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■ Robert Abercieen Esq; of Lower
Grosvenor Street, to Miss Smith, daugh-
ter of the late John Smith, Esq;

June i. At Halleaths, M. Babington,
Esq) to Miss Gordon, eldest daughter of
Gilbert Gordoa, Esq; of Halleaths.

— Mr John Smith merchant in Glas-
g»w, to Miss Shortridge, daughter of the
deceased Mr John Shortridge, merchant.
-. 9-At Carmyle, Mr William William-
son merchant in Glasgow, to Miss Jean
Mackenzie, daughter of Mr Johji Mack-
enzie late mircliaiit in Glasgow.

B»*h?. i .;

June —. The Countess of Eglintcffl. of • daughter.

ia. At London, the Hon. Mrs Keith Elphinstone, of a daughter.

•I. Mrs Burnet of Elritk, of a daughter.


April 18. At Paris, sieoTge Le.Cltro, Count de Bufton, Lord- of Mombatt, Marquis ofRougemon t, Visit, of Quincy, Ititendant of the King's gardens and cabinets of .natural history,-Membex .of the French Academy of Sciences; Fellow of the Royal Society of London, and of the Royal and Literary Societies of Berlin, Peterstairgh, Bologna, Florence, Edinburgh, Philadelphia, Dijon, &«. He was one of the most elegant writers m France in point of stile; a man of. uncommon genius, and surprising eloquence.. The most astonishing' 'ihterprtter of nature f \kit perhaps ever existed f be might have ■said, je tie dois q>' a moi fettl ttmte ma rtr nominee. Posterity will certainly place him amongst the greatest men that nave •adorned Lewis the XIVth's age. He was buried at St Mrdard.

19. MifsMarg. Johnston, daughter of
Mr Johnston at Lathrislc /

«'- 20. At Kirkntss, Mrs Helen Douglas,
of Kirkncss. 1 ,

a I. At Dundee, in the 90th year of
lus age, Mr John Dobson merchant. „

a 1. Mrs Hay, wife t6 Mr John Hay' accomptant in Edinburgh* .■ ^ - »a. William M'Dowall, Esq; of Gatehill, accomptant in the Bank of Scotland's office at Dumfries.

44. Mr Robert Beaumont, son of Mr
Charles Beaumont, in die 15th year of
his age.

• ai. Miss Jemima Rachel Drumrcond,
youngest daughter of James Drummond
»f Perth, Esq; at Drummond-Castle.

t/lay 6. At Odiham, Hampshire, Mr
•George Dundat, writer.

«. AtJEdradour, Mrs Uaiberri* tf E»

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ASGsLL, Lady, letter from
to Col. Gordon, 79

Air, experiments touching the salu-
brity of the 133
Art ot weaving, dignity of asserted, 138
Aphides, account of the insects so

called, 197

Alexander Selkirk, anecdotes of 360
Athens and Thebes, grant of 313

Africans, curious funeral ceremony

ot the 336

Anthony St. his services In a Portu-
guese regiment 358
Allegory by M. Mercier 37a
Balgonie castle, 3
Boxing, history of 6, 117
Broughton's theatre, account of 7
Barcelona, present state of 31
JBeddoes' experiments on the produc-
tion of artificial cold 43
Bastile, remarkable escape from the 91
Books among the antients, academi-
cal dissertation on the traffic of 94
Brechin church, 313
Cold, artificial, experiments on the

production of 43

Court of Session, question respecting

privileges of the members of 13

Collins' ode on the superstition of the

Highlands 303

Cecilia, daughter of a Turkish empe-
ror 269
Comic painting, ejay on 369
China, filial piety in 39.3
Cotton manufactures, papers relating

to the 418

Charters, extracts from a sermon by
• the Rev. Mr S. 441

Dream, a Ongular one, and corres-
ponding event, - '36
Dunikey castle, • 73
Dalrymple's (Sir John) memoirj of
Great Britain and Ireland, m
account of the

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Distillers in Scotland, Appendix, 13,15
Declaratory bill A. 35, 38, 39

Dundas , journal of the Right

Hon. - • A. 48

Dialogue between TaflbandVoltaire,33i
Election of a Peer for Scotland, A 7,, 34,SS:,
Experience, inutility or 79

Elan Stalker, castle of 153

Edinburgh Royal Society, institution

of • iSo

Edward III. anecdotes of 311

Education, remarkable establishment

of at Paris - 33*

Examinations, new guide to A. 67
Fifties, effects of heat and cold on

the respiration of * lot

Flattery, essay on 34 j

Foreign literary publications, 376,453
Goree, remarks on the Island of 41
Goldsmith, literary character of 107
George Gordon, Lord 'A. 9, 13

Grotto of the Fairies at St Bauzile 191
Guise, Duke of, Eis marriage, 333
Gnldoni, memoirs of 348

Hunter on the stricture and anatomy

of Whales • 45

Humph. and JÆendo2a, the boxen A. 6
Hindostan, pottical account of the

winter 01 - 86

Howard, anecdotes of Mr 96

Hope, H. Esq; hints for regulating

his studies - 134

Hastings' trial, A. 18, 31

Hunting excursions of Asoph Ul

Dowlah, • 1JJ

Hutton's new theory of the earth 183
Hyder Aly Kawn, account of 293

Hume, letter from, to Sir John

Pringle, • • - 340

————— observations on

368, 414
Hutton's theory, letter concerning . 344
Jaek Ketch of London, story of A. $
Instinct of animals, observations on

the -"■" - I2e

Ireland, moving bog in • 337

Johnson's Letters to Baretti • 347
Description of the Ifle of

Skie - - 349


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Johnson's character, by himself - 316
Irritability of the sexual organs of
plants •- . - 330

!taly, literary amusement in, 350

ndia Bills, comparative statement of

the - 411

Levelling, a spirit of, one of the

diUinguishing marks of the present

times - 9

Lamentation over an unfortunate ani-
malcule, 10
Lochmaben Castle, historical account

of - - 75

Leather, new method of tanning 88
Libel, Mr Fox's complaint against

one - A. 17

Lavas of the Lipari islands, • 263
Lisbon theatre, letters concerning

the - - 185

London cries, observations on the 361
Lincluden Abby - - 393

Lazowflti's tour in Switzerland 405

Letter on the cultivation of national

History, - - 416

Letter from a country elder 415

Mequinez and Fez, account of 15

Morocco, of the inhabitants of the

Empire of, - 18

Musical phenomenon, - 77

Mountains, on the structure of, 933
Mahomet, sacred standard of, 195

Metherie's view of the state of natural

knowledge, - - 444

Ned Drowsy, a story, - 397, 381,
Nundutomcr, execution of 363

O'Kelly, character of - 105

Original letters, 140, 159, 221,

Orang Owtang, • 219

Orange,'seizure of the Prince of 413
Prussia, supposed blemishes in the

character of the late King of, 38

Poetry, 66,147, ai?, 306, 386, 466
Prussia, the late King of, attempt to

vindicate his character, 73

■ 1' Anecdotes of 427

Phenomena of nature, on the efficient

causes of, - 123

Potofi, mines of, discovered 170

Perth Bridge, • 333

Piozzi's (Mrs) Letter to a gentleman

on his marriage, - 1ST

Passions, observations on the '31?

Pumice stone, on the nature of, j:7
Patagonians,Pennant's accountof the jj)
Ramble ot a benevolent man, _ • I j
Satire, modern, injurious to society, »
Sensibility affected, essay on n

Spanish flocks, method of managing
them, • - ■ - •*

Agriculture, - iJ

Savarys Tetters on Egypt, strictures

on - fl

Salt water, experiments respecting

the purification of, - ><>?

Sheridan, R. B. memoirs of, l't

Stuart, Athenian, memoirs of 177

Smellic's eflay on instinct, '''•

Salmon-fishery, letter concerning the 141
Stromboli, description of the island

of • *J9

Statute law of England, letter con-
cerning the - 57'
Slave trade, thoughts on the 410
Tenerisse, Experiments made on the

top of, . - 40

Tales, 6j, 143, 443, *97» 3Sl

Trenk, memoirs of Baron, sjO

Times and Seasons, talent for discern-
ing, - - »)»
Troy not taken by the Greeks, tf

marks on this opinion, ll

Ton, or Follies of fashion, A. Jl

Tristram Shandy, letter concerning jU
Ulloa's account of the indigenous

inhabitants of America, 52, 82,1(7
Volcano, observations on a new

sort of tjl

Whitaker's vindication of Queen
Mary, answer to remarks on j

■ , remarks on s

Whales, on the structure and eco-
nomy of 4J
Whitby, disaster at A. 4
William the Conqueror, funeral of no
War in Asia, memoir*of the late **>>
Young's tour in Catalonia Ij
Zimmerman's conversations with
Frederic the Great 401

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