The London Medical and Physical Journal, Band 44

J. Souter, 1820

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Seite 255 - To the one of these, he applied a poultice, composed of the fruit of the fewillea cordifolia, while the other was left without any application. The former suffered no other inconvenience, except from the wound, which speedily healed ; while the other, in a short time, fell into convulsions and died.
Seite 525 - A Synopsis of the Diseases of the Eye, and their Treatment ; to which are prefixed a short Anatomical Description, and a Sketch of the Physiology of that Organ. By Benjamin Travers, FRS Surgeon to St Thomas's Hospital.
Seite 168 - ... hundred apertures, corresponding to those below, and with an equal obliquity, but in an opposite direction. The obliquity is not necessary to the production of...
Seite 497 - ... observed. The vesicles are often, when first seen, about the size of a split pea, perfectly transparent, and covered only by the cuticle, as thin as that separated by a scald or by a blister ; they generally have at first an inflamed areola, but this seems also to be confined to the cuticle, and there seems to be little if any hardness in the true skin beneath or around them. On puncturing the vesicle, the clear lymph is wholly evacuated, the cuticle falls flat down, and very little if any hardness...
Seite 65 - The respiration is affected in different cases with panting, sighing, heaving, gasping, moaning, blowing, catching, with urgent demand for fresh air. There is sometimes great and alarming oppression about the chest. There is in some cases an irritative cough. " The stomach is liable to become affected with irritability, sickness, retching, vomiting, hiccough and eructation; the bowels with constipation or diarrhoea, pain, flatus, disten sion, etc. Muscular system.
Seite 303 - The circumstance is unaccountable, until we reflect on the position of this master spring of the muscles of the bladder ; the sensible spot a little behind and below the orifice of the bladder. When a person lies upon his belly, the urine gravitates towards the fundus ; but when he lies on his bark, it presses upon this sensible spot, and distends that part of the bladder which is towards the rectum.
Seite 170 - From experiments made since, 1 find that pyroligneous acid of the specific gravity of 1.012, is too strong for the immersion of fish for so long a period as three months, but that simply dipping them in acid of the above strength is sufficient for their preservation, if they are afterwards dried in the shade; and on boiling herrings done in this manner, they were very agreeable to the taste, and had nothing of the disagreeble empyreuma which those had which were steeped for three hours in the acid.
Seite 65 - ... pain ; beating and throbbing; rushing, or cracking noises ; vertigo, or turning round of the room, especially on raising the head or assuming the erect position ; intolerance of light, and of sound...
Seite 65 - ... or fainting, urgent demand for the smellingbottle, fresh air, fanning, bathing of the temples ; feeling of impending dissolution ; incapability of bearing the erect position, and sometimes early fainting from the use of the lancet. The respiration is affected, in different cases, with panting, hurry, sighing, great heaving, gasping, blowing, moaning, catching, &c., and, as has been stated, with urgent demand for fresh air. There is sometimes a sense of great and alarming oppression about the...
Seite 171 - I am interested, dipped a piece of fresh beef in pyrolignous acid of the specific gravity of 1,012. -It was not immersed more than one minute : it is now in my possession, (March 4th, 1820) and is as free from taint as on the day when the experiment was made in July : no salt was here used, He at the same time dipped a piece of Beef in pure vinegar, the specific gravity of which was...

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