The Chronicles of England, France, Spain, Etc

J.M. Dent, 1908 - 616 Seiten

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Seite 47 - Now, sir Thomas, return back to those that sent you and tell them from me, not to send again for me this day, or expect that I shall come, let what will happen, as long as my son has life; and say that I command them to let the boy win his spurs; for I am determined, if it please God, that all the glory and honour of this day shall be given to him, and to those into whose care I have entrusted him.
Seite 48 - King would not bury himself in such a place as that, but, having taken some refreshments, set out again with his attendants about midnight and rode on under the direction of guides who were well acquainted with the country until, about daybreak, he came to Amiens, where he halted. This Saturday the English never quitted their ranks in pursuit of any one, but remained on the field, guarding their position and defending themselves against all who attacked them. The battle was ended at the hour of vespers.
Seite 444 - The earl of Douglas had a long conflict with Sir Henry Percy, and in it, by gallantry of arms, won his pennon, to the great vexation of Sir Henry and the other English. The earl of Douglas...
Seite 50 - Calais march out of the town with bare heads and feet, with ropes round their necks, and the keys of the town and castle in their hands. These six persons shall be at my absolute disposal, and the remainder of the inhabitants pardoned.
Seite 451 - Douglas so often repeated, ascended a small eminence, and pushed their lances with such courage that the English were repulsed and many killed. The Scots, by thus valiantly driving the enemy beyond the spot where Earl Douglas lay dead, for he had expired on giving his last orders, arrived at his banner, which was borne by Sir John Sinclair. Numbers were continually increasing, from the repeated shouts of Douglas, and the greater part of the Scottish knights and squires were now there. Among them...
Seite 51 - The king looked at her for some time in silence, and then said, 'Ah, lady, I wish you had been anywhere else than here: you have entreated in such a manner that I cannot refuse you; I therefore give them to you, to do as you please with them.
Seite 15 - I beg and entreat of you, dear and special friend, as earnestly as I can, that you would have the goodness to undertake this expedition for the love of me, and to acquit my soul to our Lord and Saviour ; for I have that opinion of your nobleness and loyalty, that, if you undertake it, it cannot fail of success — and I shall die more contented : but it must be executed as follows — ' I will, that, as soon as I shall be dead, you take...
Seite 107 - The Prince, Don Pedro being present, took the banner in his hands, which was blazoned with a sharp stake gules, on a field argent ; after having cut off the tail to make it square, he displayed it, and, returning it to him by the handle, said, ' Sir John, I return you your banner, God give you strength and honour to preserve it.
Seite 48 - After he had said this, he took the bridle of the king's horse and led him off by force, for he had before entreated him to retire. The king rode on until he came to the castle of la Broyes, where he found the gates shut, for it was very dark. The king ordered the governor of it to be summoned. He came upon the battlements, and asked who it was that called at such an hour. The king answered, "Open, open, governor; it is the fortune of France.
Seite 16 - ... loyalty, that if you undertake it, it cannot fail of success — and I shall die more contented; but it must be executed as follows: — '"I will, that as soon as I shall be dead, you take my heart from my body and have it well embalmed...

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