Philosophia Britannica: Or, A New & Comprehensive System of the Newtonian Philosophy, Astronomy & Geomgraphy: In a Course of Twelve Lectures, with Notes, Containing the Physical, Mechanical, Geometrical, & Experimental Proofs & Illustrations of All the Principal Propositions in Every Branch of Natural Science. Also a Particular Account of the Invention ... of All the Considerable Instruments, Engines, & Machines ...

C. Micklewright & Company, 1747

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Seite 1 - And although the arguing from experiments and observations by Induction be no demonstration of general conclusions, yet it is the best way of arguing which the nature of things admits of, and may be looked upon as so much the stronger by how much the Induction is more general.
Seite 7 - ... all sensation is excited, and the members of animal bodies move at the command of the will, namely, by the vibrations of this Spirit, mutually propagated along the solid filaments of the nerves from the outward organs of sense to the brain, and from the brain into the muscles.
Seite 257 - Valleys between the Ridges of the Hills, and coming to unite, form little Rivulets or Brooks : many of thefe again meeting in one common Valley, and gaining the plain Ground, being grown...
Seite 215 - The harness is annulated at o, to show distinctly the perpendicular position of the examen, by the small pointed index fixed above it. The strings by which the balance is suspended, passing over two pulleys, one on each side the piece at A, go down to the bottom on the other side, and are hung over the hook at v ; which hook, by means of a screw p, is moveable...
Seite 66 - The time of one vibration is to the time of the deserist, through half the length of the pendulum, as the circumference of a circle to its diameter.
Seite 100 - The lever, the pulley, the wheel, and axle, the inclined plane, the wedge, and the screw.
Seite 1 - In natural philosophy, propositions collected from the phenomena by induction, are to be deemed (notwithstanding contrary hypotheses) either exactly or very nearly true, till other phenomena occur by which they may be rendered either more accurate, or liable to exception.
Seite 103 - When the prop is at one end, the weight at the other, and the power applied between them.

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