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PftiHTED Foi J. SIB BALD:—And Sold by J. MURRAY*,



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For JANUARY 1788.

With a View O/balgonie Castle*



Register of the Weather for Jan. t
Description of Balgonie Castle, J

Answer to Remarks on Whilaker**

Vindication of Q^Mary,' ibid

Farther Remarks on Whiiaka's.

Vindication, -' 5

History of Boxing, - 8

Curious Advertisements and Chal-

lenges of noted Boxers, ibid

BnughtoH'% Theatre, - 7

Spirit of Levelling, one of the dis*

tinguifhing 'marks of the present

times, - '- 9

Modern Satire, odious in its Nature,

and injurious to Society,' so

Of affected Sensibility, - ibid

Lamentation over an unfortunate

Animalcule, - •" ibid

R amble of a Benevolent Man, 13
Tour in Catalonia* ' By Arthur

Toting, Esq; - - If

Method of managing the Spanish

Flocks, ''•'■' - i6_

Miserable State of Agriculture in

that Country, - - 18

Account os Bun'etcna, - '■< 1
Description of the Cities of Mcqui-

> •■?. and Fez, - - 2C

Of the Inhabitants of the Empire of

Morocco, - - 28 Poetry,

Vol. VII. No 37. A


Of the Language of the Inhabitants
of Morocco, - ' - » 29

Their Dress and Marriage Ceremo-
nies, - - .' 31

Their Extreme Ignorance and Stu-

pidity, - • . . 3j

Danger of the Popular Belief in

Dreams,' - 34

A Singular Dream and Corres-

ponding Event, - - %6

Supposed Blemishes in the Charac

ter of the late King of Prussia, 38

Experiments made on the top of

the Peak of Tenertfe, - 40

Remarks on the Island of Goret, 41

Nevir Experiments on the Produc-
tion of Artificial Cold. In a Let-
ter from T. Bcddoes, M. D. 45

Observations on the Structure and
Economy of Wbalet. By John
Hunter, " * * 4J

Uiloa's Account of the Indigenous
Inhabitants of America, gt

Extreme Anxiety of the Indians re-
specting their Dress and Orna-
ments, -• - - - ej

Strictures on Savar/i Letters on
Egypt, by M. Mkhaelis, - ca

The Vicar'* Tale, - - fir



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