The ballad of babe Christabel: with other lyrical poems

D. Bogue, 1854 - 168 Seiten

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Seite 228 - O wheels! Still, all day, the iron wheels go onward, Grinding life down from its mark; And the children's souls, which God is calling sunward, Spin on blindly in the dark.
Seite 53 - twixt earth and heaven. It stones the Martyr ; then, with praying hands, Sees the God mount his chariot of fire, And calls sweet names, and worships what it spurn'd.
Seite 74 - Yet in her earnest face There's such a world of tenderness, She needs no other grace. Her smiles and voice around my life In light and music twine, And dear, oh ! very dear to me Is this sweet love of mine.
Seite 26 - O'er desert pillows, some green Palm ! Strange glory streams thro' Life's wild rents, And thro' the open door of Death We see the heaven that beckoneth To the beloved going hence. God's ichor fills the hearts that bleed ; The best fruit loads the broken bough ; And in the wounds our sufferings plough, Immortal Love sows sovereign seed SONGS FOR SINGING A NATIONAL ANTHEM.

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