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nally, in 1727, only 111,000l. It was emergency, for the support of public and
raised in 1738, to 1$1,000l.; and so con- private credit, every person must rejoice
tinued till 1784, when it was raised to at their prosperity and success, as it will
300,000l.-It will now be no lefs than enable them to do ftill more for the ad-
000,00ol. When it is considered, how vantage, not only of the proprietors,
liberal this bank has been, for these many but of the nation at large.
years past, in the manner of transacting June 24. This day the University of
businels; what facilities they have given Edinburgh conferred the degree of Dac-
to the landed, mercantile, and manufacă tor in Medicine on the following gentle.
turing interest of the kingdom ; and how men, after they had gone through the
much they have done, on the present usual private and public trials :


Mr James Moultrie, De actione & ufu Emeticorum.
Mr Jof. Nicholes Wilson, De Tetano.

Mr Wm. Handy,

De Nutrimine Fætus Humani.
From the ISLAND of Mona.
Mr Wm. Quillin,

De låtero.

Mr Robert Graves,

De Strabismo.
Mr William Allanby, De Eletricitate.
Mr Charles John Berkley, De Effellibus Pathematum.
Mr Henry Burton,

De ufu & effe&tu Aerio puri in Corpus Humanum,
Mi Francis Smith,

De Inflammatione Pneumonica.
Mr Samuel Alvey,

De Dentitione morbisque ex ea pendentibus.

Mr Thomas Concanen, De Pbtbife Pulmonali Scrophulofa,
Mr W. Saunders O'Halloran, De Phthifi Pulmonali Scrophuloja.
Mr Samuel Crump, De Vitiis quibus Humores corrumpi dicuntur.

Mr James Short,

De Teftium Tumore.
Mr James Robertson, De Fætus Humani Nutrimento.
Mr James Watson,

De Amenorrbæa.
The Society for the encouragement of who knew me since I was the height of
arts and manufactures, and commerce, a hand turf, to be honest, and a MÅN.-
at London, have a ljudged a gold medal She has befides vilified and belied me,
to be given to the Right Hon. Earl Fife, which is well known to be a bye, by peel-

his plantations in the counties of A. ple who knew me before she did. I'll have berdeen, Banff, and Müray, amounting revenge of her and her gallopper, if jul to $7224,951 trees :-and the Society ado tice is to be got from Fudge or Fury. judged a lilver medal to Professor Ross,

his of King's College, Aberdeen, for Oba

servations on the Turnip-rooted Cab- Knockamurneen, mark.'

June 6, 1788.
The following advertisement is copied
from a late Limerick paper, which we

apprehend must be amusing, at the same April 30. At Stonefield, near Inver.
time that it may be instructive; ness, Capt. John Grant, of the 73d regi-

-ment of foot, to Miss Eliz. Grant, daugh" Whereas Ann Molloy, alias Hinton, ter of John Grant, Efq; late Commiffary my wife, has abfconded from my lawful in New York. bed with Phil. M‘Nemata, a bandy leg- June 2. Mr Geo. Brown, mercht. in ged itinerant dancing-master, whose only Glasgow, to Miss Mary Anderson-Barce powers are confined to the Irish jig, or lay, daughter of the late Mr Robert AnRiuke Monteeun-- caution the public a. derfon, merchant in Glafgow. gainst giving her fxpence worib on my Lately, at London, George Oaks, Efog account, as I'll never pay it, on account a captain in the Royal navy, to Miss of her leaving me and my poor child Crawford, daughter of Quinton Crawwithout cause, as the neighbours can tell, ford, Esq;


Robert Aberdeen Efq; of Lower dradour, danghter of John Campbello
Grosvenor Street, to Miss Smith, daugh- Efq; of Glenlyon.
ter of the late John Smith, Erg;

10. At Milncraig in Rofs-hire, Mrs
June 2. At Halleaths, M. Babington, Munro of Culcairne
Efq) to Miss Gordon, eldest daughter of 10. At Rothiemurchus, Lieut. George
Gilbert Gordon, Esq; of Halleaths. Grant, fate of the 42d, or Rcyal High

Mr John Smith merchant in Glas, land Regiment.
gow, to Miss Shortridge, daughter of the si. Ai Moira, in Ireland, the reverend
deceafed Mr John Shortridge, merchant. Andrew Greenfield.

9. At Carmyle, Mr William William- 1.11. Ac Hawkhill. Capt. Gideon John Son merchant in Glasgow, to Miss Jean fone, of the Royal Navy Mackenzie, daughter of Mr John Mack- 12. Louis Duke of Brunswick, fudo cnzie late mercliaut in Glasgow. denly, at his palace at Lyfenach, in the

70th yearl of his age. BIRTHS.

15. At Thoranean, near Kinross, Ane June - The Countess of Eglinton, of drew forn, Efo: mucb regretted. a daughter.

SAt Greenheasi, in an advanced age, 12. At London, the Hon. Mrs Keith. Mrs Elisabeth Carmichael, daughter of Llphinftone, of a daughter.

the late Mi Gerthom Carinichael, Pros 11. Mrs Burnet of Elrick, of a daugher fessor of Moral Philofophy in the Uriter.

versity of Glasgow DEATHS.

20. At Edinburgh, Gen. John House April 18. At Paris, George Le Clero, ton, in the service of the States of HolCount de Buffon, Lord of Montbatt, land. Marquis of Rougemont, Vise.of Quincy, 21. at Dundee, Mr James Anderlca Intendant of the King's gardens and ca- writer there. binets of natural history, Member of the 31. At Elgin, Miss M. Innes, daughFrench Academy of Sciences; Fellow of ter of the deceased, Sir Harry Innes, of the Royal Society of London, and of the Innes, Bt. Royal and Literary Societies of Berlin, June 4. At Marlborough, Sirj.Lindsay, Peterlautgh, Bologna, Florence, Edin- Knight of the Bath, Rear-Admiral of the burgh, Philadelphia, Dijon, &c. He was: Red, and nephew to Lord Mansfield. one of the most elegant writers in France ro. Ai Elinburgh, Mrs Murray, Tes in point of ftile; a man of uncommon liet of the decealed William Drummond genius, and surprising eloquence. The of Callander, Esq; most aftonishing interpreter of nature 10. Mrs Anne Forth, relict of the rev. that perhaps ever exifted ; tre might have De GeoKay, formerly one of the minifaid, je ne dois qui' a moi feul toute ma re- fters of this city., nom mee. Pofterity will certainly place 11. Mr Robert Cumming, Profesor him amongst the greateft men that have of church history in the Univerlity of E: adorned Lewis the XIVih's age. He was dinl:-ch. buried at St Medard.

13. The rev. Mr John Chiefly, mini19. Mifs Marg. Johnston, daughter of ster of Corstorphin, Mr Johnston at Lathrisk.

16. At his house in Princes Street, the 20. At Kirkness, Mrs Helen Douglas, rev. Doctor Brysdale, one of the mm of Kirkness.

fers of the Tron Church, Edinburgh ; 21. At Dundee, in the goth year of Dean of the Chapel Royal, and principal his age, Mr Jahn Dobson merchant. Clerk of the Church of Scotland.

21. Mrs Hay, wife to Mr John Hay 15. At his houfe in Canongate, Wik accomptant in Edinburgh

liam Thomion, Efq; late of St Kiers, 22. William M.Dowail, Esq; of Gate- 16. At Mains of Murthle, Mr Robert hill, accomptant in the Bank of Scot- Brand of Murthle, formerly ferchant in land's office at Dumfries.

Aberdeen. 24. Mr Robert Beaumont, fon of Mr 16. John Falconer, Efq; of Urn. Charles Beautiont, in the 15th year of 17. At Lanark, Mr John Weir, late

furgeon of the Royal Navy, and one of 28. Miss Jemima Rachel Drummond, the

present bailies of the burgh of Lanark, youngest daughter of James Druinmond 18. At his house in Nicolson-Street, is of Perth, Efq; at Drummond-Caftle. the 75th year of his age, and the 48th

May 6. Ac Odiham, Hampshire, Mr of his ministry, the rev. Mr Adam Gib, George Dundas, writer.

minister of the affociate congregation, E. 8. At Edradour, Mss Balbeavis of Edinburgh.

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his age.

For Vol. VII.


A. 67



ASC Collady, letter from

Diftillers in Scotland, Appendix, 13, 13

79 Declaratory bill A. 35, 38, 39
Air, experiments touching the salu- Dundas -, journal of the Right
brity of the
132 Hon.

A. 48
Art of weaving, dignity of asserted, 138 Dialogue between Talso and Voltaire, 338
Aphides, account of the infects fo Election of a Peer for Scotland, A. 70

197 13; 16, 34, 53.
Alexander Selkirk, anecdotes of 160 Experience, inutility of

Athens and Thebes, grant of 313 Elan Stalker, caftle of

Africans, curious funeral ceremony Edinburgh Royal Society, institution
of the


Anthony St. his services in a Portu- Edward III. anecdotes of

guese regiment

358 Education, remarkable establishment
Allegory by M. Mercier
372 of at Paris

Balgonie castle,

3 Examinations, new guide to
Boxing, hiftory of

6, 327 Fifhes, effects of heat and cold on
Broughton's theatre, account of

the respiration of

Barcelona, present state of 21 Flattery, essay on

Beddoes' experiments on the produc- Foreign literary publications, 376, 453
tion of artificial cold
43 Gorce, remarks on the Ifland of

Baftile, remarkable escape from the 91 Goldfinith, literary character of 107
Books among the antients, academi- George Gordon, Lord

A.9, 13
cal dissertation on the traffic of 94 Grotto of the Fairies at St Bauzile 191
Brechin church,

313 Guise, Duke of, his marriage, 223
Cold, artificial, experiments on the Goldoni, memoirs of

production of

43 Hunter on the stricture and anatomy
Court of Seffion, queftion refpecting of Whales

privileges of the members of 22 Humph, and Mendoza, the boxers A. 6
Collins' ode on the superstition of the Hindoftan, poetical account of the

winter of

Cecilia, daughter of a Turkifh empe- Howard, anecdotes of Me

269 Hope, H. Efq; hints for regulating
Comic painting, effay on
369 his ftudies

China, filial piety in

393 Hastings' trial,
Cotton manufactures, papers relating Hunting excurfions of Afoph UI
to the


Charters, extracts from a fermon by Hutton's new theory of the earth 183
the Rev. Mr S.

441 Hyder Aly Kawn, account of 293
Drcam, a fingular one, and corref- Hume, letter from, to Sir John
ponding event,


Duníkey castle,


observations on
Dalrymple's (Sir John) memoirs of

368, 424
Great Britain and Ireland, III Hutton's theory, letter concerning. 342

account of the Jack Ketch of London, ftory of
Darien expedition

MH Instinct of animals, observations on

anecdotes of the
Lord Stair
119 Ireland, moving bog in

ditto, frictures Johnson's Letters to Baretti 247

-Description of the Ife of
ditto, queries Skic





A, 18, 38








Johnson's character, by himself • 316 Piozzi's (Mrs) Letter to a gentleman
Irritability of the fexual organs of on his märriage,

330 Paffions, obfervations on the

Italy, literary amusement in, 350 Pumice fone, on the nature of, 327
India Bills, comparative statement of Patagonians, Pennant's accountof the 399

Levelling, a spirit of, one of the Satire, modern, injurious

to fociety, 1:
diftinguishing marks of the present Sensibility affected, essay on

9 Spanish Aocks, method of managing
Lamentation over an unfortunate ani- them,



Lochmaben Castle, historical account Savarys letters on Egypt, ftri&tures
Leather, new method of tanning & Salen water, experiments respecting
Libel, Mr Fox's complaint against the purification of

A. 17 Sheridan, R. B. memoirs of, 161
Lavas of the Lipari ilands, 263 Stuart, Athenian, memoirs of 177
Lisbon theatre, letters concerning Smellie's essay on instinci,


285 Salmon-fishery, letter concerning the 241
London cries, observations on the 361 Stromboli, description of the island
Lincluden Abby


Lazowski's tour in Switzerland 405 Statute law of England, letter con-
Letter on the cultivation of national

cerning the


416 Slave trade, thoughts on the 410
Letter from a country elder 425 Teneriffe, Experiments made on the
Mequinez and Fez, account of

25 top of,
Morocco, of the inhabitants of the Tales,

61, 143, 443, 297, 381
Empire of,
28 Trenk, memoirs of Baron,

Musical phenomenon,

77 Times and Seasons, talent for discern-
Mountains, on the structure of,


Mahomet, facred standard of, 295 Troy not taken by the Greeks, ses
Metherie's view of the state of natural marks on this opinion,


444 Ton, or Follies of falhion,
Ned Drowfy, a story, 297, 381, Triftram Shandy, letter concerning jót
Nunducomer, execution of 363 Ulloa's account of the indigenous
O'Kelly, character of


inhabitants of America, 52, 82, 167
Original letters, 140, 159, 221, Volcano, observations on a new
Orang Owtang,

sort of

Orange, seizure of the Prince of 413 Whitaker's vindication of Queen
Pruffia, supposed blemishes in the Mary, answer to remarks on 3
character of the late King of,


-, remarks on s
Poetry, 66, 147, 227, 306, 386, 466 Whales, on the Itructure and eco-
Pruffia, the late King of, attempt to

nomy of
vindicate his character,

73 Whitby, disaster at

-Anecdotes of 424 William the Conqueror, funeral of 210
Phenomena of nature, on the efficient War in Afia, memoirs of the late
causes of,
123 Young's tour in Catalonia

Potofi, mines of, discovered 170 Zimmerman's conversations with
Perth Bridge,


Frederic the Great


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A. 4

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