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Rev." JOHN BROWN, Cumberland Street Chapele.

London. .

Published by I. Chapman, 151 Fleet Stret, Der' 15. 1704


Evangelical Magazine,





CHRISTIAN BROTIER, TOU bave expressed to us vour defire of being em V ployed by the Missionary Society, to instruct the Heathen in the knowledge and service of God. The of.. -fice of Millionary is of great importance, and of great la.

bour, and calls especially for a heart much crucified to worldly expectations, and decply devoted to the promotion of the divine glory. It is our duty, in faithfulness to the interests of our Saviwur's kingdom, and to

our own soul alls, to recommend you to examine with great seriousness, what are your motives, what your qualitications, and what your expectations, in engaging in this work; for unlets vou are a&uated by right views, you may prove incompetent to its duties, faint under its difficulties, and thus bring dishonour on the name of Christ, and in¡ure his facred cause. Count then the cott, and estimate your strength, before you enter upon this warfare. Be not hafty in your determination, but when your resolution is deliberately formed, persevere therein, and be faithful unto death.-Khat then were your inducements to offer yours self to this work? Were your passions excited by the 10lennity of our public services, or the perusal of our addresses? Were you actuated by the conlideration, that the Qfice of a Miffionary confers upon you a distinction, and VOL. VII.


railes you above the level of common Christians? The heart, Brother, is deceitful; examine its secret workings, and beware left you should be under the influence of motives unfanctified in their nature, or insufficient to carry you through the conflicts to which you may be exposed. It is only a fincere, deep, and steady love to Chrift, and a desire to promote his kingdom among men, even at the hazard of your life, and by the facrifice of worldly ease and interest, that form the foundation of the true Missionary character, and can sustain you under its unknown trials and unforeseen difficulties. Consider, therefore, seriously, whether your motives are founded in the affections merely, or whether they have their seat also in the understanding. Unless they are the result of your deliberate judgment, they are not likely to be steady or permanent. Do you then desire to engage in this work, from a conviction that it is your duty to devote yourself therein to the service of God that it is the moft beneficial way of employing your exiftence? that it is your highest wisdom to be thus consecrated to luis glory? and that this is the most suitable expression of your gratitude to him, which you are capable of making for the inestimable blessings of redemption which he has freely imparted to you? If these are your views, there is great reason to hope that you will be supported in your labours, and made successful in your ministry.

Worecommend you also to consider how long it is fince the Nilionary work excited your attention. Is it but lately that you have formed the desire to engage in it? Then it would be proper to deliberate further upon it. Perhaps yeni inay be conscious of great fincerity, and of great fervour in your spirit, and may entertain no doubt of your stability ; but examine yourself, Brother; it is poflible you may be conftitutionally variable in your disposition, unftcady in your artcations, or uneasy in your present lot, and disposed to novelty.' In this case it would be desirable that a longer space pais away before you decide. Employ it in much prayer and self-examination. Contemplate the nature of the work, consider its facrifices, estimate its difficulties; and if, at the conclusion of that period, your mind should continue firmly fixed, and entirely devoted to the service of God among the Heathen, there will be great reafon to infer that it is the effect of a fuperior impulfe; that you are suitably disposed for this impor.


tant work, and may therefore hope for the divine benediction in it.

Examine also into the nature of your expectations in the discharge of the Missionary office. It is very necessary that your ideas, in this respect, should be well regulated, otherwise you might be liable to painful ditappointments, which would greatly discourage you, and perhaps induce you to withdraw from it, by which means you would not only involve yourself in deferved disgrace, but also be responsible for the injury which the lacred cause itself would sustain through your means.

What then are your expectations in respect to success? You may, probably, have felt so powerfully the imprellion of the Gospel on your own heart, and have seen its influence also around you in so great a degree, as to lead you to conceive that, as soon as its glad tidings are made known to the Heathen, they will embrace the welcome message, and turn from their dumb idols to the service of the living God. Your imagination may have represented to you great and wonderful effects attending your ministry, iniracles of converting grace accompanying your evangelical progress. Churches formed in different districts, and Hosannals resounding in every direction. It is doubtless the province of liin, with whom is the residue of the Spirit, to determine the measure of your success. If it Mould prove abundant, we thall partake of your joy; and it is not for us to limit the Holy One of Israel. Nevertheless, Brother, this has not been the usual mode of the divine procedure since the firtt ages of the Christian Church. You will most likely have to wait long for the precious fruits of your spiritual husbandry. The Millionaries from the United Brethren laboured in Greenland with unwearied perseverance for about seven years before the least cffcct was apparent: against hope they believed in hope ; being strong in faith they gave glory to God; and when their patience had had its perfect work, the season. of refreihing from the presence of the Lord arrived, the power of the crois was felt in the hearts of many finners, and Christian Churches were formed, whose faith and purity have long been a praile throughout the earth. Arm yourselves, therefore, with the fame mind. Do not expose yourself to discouragement, by premature expectations.-The low siate of intellect in which you will find the Hcathen, thic indifference and stupidity which they discover


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