The History of the Government of Denver: With Special Reference to Its Relations with Public Service Corporations

Fisher Book Company, 1911 - 322 Seiten

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Seite 271 - No county or city shall be allowed to become indebted for any purpose or in any manner to an amount which, including existing indebtedness, shall exceed ten per centum of the assessed valuation of the real estate of such county or city subject to taxation, as it appeared by the assessment rolls of said county or city on the last assessment for state or county taxes prior to the incurring of such indebtedness...
Seite 129 - The general assembly shall not delegate to any special commission, private corporation or association, any power to make, supervise, or interfere with any municipal improvement, money, property, or effects, whether held in trust or otherwise, or to levy taxes, or perform any municipal function whatever.
Seite 311 - ... may receive bequests, gifts, and donations of all kinds of property, in fee simple, or in trust for public, charitable or other purposes; and do all things and acts necessary to carry out the purposes of such gifts, bequests and donations, with power to manage, sell, lease or otherwise dispose of the same in accordance with the terms of the gift, bequest or trust...
Seite 92 - The legislature shall not delegate to any special commission, private corporation, or association any power to make, supervise, or interfere with any municipal improvement, money, property, or effects, whether held in trust or otherwise, to levy taxes, to select a capitol .site, or to perform any municipal functions.
Seite 247 - Even by constitutional amendment, the people cannot set apart any portion of the state in such manner that that portion of the state shall be freed from the Constitution, or delegate the making of constitutional amendments concerning It to a charter convention, or give to such charter convention the power to prescribe the jurisdiction and duties of public officers with respect to state government as distinguished from municipal or city government.
Seite 315 - In submitting any such charter, or amendment thereto, any alternative article or proposition may be presented for the choice of the voters, and may be voted on separately without prejudice to others.
Seite 231 - ... until a charter is finally approved by a majority of those voting thereon, and certified (together with the vote for and against) to the secretary of state as aforesaid, whereupon it shall become the charter of the said city and county of Denver and shall become the organic law thereof, and supersede any existing charters and amendments thereof.
Seite 316 - In such manner as the general school laws of the state shall provide, and until the first election under said laws of a full board of education, which shall be had at the first election held after the adoption of this amendment, all the directors of school district No. 1 and the respective presidents of the school boards of school districts Nos. 2, 7, 17 and 21 at the time this amendment takes effect, shall act as such board of education, and all districts or special charters now existing are hereby...
Seite 29 - Each House, except as otherwise provided in this Constitution, shall choose its own officers, may determine its own rules of proceeding, punish its members for disorderly conduct; and, with the concurrence of twothirds, expel a member...
Seite 226 - The general annexation and consolidation statutes of the state shall apply to the city and county of Denver to the same extent and in the same manner that they would apply to the city of Denver if it were not merged, as in this amendment provided, Into the city and county of Denver. Any contiguous town, city or territory hereafter annexed to or consolidated with the city and county of Denver, under any of the laws of this state, In whatsoever county the same may be at the time, shall be detached...

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