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Seite 302 - There is no evidence of any fundamental modification or advance in the Foraminiferous type from the Palaeozoic period to the present time.
Seite 302 - The Foraminiferous fauna of our own seas probably represent* a greater range of variety than existed at any preceding period ; but there is no indication of any tendency to elevation towards a higher type.
Seite 45 - The chief point in this application of histology to pathology is to obtain a recognition of the fact, that the cell is really the ultimate morphological element in which there is any manifestation of life, and that we must not transfer the seat of real action to any point beyond the cell.
Seite 301 - The ordinary notion of species as assemblages of individuals marked out from each other by definite characters that have been genetically transmitted from original proto-types similarly distinguished, is quite inapplicable to this group...
Seite 51 - Hence, although we see molecules combining in the forms of crystals and nucleated spherules, inasmuch as we have discovered the physical conditions on which they depend, and can produce them artificially, we have no difficulty in classifying these among purely physical phenomena, even when they occur in the interior of animals.
Seite 301 - Foraminifera as to include not merely the differential characters which systematists proceeding upon the ordinary methods have accounted specific, but also those upon which the greater part of the genera of this group have been founded, and even in some instances those of its orders.
Seite 53 - ... chyle, is essentially molecular. Most of the secretions originate in the effusion of a fluid into the gland follicle, which becomes molecular, and gives rise to cell formation. In muscle, the power of contractility is inherently associated with the ultimate molecules of which the fasciculus...
Seite 72 - Deliver us from evil ;" so that he made the area occupied by the writing less than that stated above. Some idea of the minuteness of the characters in these specimens may be obtained from the statement that the whole Bible and Testament in writing of the same size might be placed twenty-two times on the surface of a square inch. The grounds for this startling assertion are as follows : — The Bible and Testament together, in the English language, are said to contain 3,566,480 letters. The number...
Seite 47 - Y. ON THE MODE OF FORMATION OF SHELLS OF ANIMALS, OF BONE, AND OF SEVERAL OTHER STRUCTURES, by a Process of Molecular Coalescence, Demonstrable in certain Artificially-formed Products.
Seite 45 - ... therefore, to show that real action, both physical and vital, may be seated in minute particles, or molecules much smaller than cells, and that we must obtain a knowledge of such action in these molecules if we desire to comprehend the laws of organization. To this end the author directed attention — 1st, to a description of the nature and mode of origin of organic molecules; 2nd, to a demonstration of the fact that these molecules possess inherent powers or forces, and are present in all those...

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