The Magic of Kindness, Or, The Wondrous Story of the Good Huan

Darton and Company, 1849 - 296 Seiten

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Seite 114 - They ought to be put to death according to the Law of God, the civili and imperial law, and the municipal! law of all Christian nations.
Seite 200 - One great advantage of the Christian religion is that it brings the great principle of the law of nature and nations — Love your neighbor as yourself, and do to others as you would that others should do to you, — to the knowledge, belief, and veneration of the whole people.
Seite 123 - If they sank, their friends and relatives had the poor consolation of knowing they were innocent, but there was an end of them: if they floated, which, when laid carefully on the water was...
Seite 103 - It may please your Grace to understand that witches and sorcerers, within these last four years, are marvellously increased within this your Grace's realm. Your Grace's subjects pine away even unto the death; their colour fadeth — their flesh rotteth — their speech is benumbed— their senses are bereft! I pray God they may never practise further than upon the subject!
Seite 115 - He says also, that the crime is so abominable, that it may be proved by evidence which would not be received against any other offenders, — young children, who knew not the nature of an oath, and persons of an infamous character, being sufficient witnesses against them; but lest the innocent should be accused of a crime so difficult to be acquitted of, he recommends that in all cases the ordeal should be resorted to. He says, "Two good helps may be used: the one is, the finding of their mark, and...
Seite 230 - O God, tell the winds about them, that they may not blow fiercely upon them ; command the ocean concerning them, that it may not swallow them up ; conduct them in safety to their far distant country, and give them a happy meeting with their relatives, and then conduct them back again to us: but should we never meet again around the table of the Lord below, may we all meet around the throne of glory above.
Seite 198 - ... struck his head with a stone, killed him, and, having put him into a large basket made of cocoa-nut leaves, sent him to Pomare. When his mother bewailed the death of her child, and charged him with cruelty for killing his brother, he abused her, and said, "Is not the favour of the gods, the pleasure of the king, and the security of our possessions, worth more than that little fool of a brother ? Better lose him than the government of our district! " How affectingly correct is the scriptural representation...
Seite 147 - I take it wholly upon myself — my blood be upon my own head ; and as I must make answer to the God of heaven presently, I declare I am as free of witchcraft as any child. But being...
Seite 104 - ... it may please your grace to understand that this kind of people (I mean witches and sorcerers) within these few last years are marvellously increased within this your grace's realm. These eyes have seen most evident and manifest marks of their wickedness. Your grace's subjects pine away even unto the death, their colour fadeth, their flesh rotteth, their speech is benumbed, their senses are bereft.

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