial sins, whereby we are not excluded from the grace of God, and into which we fall more frequently, although they be rightly and profitably, and without any presumption declared in confession, as the custom of pious persons demonstrates, yet may they be omitted without guilt, and be expiated by many other remedies. But, whereas all mortal sins, even those of thought, render men children of wrath?
Seite 74 - I have seen priests of mean abilities, of coarse natures, and gross breeding, practise upon pure and highly gifted women of the upper ranks, married and unmarried, the teachings of their treacherous and impure casuistry, with a success that seemed more than human. I have seen these priests impose their pretendedly divine authority, and sustain it by mock miracles, for ends that were simply devilish. I have had poured into my ears, what can never be uttered, and what ought not to be believed, but...
Seite 275 - Whereas lay trustees have frequently abused the right granted to them by the civil authority, to the great detriment of religion and scandal of the faithful, we most earnestly desire that in future no church be erected or consecrated, unless it be assigned by a written instrument to the Bishop in whose diocese it may be erected for the Divine worship and use of the faithful, wherever this can be done.
Seite 89 - They spend their days in wealth, and in a moment they go down to hell, 14. who have said to God: Depart from us, we desire not the knowledge of thy ways.
Seite 344 - Inquisition was thrown open, in 1820, by the orders of the Cortes of Madrid. Twenty-one prisoners were found in it, not one of whom knew the name of the city in which he was : some had been confined three years, some a longer period, and not one knew perfectly the nature of the crime of which he was accused. One of these prisoners had been condemned, and was to have suffered on the following day. His punishment was to be death by the Pendulum.
Seite 184 - (ie certain exercises) " they shall do at the appointment and judgment of their superiors, to whom, as in the place of Christ, they owe subjection." " And let every one persuade himself that they who live under obedience should permit themselves to be moved and directed under Divine Providence by their superiors just as if they were a corpse, which allows itself to be moved and handled in any way ; or as the sta/ of an old man, which serves him wherever and in whatever thing he who holds it in his...
Seite 96 - Christ ; and that the sentiment of those is erroneous who contend that this power exists not in bad priests. But, although the absolution of the priest is the dispensation of another's bounty, yet it is not a bare ministry only, whether of announcing the Gospel, or of declaring that sins are forgiven, but is after the manner of a judicial...
Seite 237 - Protestants to be damnable, and they themselves are damned and to be damned that will not forsake the same. I do further declare that I will help, assist, and advise all or any of His...

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