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ticipated in all other measures of public concern, and was regarded as à liberal-minded and valuable member of the House.

At this period Mr. CHAMBERS had acquired very considerable character as a lawyer and a politician, in a section of the country which was rather prodigal of sound lawyers and acute politicians. He was able to cope with the best of them, and his success in both capacities was more marked than generally falls to the lot of young men. But he was not satisfied with this position. His ambition was not yet gratified. Possibly his connexion as editor of a weekly newspaper at Bowling Green, in Pike county, first turned his attention to a different theatre and a more extended field of action and usefulness. At all events, his negotiatons for the purchase of the “ Missouri Republicanwere consummated, and in July, 1837, he became the editor and joint proprietor of the establishment-a position which he retained to the time of his fatal illness. How he performed his multifarious duties — with what vigor, and energy, and judgment and tact-the people are here to bear testimony, and the paper itself is the best evidence. For seventeen years, his history is blended with that of the “Republican,” and it needs neither illustration, nor apology, nor defence.

In all the troublous times of the city within that period -- and they were many and remarkable, and such as no other city has experienced — we never knew his spirit to quail, or to give way under what seemed to be thick-coming and unending disasters. He was always at his post, in the gloomiest times — encouraging the timid, counselling the desperate, diligently unfolding the means of avoiding the effects of pecuniary, or other embarrassments — and never for a moment despairing of the glorious destiny of St. Louis. The Flood, the Fire, and the Pestilence, quickly following each other, had no terror to deter him from the performance of his obligations as a citizen and as a man; and those who served with bim as members of the “Board of Public Health” in that fatal year when the cholera daily swept hundreds of people to the grave, and when the strongest-minded men gave way before the panic, will bear witness to the personal services rendered by him, day and night, throughout that frightful period.

Of his social relations—his hospitality-his attention to strangers, and his friendly intercourse with his fellow-citizens — it does not become us to speak. It was a source of great pleasure to him to be able to extend these courtesies and civilities, at all times, to the recipients of them.

Mr. CHAMBERS was married in 1833 to the lady who now mourns his death. He leaves three children- & son and two daughtersand two step-sons, to whom he has been as faithful as a fatherto regret that they have so soon been deprived of his excellent counsel and fond care. They have the sympathy of the whole community in their afliction.

Harry to Julie.

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But I will press, With sweet caress, Against my cheek, Your glove so sleek.

And let linger, Each neat finger, Around my neck. Then I'll bedeck

It o'er and o'er,
With fifty score,
Of kisses bright-
Or tears of light-

Of joy-of what-
E’en I know not
But something fine,
Almost divine,

Not terrestrial,
'Tis celestial;
Joy of a saint-
I almost faint,

With ecstacy,
So pleasantly,
Thus, thus, would I,
Willingly die.

Ah! why is this?
Have I amiss
Done any thing,
No. 'Tis feeling

But with wildness,
Sprung from mildness,
And thoughts hazy,
I'm most crazy.

And all my Love!
About your Glove.
Believe, or not,
Me now; but what

I state, true is,
In Saint Louis,
Were Romeo,
He'd break his vow."

Would quick forget
His Juliet-
Would do as I
Will, till I die

Swear-Miss Julie, | I'm Yours Truly


Western Journal and Civilian.

EDWARD MEAD & CO., TLEVENTH volume of full series and fifth

Importers and Dealers in volume of New series Just bound- both sets

WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELRY, for sale, full set 11 vols, for $25,00, New Series 6 vols for $10; Subscription per year $3,00.

TABLE and Pocket Cutlery, Solid Silver and TARTER & COBB, 73 Chesnut str.

Plated Ware, Musical Instruments, DaguerreoAgents: E.A. DUBREUIL, Santa Fe New Mex

type Stocks, Fancy Goods, and ico; JOHN E. REARDON, Little Rock, Arkan

CALIFORNIA ARMS. sas; w. G. LE DUC, St. Paul Minn.; J. C. American and Rocky Mountain Rifles, Colt', MORGAN, New Orleans La.

Revolvers, Steel Rifle barrel and Holster Pistols,
Bowie Knifes, and a large assortment of hunting

apparatus.--Importing our foreign goods directAttorneys.

ly from the Manufacturers in Europe, we have superior advantages, and will sell to our cust

omers equally as low as the New York ImportDHILIP PIPKIN, Jr. Attorney at Law,

ing Houses, and would invite the attention of Hillsboro', Mo.

dealers and purchasers to our large stuck of THEREFORD, Attorney at Law, Indepen

Watches, Silver and Plated Ware, Accordeons I. dence, Mo. Ottice over Thomas & Todd's

and English twist double and single barrel guns. store.

No. 54 Main, corner of Pine Street, St. Louis. Refer to Messrs. Thomas & Todd. Smart & InWITTER, 38 Walnut street, corner of 2d, Hughes, Coleman & Dallam, Independence, IU, St. Louis, Mo. German and French standMo., Hon. Wm. Scott, Hon. Thos. L. Price, I ard works, Novels and School Books. Blank George W. Hough, Jefferson City, Mo.; Tutt & Books, Writing Papers, Music Paper, Slates & Watson, M. Tarver, Esq., H. Cobb, Esq., St. Ink, Engravings, Prints, Steel lens, InkLouis, Mo.

stands, &c. - Printing and Binding executed in the best manner. Orders for England, France and Germany are executed at the shortest notice.

Notary Public.


Land Agency Notice.

ADOLPH KENIR, Notary Public, Mo. 11, Fourth street, opposite the Court House.


J COLLEGE, St. Louis, Mo., incorporated ANTHONY V. HOFER,

by the General Assembly, January 24, 1849. Notary Public and Conveyancer, With full authority to "grant diplomas, award Onice: Southeast corner of Second & Walnut degrees, confer honors, and exercise all and streets, next to C. Witter's Book Store, singular, the privileges common to CommerSt. Louis, Mo.

cial Colleges, authorized by law in other States."-Charter, Sec. 2.

Young Gentlemen wishing to prepare them

selves for business pursuits, are respectfully WORTHING TONG, SNETHEN continues

invited to call during business hours and examW to practice Law in the Supreme Court;

ine the mode of imparting instruction, the to attend to cases before Congress; to prose.

progress of the pupils, and the superior facicute Claims and settle accounts against the

lities extended to those desirous of qualifying Departments and Boards of Commissioners;

themselves for the pract cal duties of the to procure Patents at home and abroad; to ob

Counting House. Personal references given tain Pensions and Bounty lands; to collect

to above one hundred and cighty (180) Practidebts, dividends, legacies and inheritances

cal Accountants now in charge of Books in in any part of the United States and in foreign

this city, all of whom have completed their countries; to make investments of funds in

business education in this institution. Loans and Stocks and on Bonds and Mortgage.

N. B. For CIRCULARS containing inforand to negociate the purchase and sale of

mation in regard to the terms, the course of Loans, Land and Patent-rights in any State

instruction and all business connected with of the Union. Particular attention paid to

the above, call at the Book-keeping DepartCa'tfornia Land Title cases coming up to the

ment,” corner of Fourth and Chestnut streets. U. S. Supreme Court on appeal.

or address JONATHAN JONES, St. Louis.Mo' Communications prepaid, addressed to W. G. SNETHEN, 5, Carrol Place, Capitol

Hill, Washington, D. C., will meet with
Prompt attention.

n M. & H. M. WARREN, manufacturers

U of Warren's Improved Fire and WaterENERAL AGENCY at Dubuque, Jowa, for Proof Composition Roofs, and Roofing MateU public lands, real estate, military landrials, which are kept constantly on hand and warrants, pavment of taxes, investigation of for sale (with directions for use) to those in litles, amicable collection of debts, and all the country who may desire to adopt this modo other business within the legitimate sphere of of roofing. 80 Agent's duties, by

Office and Manufactory, east side Second
CHARLES CORKERY, street, between Almond and Poplar, St. Louis,
Notary Public and Commissioner of Deeds and Mo. Office hours from 10 to 11 o'clock, A.
Depositions for all the North-western States, M.,and 4 to 5 P. M.
Missouri included.
185October, 1.

Horse Shocing.

TONIN MULLERY, Premium Horse hoer

in the alley, opposite the Post Office, will ņ DINGS & CO., importers of German,

I as usual pay particular attention to the various 1. French and English Fancy Goods, and

| diseases affecting the feet of horses, and will manufacturers of all kinds of brushes, No.'

guarantee to give general satisfaction in either 07 Main street, St. Louis, Mo.

of the above departments.

Jewelry, Watchmakery


Chocalate, have been in Union, are led States,


W. BAKER & Co's American and Vanilla
Chocalate, cocoa and Broma, to which first

premiums have been awarded by the chief In-
stitutes and Fairs of the Union, are for sale by

P. STUBENRAUCH & SONS, all the principal Grocers in the United States,

No. 11 N. 3d str. between Chesnut & Marke', and by their agents,HUSSYY & MURREY, New York ; GRANT

and No. 17, Chesnut street. Opposite the New & TWELLS, Philadelphia; Tuo's V. BRUN

Post Office. DIGE, Baltimore; KENNET & DUDLEY, Cin Would call the attention of the public and cinnati, Ohio. WALTER BAKER & CO. the trade generally to their extensive stock of

Dorchester, Mass. Jewelry, Watches and Clocks. They also are

well enabled by long practice and experience Liquors and Wines. to perform all kinds of engraving, in stone as

well as metal, in the best style, such as seale CHARLES DERBY, Wholesale Dealer in or Notary Publics, for Insurance Companies U Foreign Liquors and Wines Domestic for Railroad Cos., and all other Companies. Liquors, and that well known “Star” Brand

All orders promptly executed and on the of Rectifed Whisky, No. 71 Levee, (entrance most liberal terms. from Levee and Commercial Street,) St. Louis.

Commission Merchants.

MURRAY & DORMAN, Iron Railing
M Manufactory, n. s. of Chesp. bet. 9. & 10.

streets, continue to manufacture at the above
establishment, all kinds of plain and ornamen-

Tuscumbia, Ala. tal iron railing, balconies, bank and jail doors, Refer to M. Tarver, Esq., St. Louis, Mo. book safes, tire-vaults, iron window shutters, iron awnings, lightning rods, bedsteads, grat A NGELRODT & BARTH, Commission and ings, and in fact, any thing which can be A Forwarding Merchants, No. 126 North formed of iron.

Second Street, between Vine Street and Wash

ington Avenue, St. Louis, Mo. Trunks.

DUSSELL & BENNETT, Wholesale Grocere

n and Commission Merchanis, North-West PENDZINSKI, Premium Trunk Maker.

corner of Olive and Second streets, opposite M. Constantly on hand, at wholesale and

the Monroe House, St. Louis, Mo. retail, and made to order at the shortest notice, Hard Leather Trunks, Solid Leather Steel Spring Trunks, Valises, Carpet Bags,

Flowers. Packing Trunks, Ladies' Dress Boxes, &c.

Trunks repaired in the best manner. Call TORA GARDEN.- This establishment conand examine for yourselves before buying T tains a collection of Plants and Flowers

else where, as I am determined to sell as low not excelled, perhaps, by any in the United · as any house in the trade, at all risks, No. 42 States. Of ROSES alone there are 230 varieNorth Second Street (Westside, between ties: and the proprietor has devoted ten years Chestnut and Pine streets, May, 1851. . to storing his HOT-HOUSES, 420 feet long,

with specimens of rare and beautiful plants, and flowers from almost every part of the globe The garden is pleasantly situated on South

Seventh street aud aflords a delightful retreat ROLIN CLARK, PHILANDER BRALEY. from the poice and dust of the city. A comJOHN RENIREW. ALEXANDER CROSIER. modious SALOON has been titled up and will WAGLE FOUNDRY AND ENGINE SHOP, I be supplied with Confectionar

be supplied with Confectionary, Ice Creams, L North-west corner of Main and Biddle and other refresliments suitable to the season streets. Manufacturers of all kinds of ma- land the place. Spiritous liquors are excluded chinery, boilers and sheet iron work, portable i from the premises. Bouquets of the richescircular sawmills alwars on hand, all orders fowers and most tasteful combination furnisht executed with fidelity and despatch.

ed throughout every season oi the year.
March 1853.



Merchant Tailor.

HBLOOD. Merchant Tailor, No. 2 1. Third Street, One door from the corne

ofChestnut Street, St. Louis, Mo.

DERSONS wishing to obtain transcripts of I records in New Madrid county, can pro eure them without delay by addressing the unJersigned. And to avoid the inconvenience of remitting small sums, the records will be directed to George Pegrim & Co., St. Louis, who will deliver the same upon the payment of the fees.

WM. MOSELET, Recorder of New Madrid Co., Mo. March. 1851.

Boots & Shoes.

TO THE LADIES. MR, P. A. PIGNERO begs to inform the puble N and the Ladies inore particularly, that he has taken the store, corner of Pine & Fourth streets, under Planters' House, to which he will remove nie ese tablishment for False Hair, of every varie y, and for

matuns, Combs, c. &c. Mr. Piguero has recently received from the East a large and select lot of Wigs, Hues, and False Hair, inanufactured in every style and to suit every taste, le begs for an examination of his stock. Private rooms for ladies and gentlemen, entirely geperate, and fitted up, where corsaltation on diseases of the bair can be had free of harge.

[blocks in formation]


7 GRIMSLEY & CO., Dealers in all kinds OHN TOUGHBOROUGH, Attorney and 1. of Saddles, Bridles, Harness, Trunks, Counsellor at Law, office No. 56 Pine Carpet Bags, &c., No. 68 Main street, four I street, near Third, (adjoining that of the Clert doors below Olive st., St. Louis, Mo.

of the Supreme Court.

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1.-DUTY ON RAILROAD IRON. Objections to the Bill pending in

Congress proposing to admit the importation of Railroad Iron

free of duty. By the Senior EDITOR........
11.--GUTTA PERCHA: History of its discovery as an article of com-

merce. Its uses, manner of collecting, manufacturing, &c......


IV.-VALLEY OF THE AMAZON: Its mineral and vegetable pro-

ductions; its hydrography, climate, population, agriculture, com-

merce, &c.

Treaty between Brazil and Peru respecting the navigation of

the Amazon and its tributaries. Decree of the President of Peru
relative to the opening and settlement of the Amazon. Treaty of
commerce between the United States and Peru. Grants of lands,
&c., for the encouragement of emigration to Peru. By Lieutenant

HERNDON ............ ....................................

V-VALLEY OF THE OHIO. Its conquest and settlement by Ameri-

cans. Negotiation by Virginia with the Spanish governor of

Louisiana for arms, military stores, &c. Expeditions from Fort

Pitt to New Orleans, in 1769 and 1774. Foundation of Lexing-

toa, Ky., in 1779, &c. Continued from page 19. By Mann

Butler, Esq...............

"... .................

VI.-MANUFACTURE OF STONE. By L. S. Robbins, Esq., N. Y.
VII.-CREDIT, GOLD AND SILVER. System of Finance. By the





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