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prived of It by the partial opinions of a tew individuals.

The reception, however, which the Follies of Fajbion experienced in .Edinburgh, exactly resembled that which it net with in I .ondon. The lame reports bad been circulated of its violating the decency of the theatrical dialogue, and the decorum of the stage. Parties of minor critics seemed to have been stationed .in the remoter parts os the house in order to oppose its representation, and thougli these made but a small part of the audience, yet from their intemperate clamour and unceasing interruption of the business of the scene, they at last succeeded in overcoming the perseverance of the acton, and in tiring out the, patience of the audience t but their conduct (hewed them to be hardly competent to the office of judges. Their marks of reprobation weer indiscriminately and unskilfully directed; fhey were often pointed at those very sentiments which the author held forth to detestation; their clamour became most vociferous at the best scene j and their pretending to censure certain expressions as indecent or indelicate, may be considered as in some degree an insult offered to the Lw but respectable individuals that graced the boxes, who had, no doubt, .read the play before they came there, and whose judgment of whatis indecent .or indelicate, ought to have been respected in preference to the squeamish decision of a few pretenders to virtue.

It is not here meant to enter into a defence of this play, as a piece pf theatrical entertainment. It may, hatyever, tie observed, that though it is not such a performance as would have come from the pen of a GcJman or a Sheridan, yet, con-,si<Jering the low state of modern comedy, aud viewing this as the Cist attempt at .dramatic composition made by a .lady, it ought, at least on the Edinburgh stage, .to have met with more civil usage, and might well have received one impartial •hearing. When we review the pieces, that ot Ute.ycMi,lU«e not only he«i toilerated, but Applauded both in the London and Edinburgh theatres, we will #venture Xa assure those who have.not .read this play, that its treatment ha* been rather severe.; and that it is as free of indecencies and indelicate allusions, as ,Aumost any modern comedy whatever.

When ». lady pf fashion, at a, time <rf generil dissipation, boldly ventures forth and es poles to ridicule wic.ioliies of the

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gay, to ensure the vires of fli* great, ani to detestation the crimes of which the laws take no cognizance, though flic may not be entitled to any high degree of literary fame, she deserves the applause of the good, and ought to be pretested from the abuse of the invidious.

As far back as the i 7 71, a Society was instituted by certain Gentlemen in the Medical Line in the University of Edinburgh, lor the purpose os promoting Physical -and Medical Literature j an« the accomplishment of these -purposes having answered their most sanguine expectations, an application was btely made to his Majesty for erecting them into a Royal body coiporate; and it is with pleasure we .11111.11; nee 10 the Puhlw, That lii» Majesty has been graciously pleased t<>grant letter*patent, constituting ?r.d erec-ting this Society into a Ro\al body corporate under the name and tide of T/.v iXomi Fhjicc.l Society 01 burgh, with ample prerogatives and privileges.—The patent is dated the jtk May i;88.


April 39. At London, Edward Addison, Esq; of Sitrry Slrvtt, to Mis» Jan* Campbell, daughter °f Major James Campbell, Member of Parliament.

April Jq. At Ayr, Mr Andrew Hunter mercliant, to Miss M'Cullocb of that place. *'

May 1. Capt. Simon Bailie, in the service of the Hon. the Laiiiuw* Cjmuj,' .,

tq Miss Anfon, daughter of thofcre mr Andrew Alison, merchant in Ediuhurah.

»o. At Murtbly, the Reverend W Buckly, to Mist Stewart, daughter rf Sir John Stewart of Grandtully, Bart.

John Fuller, surgeon in Berwick upbn Tweed, to MiL lUzabctb. lohnfitm of Tempjeaall, «-\f.. u «'. 4 Birth S.

Mat C. Aus unuiay i_arnegie, <a a sou.

8. Mrs Uurquhart of Brachcr,weH, of a son at Newhafl.

10. At Ba Inalxth, the Hon,Mr»OgSvr of Ciova, of a son.

'it. The .Right Hon. Lady Balgflnic, of a son, at his Lor<Mh*tr"« HnafW» sTM*Gardens, London.

11. The Lady 01 S* il^tlS,^^ ■Bin. of a son.

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Li T E It A RY M I S C E L L A NY*

■ - • *

For JUNE 1788.
With a View os the Abbey ofLiNCLuCEW. •


Page Register of the W'either for June, 392 Abbey of I .includes., - 393

Of Filial Fiery in China, ibid

Oi" the Putagonidns ; formed from the relation of Father Falkener, a 'Ji's:dt,'vjho had resided among them thihy-eight years, 399

Doctor Zi'ittuennatin'i "Conversations wish Frederick the Great, late King' of Priifia, - 402 Observation's .made in a Tour in Siuijser/ahd in 1786"; by Monf. . de Lastftsjki, -' - 40J

Thoughts <3n the Abolition of the African Slnve-trade, considered chiefly in a Prudential and Po-' View,. - 41b'

Particulars of the Seizure of the

Princes? of Orange, "- 413

jLetter to the People of Great Britain on the Cultivation of their National History; - 416

Extracts from Papers circulated oX '. . the Part of the British Manufacturers in Cotter^ relative to the present Competition between theCallico and Muflin Manufact erf es of Great Britain,' '418 Comparative'Statement of the twr> Bills, for the better Government of the British Possessions in /»Voi. VII. Nov 42. 3

dia, brought into Parliament by
Mr'Fox and Mr Pit; with ex-
planatory Observations: By R.
B. Sheridan, Esq; - 421

Strictures on the, late, P 's

Character cfiinfmed, • 424

Letter from a Country Elder, a member of liist Gen. Assembly, 425

Anecdotes of Frederick the Great,
late King df Prussia, - 427

Letters from the late K'ng oTPrus-
Jia to Madame de Camaij 434

Account of Arabia the Hcppy, 437

Extracts from a Work in manuscript, entitled Ma Robe de Charf.bre, by M. d'Elmotte, 4391

A Sermon on Alms, by the Rev.Mr Chfrferj, Minister of Wilton, 441

Abiu Taib; an Eastern Tale, 44 J

Abridgement of M. Metherie'% f etrospective'View os'the State of Natural'Scienc'e for 1787, 444

Account of the Manners of the Inhabitants of Moldavia and IValachia; b^M.Carrd, 449

Account of some late Foreign Lr» terary Publications, . - 453

A Druid'% Tale ; written by hirhseif, -• -■ 462

Poetry, ... 466

Monthly Register.

D State

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State of the Barometer In inches and decimals, and of Farenheit's TherMometer in the open air, taken in the morning before' fun-rife, and it noon; and the quantity of rain-water fallen, in inches and decimals, from the 31 it of May 1788, to the 29th of June, near the foot of Anhur'i Seat.

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