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sent time. It exhibits, in a condensed form. The author of the amusing « Tour of Dr the progress and present state of that Science, Syntax, is engaged upon a new poetical with short Notices of the most eminent work, entitled, The Dance of Life, which Authors in this and other countries.. will be accompanied with 24 engravings

Mr Bagster has been engaged for some from Rowlandson. time in printing a Polyglott Bible, in one The First Volume of the Elgin Marbles, 400 volume. He proceeds with the care with an Historical and Topographical ACwhich so important a work demands ;-the count of Athens, illustrated by about 40 First Part, containing the Pentateuch, is plates, drawn from the original sculptures, now ready for delivery. It had been con and etched by the Rev. F. J. Burrow, will sidered a desideratum in literature, for a speedily appear. Student to have a Polyglott Bible, contain- . Dr Brown of St Germains, Cornwall, is ing the original texts, and the versions used preparing for the press a work on the Irriby the ancient churches, in a portable form, gation of Land, which he will treat in a and at a moderate price; and the present perfectly novel manner. ; . minor Polyglott Bible, it is expected, will The Rev. Edward Cooper has in the fully answer these wishes. Another class press, in a 12mo volume, Letters addressed of readers will be gratified, by the above to a serious and humble Inquirer after Diwork being printed in four small pocket vine Truth, with a peculiar aspect to the volumes, each language a complete volume, circumstances of the present times. possessing this peculiar excellence, that by Mr Merrick has nearly ready for the the pages of each volume agreeing with press, a Translation of a Treatise on the Geevery other, any two languages may be neral Principles of Chemical Analysis, in interleaved together; and thus united in volume 8vo. one volume, will not exceed the thickness Dr Wilson Phillips is about to publish of the common Pocket Bible. A fuller dis.. an Experimental Inquiry into the Laws of play of the whole work is exhibited in a the Vital Functions, with soine Observations Prospectus of 32 pages, which is delivered on the Nature and Treatment of Internal gratis ; and which also details the nature of Diseases. a supplementary volume, entitled “ Scrip. Mr Thomas Gurton of Alcester, is about tare Harmony;" being a Concordance of to publish a Midland Flora, which will parallel passages, agreeing page with page comprise descriptions of Plants indigenous with the pocket volumes,

to the central counties of England ; it will · Mr Thomas Taylor is . engaged in be illustrated by plates engraved by Mr writing a Treatise on Infinite Series, in James Sowerby. which he professes, by a notation somewhat Mr Kendall has in the press, a Proposal analogous to that of decimals, to have dis- for establishing in London, a New Philan. covered expressions, which, when expanded, thropical and Patriotic Institution, to be will give infinite series, not to be obtained called the PATRIOTIC METROPOLITAN by any other method, at present known. COLONIAL INSTITUTION, for assisting One among these is an expression, the New Settlers in his Majesty's Colonies, and expansion of which produces the series for encouraging New Branches of Colonial 1- 1-1+ 4 , &c., invented by Trade; with a Postscript on the Benefits to Leibnitz, and which is equal to the area of be derived from establishing Free Drawing ' a circle whose diameter is 1. Another ex. Schools, and Schools of the Mathematics,

pression, when expanded, gives the series and on other means of advancing the Na1+1++istes, &c. equal to the

tional Industry and Population. sixth part of the square of the circumfer

Mr William Mackenzie has in the press,

the Swiss Patriots, a new Poem ; also, a ence, when the diameter is 1. Mr Ackerman will shortly publish the

new edition, with additions, of the Sorrows

of Seduction, and other Poems., first number of a series of Incidents of En.

The Rudiments of the Latin Tongue ; glish Bravery during the late Campaigns on the Continent, printed by the lithogra

revised by the Rev. John Muckersy, West

Calder, 18mo. phic process, from drawings by A. Atkin.

.. A Short Introduction to Arithmetic; by son ; which will form six monthly num. ."

uy sure John Christison, house-governor of Heriot's

hospital, Edinburgh, 18mo.

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Proceedings, and Resilts, of an Institution Cathedral Antiquities of England, or an for Teaching Adults to Read, established in Historical, Architectural, and Graphical, Il. Bucks and Berks in 1814, 8vo. lustration of the English Cathedral Churches; On Public Education ; by the late Dean by John Britton, F.S.A. No ll. being the of Westminster. 55. second number of Winchester, medium 4to. Correspondence between a Mother and 12s.

her Daughter ; by Mrs Taylor of Ongar. Researches concerning the Laws, Theo- A Key to Dr Noehden's Exercises for logy, Learning, Commerce, &c. of Ancient Writing German ; by J. R. Schultz. 3s. 6d. and Modern India; by L. Crauford, Esq. A new Analytical Table of the Gender 2 vols 8vo. 185.

of all the French Substantives generally History and Antiquities of the Abbey used; by C. Gros. 3s. Church of St Peter's, Westminster, with A Grammar of the English Language ; Architectural and Graphical Mlustrations; by J. Sutcliffe, 12mo. 38. by J. P. Neale. Part 11. royal 4to. 168. Classical Reading Lessons for every Day BIOGRAPHY

in the Year, selected chiefly from the best Memoir of the Early Life of W. Cowper, English Writers of the reign of George the Esq. ; by liimself, Svo. 45.

Third ; by G. Sharpe, 12mo. ' 59. 60. Biographical Dictionary ; by Alexander The Grammatical Remembrancer; to Chalmers. Vol. XXXII. 8vo. 12s. which are added, Geographical PronunciaBOTANY.

tion, or an Attempt to give the PronunciaPomona Britannica ; by Geo. Brookshaw, tion of difficult Names of Places, domestic Esq. Part XI. royal 4to. 21s.

and foreign, and Terms peculiar to the Arts Floræ Græcæ Prodromus et Flora Græca and Sciences. 2s.6d. Libchorpiana ; 4th and last Fasciculi.

FINE ARTS. The Transactions of the Horticultural An Inquiry into the Origin and Early Society of London, Part V. (containing six History of Engraving upon Copper and on coloured, and two other engravings) of Vol. Wood; by W. G. Ottley, F. S. A. 2 vols II. 410. £1, 11s. 6d.

4to. £8, 8s. CHEMISTRY.

HISTORY. Chemical Essays, 5 vols 12mo. £2, 2s. A Narrative of Occurrences in the Indian CHRONOLOGY.

Countries of North America, since the con. Comparative Chronology of the Classic nexion of the Earl of Selkirk with the HudAges of Greece and Rome ; by J. Stanton. son's Bay Company, and his attempt to es. CLASSICS.

tablish a Colony on the Red River. 55. Decerpta ex P. Ovidii Nasonis Metamor A View of the History, Literature, and phoseon libris, ad optimorum Exemplarium Religion of the Hindoos; by the Rev. W. Fidem recensita, Notulis Sermone Anglica. Ward, 2 vols 8vo. 18s. no exaratis illustrata, et Indice Nominum Ormerod's History of Cheshire. Part Propriorum uberrimo instructa: in usum III. £2, 12s. 6d. Scholæ Glasguensis ; studio Joannis Dy Cobbett's Parliamentary History. Vol. mock. Editio altera. 2s.6d.

XXIX. £1, 11s. 6d.

New Chart of History ; by F. Baily. 75 A Descriptive Catalogue of Recent Shells; The Lockhart Papers ; containing Meby J. Dillwyn, 2 vols 8vo. £1, 188. moirs and Commentaries upon the Affairs DRAMA.

of Scotland, from 1702 to 1715; by George The Innkeeper's Daughter: a Melo-dra. Lockhart, Esq. of Carnwath. His Secret ma, in two Acts ; by G. Soane, A.B. 28. 6d. Correspondence with the Son of King James

Robinson Crusoe : a grand Romantic II. from 1718 to 1728, and his other PoliMelo-drama; by J. Pocock, 8vo. 2s. tical Writings: also Journals and Memoirs

Adelgitha, or the Fruits of a Single Er- of the Young Pretender's Expedition in ror; by M. G. Lewis. Now first publish. 1745 ; by Highland Officers in his Army. ed, as acted at Covent-Garden Theatre. 3s. 6d. Published from Original Manuscripts in the

Elphi Bey; or the Arab's Faith, a Mu- possession of Anthony Aufrere, Esq. of sical Drama, in Three Acts. First perform. Hoveton, Norfolk, 2 vols 4to. £5, 55. ed at the Theatre-Royal, Drury-Lane,

LAW. April 17th, 1817, 8vo. 2s.6d.

Points in Manumission, and Cases of The Apostate, a Tragedy, in Five Acts, Contested Freedom; by J. Henry King: as performed at the Theatre-Royal, Covent. Esq. late President of the Court of Criminal Garden; by Robert Shiel, Esq. 8vo. 38. and Civil Justice of Demerara and Issequi. EDUCATION.

bo. 6s. An Account of the Origin, Principles, Observations on the present state of Cri

minal and Civil Judicature in the county of Luccock's Essays on the Theory of the Cork; by the Rev. H. Townshend, 3s. 6d. Tides, 4to. 7s.'

The Equity Draftsman; by J. Van Hay- Beauties of Massinger, 12mo. 8s. thurin, Esq. Barrister at Law, 8vo. £1, 4s. . Owen's History of the British and Foreign

Hill's Reports of Cases argued and ruled Bible Society, 2 vols Svo. £1, 4s. at Nisi Prius, in the Court of Common H ints to Emigrants from Europe to the Pleas, Svo.

United States ; by the Shamrock Society of MATHEMATICS.

New York, 8vo. Is. Algebra of the Hindus, with Arithmetic A Letter to William Smith, Esq. M.P. and Mensuration. Translated from the from Robert Southey, Esq. Third edition, Sanscrit ; by H. T. Colebrooke, Esq. 4to. 8vo, 25. £3, 3s.

Phrosyne, a Grecian Tale; Alashtar, an MEDICINE, SURGERY, &c. Arabian Tale; by H. Gally Knight, Esq. Suggestions for the Prevention and Miti. Svo. 5s.6d. gation of Epidemic and Pestilential Dis The Quarterly Review, No XXII. 6s. eases; comprehending the Abolition of Quả. The Colonial Journal, No Ill. 8s. rantines and Lazarettoes ; with some oppor The British Review, No XVIII. 6s. * tune Remarks upon the Danger of Pesti.

NOVELS AND ROMANCES. lence from Scarcity. Intended to serve as · Hardenbrass and Haverill, 4 vols 12mo. an Iotroduction to a work, entitled, Re- £1, lls. 6d. searches in Turkey ; by Charles Maclean, Montague Newburgh, or the Mother and M.D. Svo, pp. 104

Son ; by Alicia Catherine Mant, 2 voks Observations on the Harveian Doctrine of 18mo. 10s. 6d. the Circulation of the Blood, in reply to Modern Manners, or a Season at Har. those lately adduced by George Kerr, Esq.; rowgate, 2 vols 12mo. 12s. by A. Ewing, M.D. Member of the Royal Melincourt; by the Author of Headlong Physical Society, Edinburgh, 12mo. 6s. Hall, 3 vols 12mo. 18s.

A Physiological System of Nosology, Les Soirées de Londres ; par Madame with a corrected and simplified Nomencla. Herbeter, 12mo. 6s. ture; by John Mason Good, 8vo. 16s. Le Chateau de St Valerie ; par Madame

Delineations of the Cutaneous Diseases Herbeter, 12mo. As. 6d. comprised in the Classification of the late

PATHOLOGY. Dr Willan; by T. Bateman, M.D. F.L.S. Canine Pathology, or a full Description Fasiculus X. with coloured plates. £1, ls. of the Diseases of Dogs, with their Causes,

Cases of Diseased Bladder and Testicle, Symptoms, and Mode of Cure : being the with 21 etchings; by W. Wood, Esq. Sur whole of the Author's Curative Practice durgeon, 4to. 18s.

ing twenty years experience, interspersed An Account of Two successful Operations with numerous Remarks on the general for restoring the Lost Nose from the Inte. Treatment of these Animals, and preceded guments of the Forehead; by J.C. Carpue, by an introductory Chapter on the Moral Esq. with plates. £1, ls.

Qualities of the Dog ; by Delabere Blaine, Cursory Remarks on a Bill now in the with wood cuts, 8vo. 7s. 6d. House of Peers, for regulating Mad Houses;

POETRY. by G. M. Burrows, M.D. 48.

The Æneis ; translated by Dr Symphons, MILITARY SCIENCE.

imp. 4to. £2, 12s. 6d. An Universal Military Dictionary, in Select Pieces in Verse and Prose ; by the English and French; by Major Charles late John Bowdler, Esq., 2 vols 8vo. James, 8vo. £1, 63.

Idwal, a Poem ; by Mr Bayley. 108. MISCELLANEOUS.

Yeatman's Brent Knoll, a Poem, 12mno. Letters on the Evils of Impressment, with 4s. 6d. the outline of a Plan for doing it away; on The New Lyre, a Collection of 230 of which depend the Wealth, Prosperity, and the best Songs, Glees, &c. now in vogue; Consequence, of Great Britain ; by Thomas with Notes of various Readings, a Preface Urquhart, second edition, 8vo.

concerning the Vocal Art, and a Glossary. 38. Letters from Mrs E. Carter to Mrs Mon London and Dublin ; an Heroic Epistle tagu, between 1755 and 1800, chiefly on to Counsellor Phillips, 8vo. Is... Literary and Moral Subjects, 3 vols. £1,75. Prospectus of a Translation of the Works

The Correspondent; consisting of Letters, of Virgil, partly original, and partly altered Moral, Political, and Literary, between from Dryden and Pitt, with specimens ; by eminent writers in France and England. John King, royal 8vo. Is. 6d. No II. 58.

Bertha, a l'ale of Erin; by P. Dixon A Letter of Advice to his Grand-children; Hardy, 12mo. 5s. by Sir Matthew Hale, 8vo. 58.

Modern Greece; a Poem, 8vo. 58. 60. The History of an Old Pocket Bible, re- POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. lated by Itself; by the Rev. Robert Cox. On the Principles of Political Economy 3s.

and Taxation; by David Ricardo, Esq. 8vo. Authentic Narrative of the Loss of the 14s. American Brig, Commerce ; by James Ri. An Enquiry into the Principle of Populaley, late master and supercargo, 4to. tion ; by J. Grahame, Esq. 990. 10s. 6d.

38. 6d.

Enquiry into several Questions of Politi. ment; by C. J. Bloomfield, M.A. Rector cal Economy, applicable to the present of Dunton, Bucks. 2s. State of Great Britain.

A Humble Remonstrance to the House A Letter to David Ricardo, Esq. ana- of Commons, on the nature and object of lysing his Pamphlet on the Depreciation of the Report of its Select Committee, for inBank notes ; by the Rev. A. Crombie. 1s. quiring into the Laws and Ordinances of · A Tabular View of the Finance of Great foreign States, respecting their Roman Cao Britain ; by Nathaniel Jekyll, Esq.

tholic subjects, &c.; by a native Roman The true State of the British Nation as Catholic Prelate. 2s. to Trade, Commerce, &c. clearly pourtray. Spry's Bampton Lectures, 8vo. 10s 6d. ed; by J. H. Riddel, Esq. 8vo..

Wilks's Christian Essays, 2 vols. 145. A Second Lay Sermon, addressed to the Steven's Discourses on the Festivals and Higher and Middle Classes on the existing Fasts, 8vo. 10s. 6d. Distresses and Discontents ; by S. T. Cole Sermons ; by J. S. Jones, D.D. 108. 6d. ridge, Esq., 12mo. 58.

Memorial of the Just ; by the Rev. T. On the Spanish Colonies, and South A. Jervis. merican Revolution ; by M. de Pradt, 2 The True Test of Religion in the Soul ; vols 8vo.

by the Rev. C. Simeon A Vindication of the Subject's Right to Sermons by the Rev. John Martin, 2 deliberate and vote at County Meetings. 1s. vols 8vo. 246.

A Sketch of a Plan for a Reformation in Letters to a Serious and Humble Enthe System of Provincial Banking, &c.; by quirer after Divine Truth; by the Rev. a Country Shopkeeper.

Edward Cooper. 12mo. A Letter on the Expediency of Reform A Key to the Old Testament and Apoin Parliament; by Robt. Hardinge Evans. crypha ; by the Rev. R. Gray, 8vo. 135.

An Essay on the Modern Teachers of The Sacred and Indefeasible Rights of Religion the Clergy Examined, Recognised, and Vin. Sermons, extracted from Bishop Pordicated. 3s.

teus's Lectures ; by J. Baker, M.A. Rector An Inquiry into the Nature of Benevo of Stanmer-cum Palmer, Sussex, 8vo. Is. lence, chiefly with a view to elucidate the Challenge to Unitarians. Svo. , Principles of the Poor Laws, and to shew

TOPOGRAPHY. w as their immoral tendency; by J. E. Bicheno, The Hythe, Sandgate, and Folkestane 4s. 6d.

Guide ; containing an Account of their An. A Sketch of a Plan, by J. C. Curwen, cient and Present State, and a Description Esq. M.P. for bettering the Condition of the of the principal Objects worthy of Attention Labouring Classes of the Community, and in the Neighbourhood, fc. 8vo. 45. 6d. for equalizing and reducing the amount of

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. the present Parochial Assessments, submit. Narrative of the Loss of the American ted to the Committee appointed by the House Brig, Commerce, wrecked on the Western of Commons for taking the Laws respecting Coast of Africa in 1815, with an Account of the Poor into consideration. ls.

the Sufferings of her surviving Officers and THEOLOGY.

Crew, who were enslaved by the wandering The Advantages of Solitude; a Sermon Arabs on the Great African Desert; and preached at Salter's-hall Meeting-house by Observations made during the Travels of the late Rev. Hugh Worthington, April the Author while a Slave to the Arabs; by 20, 1777 ; never before published. Is. 6d. James Riley, late master and supercargo;

A new Volume of Sermons ; by Bishop concluded by a Description of the city of Horsley, 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Tombuctoo, on the River Niger, and of anoA Word in Opposition to Fanatical, Cal. ther large city (far south of it) on the same vinistical, and Soli-fidian Views of Chris. river, called Wassanah ; printed uniformly tianity ; by the Rev. R. Warner. 3s. with Park and Adams' î'ravels in Africa,

The Christian Doctrines of the Trinity 4to, with a map. £1, 158. and Incarnation, considered and maintained Narrative of a Voyage to Hudson's Bay; on the Principles of Judaism; by the Rev. by Lieut. Edward Chappell, R.N. J. Oxlee, 2 vols 8vo.

Major Barnes's Tour through St. Helena, Female Scripture Biography; by F. A. 12mo. 5s. Cox, A.M., 2 vols 8vo. 24s.

A Narrative of the Briton's Voyage to Sermons, on various Subjects ; by the Pitcairn's Island ; by Lieut. Shilliber, 8vo. late W. Bell, D.D., prebendary of West- with 16 etchings. 7s.6d. minster. 7s.

Letters from the Highlands; by Miss A Reference to Jewish Tradition neces. Spence, 8vo. 10s. 6d. sary to an Interpreter of the New Testa

EDINBURGH. Essay on the Theory of the Earth, trans- demy at Whitburn, under the inspection of lated from the French of M. Cuvier, perpe- the General Associate Synod ; by the late tual Secretary of the French Institute, &c.; Rev. Archibald Bruce, part second, 8vo. 6s. by Robert Kerr, F.R.S. and F.A.S. Edin. Flora Anomoia, or General View of the with Mineralogical Notes, and an Account Anomalies in the Vegetable Kingdom ; by of Cuvier's Geological Discoveries ; by Pro- Thomas Hopkirk, younger of Dalbeith, fessor Jameson, second edition, with addi. F.L.S. M.W.S., 8vo. 10s. 6d. tions, 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Comparative View of the British and Prize Essays and Transactions of the American Constitutions ; with Observations Highland Society of Scotland, part I. of on the present State of British Politics, and vol V., 8vo. 6s.

of the probable consequences of introducing Sermons chiefly on Devotional Subjects; into Great Britain the mode of suffrage that by the Rev. Archibald Bonar, minister of exists in the United States; by a Gentleman Cramond, vol. second, with a Memoir of some years resident in the United States, the Author, 8vo. 10s. 6d.

8vo. 2s. . Introductory and Occasional Lectures for Report relative to a Line of Canal upon forming the minds of Young Men, in- one Level, between the cities of Edinburgh tending the Holy Ministry, to Theological and Glasgow; by Robert Stevenson, Civil and useful Learning, Religion, and good Engineer, F.R.S., 4to. 3s. Manners, delivered in the Theological Aca

NEW FRENCH PUBLICATIONS. Choix des Poësies originales des Trou. Tableau des hotels garnis et particuliers badours ; par M. Raynouard, tome 1. de Paris, avec le prix qu'il en coute en tems

Elémens de Pathologie Générale ; par ordinaire, et leur importance, &c. 18mo. A. F. Chomel, 8vo.

Nouvelles Expériences sur la nature et Nosologie Naturelle, ou les Maladies du les variations de l'aimant ou l'on propose Corps humain distribuées par Familles ; par un nouveau Magnetometre universel, propro M. Alibert. To be completed in 2 large à observer en mer la declinaison et l'incli. vols 4to, with plates magnificently coloured. naison de l'aiguille aimantée, malgré les

Precis de la Géographie Universelle; par mouvemens de l'air et de l'eau; par J. P. Malte Brun, tome 5me, 8vo.

Sarrazin de Montferrier, 8vo. Manuel de Liphilixie ; par M. L. Four. Essai sur l'Anatomie et la Physiologie des nier, 8vo.

dents; par A. Serres. Journal du Marquis de Dangeau; par Des Banques, de leur influence pour faciMad. de Genlis, 4 tom, 8vo.

liter la circulation des capitaux, faire baisser Germanicus-Tragédie en cinq actes et le trop haut prix de l'interet, &c. 8vo. en vers ; par A. V. Arnault. 35.




ence. But when the author was called for, as is customary at Paris, a serious skirmish

ensued. In an instant a thousand sticks FRANCE.

were brandished in the air: the royalist An extraordinary occurrence took place officers were violently assaulted with blud. at the theatre at Paris on the 24th March, geons by the half-pay officers, who were in at the representation of Germanicus, a new much greater numbers. The pit was car. tragedy, from the pen of M. Arnault, one ried by the Bonapartists; the boxes by the of the banished members of the Institute. Royalists. The curtain drew up, and a The Duke of Berri, who was in his box numerous party of gendarmerie, with fixed with his suite, honoured the noble senti. bayonets, rushed into the pit, and order was ments the tragedy is replete with, by his restored, but not till after many persons repeated approbation. All was tranquil had been much hurt. MM. De Cazes during the representation, excepting when and D'Anglés waited on his Majesty, and the genuine beauties of the picce called represented that it would not be prudent forth the rapturous applauses of the audi. that Germanicus should be repeated, as the

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