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LITERATURE, and TASTE, in this Country, from the
NORMAN CONQUEST, to the Acceffion of EDWARD the

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Printed for G. ROBINSON, Pater-noster-Row, 1796.

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2 APR 1959

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N presenting the Fourth Volume of the New

Annual Register to the Publie, it is a great fatisfaction to us that we have been able to bring it out comparatively so early. Our satisfaction, however, would be very ill-founded, if the work were offered to the world in a less perfect state than it would have appeared in, had the publication of it been longer delayed. But we may venture to assert that this is not the case, and, indeed, may A 2


with confidence appeal to our readers for the atten‘ion and care with which the whole has been


The view of the Progress of Knowledge, Literature, and Taste in Britain, which is continued to the accession of Edward the First, fets before us, among other objects, the life, character, and extraordinary discoveries of Roger Bacon, the wonder of his age. In the British and Foreign History, we have given a full, faithful, and impartial narrative of the events of the year, among which the accomplishment of the peace, the interesting debates that followed that transaction, and the political revolution of which it was either the pretext or the cause, stand particularly ditinguitheď. In the State Papers, besides the Articles of Pacification with the several powers with whom we had been

cil at war, and other important mémoir's, the Reports of the Commissioners of Accounts, which are of such moment to the nation, are carried on so far as

they they were laid before the Public in 1983. The extracts under the several heads of Biography, Man-, ners of Nations, Classical and Polite Criticism, Na. tural Philosophy, Antiquities, Miscellaneous Efsays, and Poetry, will be found to furnish a rich variety of instruction and entertainment. Among the Philosophical Papers, we cannot avoid distinguishing Sir William Hamilton's affecting and striking description of the dreadful earthquakes in Italy and Sicily, which is given entire, and correctly printed.

With regard to the History of the Domestic Lio terature of the Year, the writer of that article hath possessed the benefit of a voluntary communication from an anonymous gentleman, relative to the publications in Natural Philofophy, Chemistry, and Medicine. This communication is separately marked, by being included in brackets; and we here return thanks to our unknown correspondent, for his ingenious, learned, and valuable assistance.

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