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Monday, January 2, 1837. This being the day fixed by the twenty-first section and fourth article of the constitution of this state, for the meeting of the legislature, the following members appeared, and after being duly qualified took their seats :

From the county of Wayne-Charles W. Whipple, William Munger, Job Smith, John Martin, Ammon Brown, N. P. Thayer, Caleb Herrington, George W. Ferrington.

From the county of WashtenawOrrin Howe, Oliver Kellogg, Gilbert Shattuck, Thomas Lee, Kingsley S. Bingham, James Kingsley, Robert Purdy,

From the county of Monroe—Alpheus Felch, Warner Wing, Thomas Farrington.

From the county of OaklandWilliam Burbank, William Yerkes, Pitts Phillips, H. Haskins, George W. Wisner.

From the county of Lenawee—Orange Butler, A. Finch, jr., Jesse Ballard, Alonzo Cressy.

From the county of MacombEphraim Calkin, Isaac Monfore, L. S. Gilbert.

From the county of St. Joseph-Neal McGaffey, Martin G. Shellhouse.

From the county of Cass-William Burke, James Odell.

From the county of Kalamazoo_Caleb Eldred, Edwin H. Lothrop.

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