The Spirit of Goethe's Faust

G. Bell and sons, 1885 - 366 Seiten

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Seite 50 - Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them.
Seite 34 - That sometime grew within this learned man. Faustus is gone: regard his hellish fall, Whose fiendful fortune may exhort the wise Only to wonder at unlawful things. Whose deepness doth entice such forward wits To practice more than heavenly power permits.
Seite 5 - COMPANION TO THE GREEK TESTAMENT. For the use of Theological Students and the Upper Forms in Schools. By AC BARRETT, MA, Caius College.
Seite 22 - Adventures by Sea and Land in Civil and Savage Life One Hundred Years ago.
Seite 8 - English Churchman. THE SECOND ADAM AND THE NEW BIRTH ; or, The Doctrine of Baptism as contained in Holy Scripture. Fcap. 8vo. 7th Edition, price 4*. 6d. 'The most striking peculiarity of this useful little work is that its author argues almost exclusively from the Bible. We commend it most earnestly to clergy and laity, as containing in a small compass, and at a trifling cost, a body of sound and Scriptural doctrine respecting the New Birth, which cannot be too idely circulated.
Seite 8 - The objective nature of the faith, the Athanasian Creed, the Baptismal Services, the Holy Eucharist, Absolution and the Priesthood, Church Government and Confirmation, are some of the more prominent subjects treated. And Mr. Sadler handles each with a marked degree of sound sense, and with a thorough mastery of his subject.
Seite 4 - If any one can guide us through the almost inextricable mazes of this labyrinth, it is Mr. Long. As a chronicler, he possesses all the requisite knowledge, and what is nearly, if not quite as important, the necessary caution. He never attempts to explain that which is hopelessly corrupt or obscure : he does not confound twilight with daylight ; he warns the reader repeatedly that he is standing on shaking ground ; he has no framework of theory into which he presses his facts.
Seite 19 - A capital book for a present. No child who is fortunate enough to possess it will be in a hurry to put it down, for it is a book of uncommon fascination. The story is good, the principles inculcated admirable, and some of the illustrations simply delicious.
Seite 11 - A Dictionary of Political, Constitutional, Statistical, and Forensic Knowledge ; forming a Work of Reference on subjects of Civil Administration, Political Economy, Finance, Commerce, Laws, and Social Relations. 4 vols.
Seite 20 - It is not often nowadays the privilege of a critic to grow enthusiastic over a new work ; and the rarity of the occasion that calls forth the delight is apt to lead one into the sin of hyperbole. And yet we think we shall not be accused of extravagance when we say that, without exception, " Mrs. Overtheway's Remembrances" is the most delightful work avowedly written for children that we have ever read.

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