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many, grounded upon your example, and perhaps the difficulties, thich are here greater than in England, will in the end be not found infur. mountable. As for other exertions in Germany, you are sufficiently acquainted with those focieties, who have their centre of communication in Bani. Though their connections are in some manner separate from ours, yet the spirit of cordial union gets every day more footing ; and your fc. ciety is grcatly instrumental to pronore it, we having published your transactions in our printing office, and they coming to a resolution, to for. ward their circulation throughout all branches of iheir connection.

A valuable letter from the Union of Chrifians at Bedford rothe Ministers' Conference was unfortunately received much too late, not only to be read in the conference, but also to be inserted into the minutes; it muft therefore bę reserved for the next meeting

Brethren, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit, Amen. We salute you in the tenderest manner,

1.; a's your inost affectionate friends and servants

in Geipel bonds,

and in their names,


34 II

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MISSIONARY SOCIETY Collections received by the Treasurer from the 25th October to November

20it, 1799. :' . Riv. Mr. Lavington and Congregation, Bideford, Devon.

mire Collections at Kilsby and Crick, hy Rev. Mr. Moseley, of : Long Buckley, Northamptonshire ..

57 % Collection by the friends of the Missionary Work at Inverness,

North Britain, hy $. Frazer
Rev. Henry Field and Congregation, Blandford -
Contributions at Sleaford, Lincolnthire, by Rev. Mr.

- Rev. Mr. Weaver and Congregation, Swan Hill, Shrewsbury 31 10 A few friends to the Gospel at Ealing, Middlelex - 0 16 4 Collection at the Buigher Meeting House, Montrose, North Britain, Rev. Nir. King

- 7 16 Colledion at the New Meeting, Buckingham, by Rev. Mr. • Greatheert

- 24 18 o Gundry friends at Greenock, North Britain, by Mr. Alexander

Laird - - - - - so o o Friends and Brethren at Eiberfelde in Germany

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Strood, 14th November, 1799. A numerous and respectable body of Minillers, and private Christians, having, agreeable to public rotice, alitibled at Fevertham, on Tuesday,


O&tober 12th, the following subject was fully and amicably discussed, and the resolutions moved, and carried.

ift. It is very degrable, and deemed practicable, that fix or more proper persons, married or unmarried, receive an English education for the Gospel Ministry, under the patronage of Robert Haldane, Esq.; the Trustees of the late J. Simmons, Elg.; the East and Welt Kont Affociations; and all the friends of evangelical truth, who may be disposed to support so important an institution.

20. That a Committee of the following members be appointed to exa. mine, and adinit candidates who may be defirous of devoting themselves to the work of the ministry, and of obtaining instructions to that end : Rev. Messrs. R. Hill, London; Townlend, Ramsgate ; Arwood, Folkitone

Leggett, Burwash; Fowler, Sheerness; Ralph, Maidstone; Koott, Chata · ham; Biekerdyke, Woolwich; Gore, Sandwich; Giles, Athorn; Slac

terie, Chatham. Messrs. Fenner, Canterbury ; Burn, Strood; Conquift, Chatham; Shrubsole, London ; Rout, Deptford, Dyer, Greenwich; Beeching, Maidstone ; Jones, Chathan; Bihop, Sheerness; V. Ladd, Mungern; five of whom thail conltiute a quorum,

3. As the principal defign of such fem nary is to prepare persons for itinerant labours, all who are admitted as Itudents thall be under the direction of the Committee; shall engage in religious exercises in the neighbouring towns and villages, and occasionally fupply neighbouring churches, during the time of their education ; and engage to itinerate for one year, after the expiration of that time, if required by the Coinmittee.

ath. Student's education shall continue one year, but if the Committee A:ll think proper, it may continue lix months longer, if the funds will admit of it, but not to exceed eighteen months in the whole.

sth. The Committee Mall allow every student, out of the funds of the Society, what they think proper per annum, to support himself; but not to exceed gol.

bin. The students fall be instructed in English grammar, logic, divi. nity, and ecclefiaftical history. They all have the use of all necessary books gratis, on thele subjects, during ihe time of their education.

7th. A suitable tutor or tutors shall be appointed by the Committee, to instrue) the students in the knowledge of these important tuhjets. He or they shall be at liberty to purchase proper book, and make all needful regulations, in conjunction with the Committee, who shall allo allow what they chink proper for his or their services.

8th. That no person be admitted as a student unless recommended by the Church with which he is connected, as a real Christian, or orihodox in his principles, consistent in his moral conduct, and possessing promising gifts for the ministry.

oth. That Mr. Ferner, Brewer, of C interbury, be appointed Treasurer, and Lieut. Col. Burn, Rocheller, Secretary to the Society, to whom all person's desirous of being admitted as studenis, may apply.

both. That the Committee be requested to meet at Chatham, on Wed. nesday the 13th November, to carry the above resolutions into further effect.

This Commitree met at the time and place appointed, the Rev. G. Townsend in the chair, and unanimously passed (arter tull and friendly ditcussion) the following refolutions.

ift. That no more than two students thall be educated at one place.

2d. That the Rev. G. Townsend, of Ramsgate, the Rev. Mr. B ckerdyke, of Woolwich, and the Rey. Mr. Slatterie, of Chatham, be appointed


tutors, to superintend the education of the fix candidates proposed for the itinerant ministry; each tutor having two pupils under his care,

311. These three Ministers having accepted this important charge, and generously offered their services without fee or reward, the Committee de. fer making them any grateful acknowledgement till the clofe of their refpective students tuition.

4th. When a student offers himself for admiffion, that he be referred for examination to the tutor under whom he is to be instructed, who is to call so his allistance four members of the Committee in his neighbourhood, or as many Ministers, or other persons of experience and piery, as may make up that inumber, who Mall be competent to decide upon the eligibility of the admiftion of such candidate to probation.

sth. The time of probation of students to be two months. If at the close of that period, the tulor hould not approve of them, the same persons who fat on their examinarion, fall be empowered to reject them. ... 6th. The Committee of examinaiion to consult with each candidate what fum will be sufficient for his annual support, not going beyond zol.; and to acquaint the Secretary what each of them is allowed.

sth. That no money be paid by the Treasurer, out of the funds of the Society, unless authorized by one of the tutors, or any three of the Com. mittee, whose authority Mall be considered as a sufficient voucher for his dimbursement. . 8.8th.. That a circular letter be drawn up by the Rev. Richard Legget, printed, and sent to ali the Ministers in the East and Welt Kent Affocia. tions, earnestly requesting thein to look around, among the members of their respective churches, for proper cardidates for instruction in the gospel ministry, and to be active in procuring what pecuniary aid they poslibly can, towards the support and enlargement of fo laudable and important an institution.

gth. A general meeting of the Committee will be held at Chatham (God willing), on the second Wednesday in julle next.

The greatest harmony and love has uniformly fubfilted among the Mi. pilters of different dienominations, who have diligently attended these seve ral meetings; while the blefled presence of their divine Matter has been evidently felt in inspiring them with uncommon zeal for the display of his glory, and the extention of his kingdom upon earth.

Any pecuniary allistance to this important undertaking will be thankfully received by the Treasurer or Secretary, the members of the Com. mittee, or any of the Ministers in the Kent Associations.


ORDINATION. ON Wedneslay, 238 O&ober, the Rev. Edmund Denham was ordained over the Church, in Lock's Fields, Walworth. The Rev. Mr. Ford, of Stepney, begun the fervice of the day with prayer, and reading suitable portions of scripture. Rev. Mr. Townsend, of Rotherhithe, preached the introduciory dilcourse, and asked the questions. Rev. Mr. Steven, of Crown Court, engaged in the ordination prayer. Dr. Hunter gave the charge, from Matt. x, 16. Rev. Mr. Humphrics prayed, Rev. Mr. Nicol preached to the people, from Il. lii. 7. Rev. Mr. Brooksbank con. cluded. Rev. Mr. Barker, of Deptford, gave out the hymns. The service was conducted with peculiar folemnity, and the great Head of the Church vouchsafed his presence in the midst of his people,


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There, there, are no prisons to hold,

Its captive from tatting delight! . Written by tbe late Rev. Sam. PeARCE.

| There, there, the day never is clos'd, on being prevented by illness fion attend

With shadows, or darkness, or night. ing public worship. THE Fabric of Nature is fair,

There myriads and myriads Thall meet,

In our Saviour's high praises to join, But fairer the Temple of Grace ; To laints 'cis the joy of the earth,

Transported they fall at his feet,

And extol the redemption divine. The most glorious and beautiful place.

Enough then my heart shall no more To this Temple I once did resort,

Orics present bereavements complain, With crouds of the people of God;

Since e'er long I to heav'n fhall foar, Enraptur'd we enter'd its court, And hail'd the Redeemer's abode.

And ceaseless enjoyments atlain. The Father of mercies we prais’d,

LINES And proftrated low at his throne; Composed on reading three Letters from The Saviour we lov'd and ador'd,

CAPTAIN ROBSON, relative to ibe capWho lov'd us and made us his own. ture of the Sbip Duff Full oft to the message of peace,

LIFT up your hearts, your voices raise, To finners addrets'd from the sky,

Chidren of Zion fing, extolling chat grace,

The Lord maintains his faithfulness, Which fet us (once Rebels) on high. And reigns th' eternal king. Faitb, clave to the crucify'd Lamb, Tho'clouds o'erspread his dwelling-place, Hope, smiling exalted its head,

And hide his trackless ways, Love, warm'd at the Saviour's dear mame, Yet he appears a God of Grace, And vow'd to observe what he said.

And merits ceaseless praise. Each brother and fifter around,

He lits a sov'reign on his throne, Now fill'd with affection divine,

And whilft his awful will Rejuic'd at the mutual delight;

Controuls the creatures he has made, And seem'd on each other to shine. His saints are near him ftill. Sweet moments! if aught upon earth On native thores, or foreign lands, Resembles the joys of the skies,

His eye their wants surveys ;
It is when the hearts of the Aock, And with a tender parent's love,

Conjoin'd to che Shepherd, arise ! Supplies them various ways.
But ah ! these sweet moments are fled, He oft times leads his chosen tribes
· Pale fickness compels me to stay, By ways they do not know,
Where no voice of the turtle is heard, And to fulfil his own decrees,

As the moments are hatting away. Does oft their plans o’erthrow.
My God! thou art holy and good, And thus he puts their love to test,

Thy plans are all righrcous and wisc, Their itrength of faith he tries, O! help rue submissive to wait,

Calls forth their patience, makes them own, 'Till obou biddeft thy servant arise. That He alone is wise. If to follow Thee here in thy courts, What kindness have our Brethrer proy'd,

May it be with an ardor and zeal ; From men of different tongues ! With success and increasing delight, Our Sisters dear--for whom we mourn'd,

Perforining the whole of thy will. Kept and preserv'd from wrongs. Or should'st thou in bondage derain, Ev'n focs prove friendly, when the Lord To visit thy Temples no rnore,

Has servants to protect; O ripen for worlbip above,

| Then let us follow where he leads, Where I fall for ever adore !

And fit supplies expect.
Where Jesus, the fun of the place, Afturd he'll not defert the cause,
Refulgent incelantiy shines;

Mark'd with his signature;
Eternally blessing his lain's,

His foes muft perish--but his crown, And pouring delight on their minds. I Shall over a.crc endure. AN


Shall heave and now," as ofc recurring Torbe Memory of tbe late Rev. CHRISTO- 'thought,

PHER MENDS, of Plymoutb. Recalls to view the rape attentive SOFT blows the breeze along the dimp- Hanging all cager on the truths full

Chrong, ling lake,

frausht, The woodlands send a gentle murmur.

Faft falling from thine eloquentia? ing found,

tongue. And dimly shadowing o'er yon eastern brake

The filver sounding cadence of thy voice, The moon begins her periodic round. Would cbarm the aged, and allure the I now will walk where contemplation fills

young ;

Woulde'en perfuade the wretched to rejoice, Sublime, the solemn mazes of the grove, Where thought immortal o'er the mem'ry

And torn the hursting high into a fong. thrills,

When the last trump fhall rouse the flecpAnd lifts the soul to nobler themes above. ing dead,

And call each widespread atom to its own; To themes of bliss, where round the star

When the dread blaft fhall fill each soul pav'd chione,

with dread, The blood-bought high cxulting favor'd

That stretched his arm againft Jehovah's throng, With joys extatic, infinite, unknown,

throne; Sweep the rape lyie, or pour the silver | Then shall a numerous throng look back fooz!

to see, And now emerging from the mortal croud,

With raptur'd gratitude the pleasing

hour, Imk thcu, NENDS! I trace thy airy When by the words they arft were taught fi ht!

to flee The hour that tade thee leave this drear

e leave this drear] From death, from fin, and Hell's tyrana bude, Op'd chce the portals of immortal light.

nic power. Call'd:rom thy , bere otureness below,

For, aided by a bleft Redemer's hand, Wo bail thee, now cicaped to yonder

Full many taught by thee, have chang'

their road, clime,

Chang'à the wide downward track, the Far from the reach of pain, the touch

beaten ftrand,

For che strait path that leads to Heav'n Beyond the irjuries of short-liv'd time

and God. Nor weep 1, that tair Spirit from this bail A war immortal is the arduous ftrife,

Far ti jwthou foar'it where thy Re- Twixt raging luits, and grace's Difics . dcemer reigos;

spark; Nor weepi, that thy God from us did call |

" How narrow is the path to endless life! Tl'immortal Spirit to its native plains.

How few press forward to the heav’nly. Go mix with angel hongs, go bask in joy, mark!

Exult with serap s, and with them adore; | How hard they climb who climb to Selfith we would not grudge the blcit

rcach the fkies! cm;oy,

How hard the chace that feizes on the But it thy loss we may-wc mult!

goal! depio.e.

| Who on the future fix their longing eyes, For oft as mcm'ry calls to mind the past, Dare, the unseen, and foar beyond this When from thy lips truth all sublimely | pole! stole;

| But safe from Time's rouch waves we To soothe the faints, orelle with Zion's blatt!

hail thee now, T'alarm the carelels-roule the torpid Far, far escaped from his wave-word roul.

thore, The Ggh that steals from boroms fraught To scenes of bliss, where joys unwithering with grief,

grow, Winen derpeit forrow's wound with And the harsh voice of . fia is hcard na poignant (mart,

The peariy rear, that glides to give relier
Torhe full anguith of a loaded heart,

Priated by T. Gillet, Salitbury-Square,

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