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Abraham. O father Abraham, what these christians are

A. S. P. C. L.

M. W. of Wind.13 49130

M. Ado ab. Noth.

Sweet peace conduct his sweet foul to the bofom of good old Abraham
The fons of Edward sleep in Abraham's bofom

Abram. D. P.

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Abridge. Staying will abridge thy life

2 140 2 7

Hamlet. 2 21016211

2 Henry iv. 3 2 491220
Mer. of Ven.
Richard ii.
Richard iii.

Abridged. So we are Cæfar's friends, that have abridg'd his time of fearing death

Abridgment. What abridgment have you for this evening
This fierce abridgment hath to it circumstantial branches, which distinction fhould

be rich in

Look where my abridgment comes
Abroach. Alack, what mischief might he fet abroach, in shadow of such greatness

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The fecret mifchief that I set abroach, I lay unto the grievous charge of others

- Who fet this ancient quarrel new abroach

Abrogate. So it fhall please you to abrogate fcurrility
Abrook. Ill can thy noble mind abrook the abject people gazing in thy face 2 Henry vi. 2
Abruption. What makes this pretty abruption
Abfence. I will not be abfence at the grace

3 201 246 4 I 432212

4 3

6591 8

Romeo and Juliet.
2 Gent. of Ver.3 1


35 214

[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

Troi. and Creff32
M. W. of Wind. I I
Ibid. 2 2
Macbeth. 3

Her husband would be abfence from his houfe
- His abfence, fir, lays blame upon his promise
Abfent. An abfent argument of my revenge
Abfolved. Whilst your great goodness out of holy pity abfolv'd him with an axe

Abfolute. Be absolute for death; either death or life fhall thereby be the sweeter

Moft abfolute fir

I am abfolute, 'twas very


How abfolute the knave is

An abfolute gentleman

Cor. 45 729 225

Cymbeline 4 2 915241
Hamlet. 5 11034 245

Ibid. 5 210382 6

- He needs will be abfolute Milan

· Abftinence. Firm abstinence

engenders maladies

This little abftract doth contain that large which dy'd in Geffrey

You shall find there a man who is the abftract of all faults that all men follow

[blocks in formation]

Abfurd. To conquer their abfurd intents

Abfyrtus. Into as many goblets will I cut it, as wild Medea, young

Abundant fcarce

Abuse. Do not abuse me

This is a ftrange abufe

Lend him your kind pains to find out this abuse

I fhall drive you then to confefs the wilful abufe

In thine own perfon answer thy abufe

- Did I let pafs the abufe done to my niece

- To abufe Othello's ear, that he is too familiar with his wife

Remove your thought, it doth abuse your bofom

That there be women do abuse their husbands in fuch grofs kind

391 211

[blocks in formation]

Abufed. Though all the world could fee, none could be fo abus'd in fight as he

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Abafed. I am mightily abus'd

- Thy face is much abus'd with tears

her delicate mouth with drugs or minerals that weaken motion

- 'Tis better to be much abus'd, than but to know 't a little

- The Moor's abus'd by fome mosft villainous knave

A. S. P. C. L.
Lear. 4 7 96c|2| 8

Romeo and Juliet. 4 1 990112
Othello. 1 2 1046222
Ibid. 3 31063145-
Ibid. 4 21071249

Abafes. If these be good people in a common weal, that do nothing but use their abuses

[blocks in formation]

Meaf. for Meaf2 1 8c29

I Hen. iv. 2 444211
Ibid 4 3 466|2|44
Othello. 3 31061|1|14|

Abufing. Here will be an old abufing of God's patience, and the King's English

Abutting. Whofe high upreared and abutting fronts, the perilous narrow ocean parts afunder

[ocr errors]

Aby. Left, to thy peril, thou aby it dear

-If thou dost intend the leaft fhew of love to her, thou shalt aby it
Abafm of time

M. W. of Wind.1 4

50 9

Henry v.1cb.
Mid. Night Dr 3 2
Ibid. 3 2
Tempeft 2

[blocks in formation]

Academes. They are the ground, the book, the academes
Accent. Throttle their practis'd accent in their fears

Love's Labour Left. 4 3
Mid. Night Dr.51

1632 19 1931 26

Your accent is fomething finer than you could purchase in fo removed a dwelling

[blocks in formation]
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- And with an accent tun'd in self fame key, returns to chiding fortune Troi. and Creff. - If but as well I other accents borrow, that can my speech diffute

- He that beguiled you in a plain accent, was a plain knave

- Thefe new tuners of accent!

A cept. If you accept them, then their worth is great

Accepted. In most accepted pain

Acceffible is none but Milford way

Accidents happened

[blocks in formation]


Ibid. 2 2 941|2|24

Romeo and Juliet. 2 4 978212 Tam. of the Shrew. 2 1 26113 Troi. and Cref33 8751 Cymbeline 3 2 98112 Tempeft 51


Ibid. 5 1


[blocks in formation]

But as the unthought-on accident is guilty to what we wildly do
Prizes of accident as oft as merit

Aceite. We will accite, as I before remember'd, all our state
Accited. He by the fenate is accited home

Accites. And what accites your most worshipful thought to think fo
Accommodated. A good foldier is better accommodated than with a wife
Accomplished. In fuch a habit, that they shall think we are accomplished

Accomplishing the knights

with what we Mer. of Venice. 3 4 213215 Henry v. 4. 5271


Accompliment. Turning the accomplishment of many years into an hour glass Henry v.1ch. 509 214 Accord. For your fathers remembrance, be at accord

You to his love muft accord, or have a woman to your lord
You must buy that peace with full accord to all our just demands
How can I grace my talk, wanting a hand to give it that accord
Jove's accord, nothing fo full of heart

As You Like It. 112241 24 Ibid. 5 4 249151 Henry v.5 5382 43 Titus Andron. 52 852110 Troilus and Crefida. 1 3 863253 Hamlet. I 21002236 2 124217

This gentle and unforc'd accord of Hamlet fits fmiling to my heart Accordant. If he found her accordant

Much Ado About Nothing.

According. Within her scope of choice lies my confent, and fair according voice

[blocks in formation]

Accordingly. He is very great in knowledge, and accordingly valiant
Accords. [Husbands] Are mafters to their females and their Lords: Then let your
will attend on their accords

Accoft. Good mistress Accost, I defire better acquaintance

- is, front her, board her, woo her, affail her

Account. To make account of her life

Claudio fhall render me a dear account

Comedy of Errors. 2
Twelfth Night.1 3309113
Ibid. 1 3 309117
Much Ado About Nothing. 2 I 1261 8
Ibid. 4 140132

-That to ftand high in your account, I might in virtues, beauties, livings, friends, exceed account:

-Sir, their speed hath been beyond account

Merchant of Venice. 3 2 211129
Winter's Tale. 2 3 343 234

-The princes both make high account of you, for they account his head upon the bridge

Richard iii. 3 2 650256

-When he shall come to his account, he knows not what I can urge against him. Cor.[4] 6

732220 Account

Account. And about his shelves a beggarly account of empty boxes

[ocr errors]

- No reckoning made, but sent to my account with all my imperfections on my head

Accountant. Peradventure I stand accountant for as great a fin
Accurf. I am accurft to rob in that thief's company
Accufation. Be thou conftant in the accufation

1 Henry iv. 2 2

A. S. P. C. L.

Romeo and Juliet 15| 1| 994|1|39

Hamlet 51007213
Othello. 2

4491 36

Much Ado About Nothing. 2 2

129 127

Henry viii 3 1 2 Henry vi. 31

6871 3 584250

Winter's Tale. 2 3
2 Henry vi. 13

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

We come, not by the way of accufation, to taint that honour every good tongue
Accufe. By falfe accufe doth level at my life
Accus'd. For as he has been publickly accus'd, so shall she have a just and open trial

Accufer. My accufer is my prentice
Accufing. That he had received a thousand ducats from Don John, for accufing the Lady
Hero wrongfully

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Much Ado About Nothing.

Macbeth. 35 3771 8

I'll dive into the burning lake below, and pull her out of Acheron by the heels

Titus Andronicus.43 848160

The starry welk in cover thou anon with drooping fog as black as Acheron

Midfummer Night's Dream. 3 2 188150 Aches contract and starve your fupple joints!— Timon of Athens. 1 1 806 142 Smells fo fweet, that the sense aches at thee Othello. 21071116 Achiever. A victory is twice itself, when the achiever brings home full numbers Much Ado About Nothing. Troilus and Creffida.

Achilles. D. P.

and cure

- a drayman, a porter, a very camel Achitophel. A whorefon Achitophel


1 121113 857

Whofe fmile and frown, like to Achilles' spear, is able with the change to kill

[blocks in formation]

Aconitum. Shall never leak, though it do work as strong as aconitum, or rash gunpowder

[blocks in formation]

Mid. Night's Dream.
As You Like It.
M. Wives of Wind.
Taming of the Shrew.
Twelfth Night.


I 255139 2 308 123 71031138 17115 19257



Merry Wives of Wind.
Meaf for Meaf

Is wicked meaning in a lawful deed, and lawful meaning in a lawful act: where both not fin, and yet a finful fact

So fhould I be a great deal of his act

It shall become thee well to act my woes

That all your acts are queens

All's Well.



60 3 3 37835


3 29753 Twelfth Night 4 31047 Winter's Tale.

The dignity of this act was worth the audience of kings and princes; for by fuch was it acted

The tyrannous and bloody act is done


Ibid. 2 360 228 Richard iii. 4 3 658225 Hamlet. 11033144

And an act hath three branches; it is, to act, to do, and to perform :At of darkness. Serv'd the luft of my mistress's heart, and did the act of darknets with her

[blocks in formation]

Act of Sport. When the blood is made dull with the act of sport
Actaon. Prevent, or go thou, like Sir Actaon he, with Ringwood at thy heels
Merry Wives of Windfor. 2
Divulge Page himself for a fecure and wilful Actaon
Thy temples should be planted presently with horns, as was Acteon's
Titus Andronicus. 2 3 838218
Aled. How many ages hence, fhall this our lofty scene be acted over in ftates unborn,
and accents yet unknown
Acting. Or that the refolute acting of your blood


Julius Cafar.3 1 7531 32
Meafure for Meafure. 2
If he took you a box o' the ear, you might have your action of flander too lbid.

[blocks in formation]

Atien. When you went onward to this ended action

A. S. P. C. L. 1| 124|1|29

Much Ado About Notb.)

— I'll bring my action on the proudest he that stops my way in Padua

I'll have an action of battery against him
This action I now go on, is for my better grace

Taming of the Sbrew.
Twelfth Night. 4
Winter's Tale.

Start not; her actions fhall be holy, as, you hear, my fpell is lawful
Who hath read, or heard of any kindred action like to this


[blocks in formation]

King John. 4 400 139

-To give us warrant from the hand of Heaven; and on our actions fet the name of right, with holy breath

There is not a dangerous action can peep out his head, but I am thrust upon it

Have you enter'd your action?

The wearing out of fix fashions which is four terms, or two actions
So may a thousand actions, once a foot, end in one purpose

In such business action is eloquence, and the eyes of the ignorant more
their ears

[ocr errors]

But his whole action grows not in the power on 't

Cheeks and disasters grow in the veins of actions highest rear'd
Sith every action that hath gone before, whereof we have record, trial
and thwart

As if the paffage and whole carriage of this action rode on his tide
If you will make it an action, call witness to 't

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[blocks in formation]

learned than

Coriolanus. 3 2
Ant. and Cleop. 3 7
Troi. and Greff.
did draw, bias,

723 231


786 117 861 245

Ibid. 1 3 861252

Ibid. 2 3 869 |2|39 Cymbeline. 2 3 904121

If fuch actions fhall have passage free, bond-slaves and pagans shall our statesmen be

Yea, though our proper fon flood in your action
They have us'd their dearest action in the tented field

[blocks in formation]

Acter. Bring us but to this fight, and you shall say I'll prove a busy actor in their play

A fhewing of a heavenly effect in an earthly actor

As if the tragedy were play'd in jeft by counterfeiting actors
Like a dull actor now, I have forgot my part, and am out

As You Like It. 3 4
All's Well. 2 3

240 120 286 112 3 Henry vi. 2 3 613210 Coriolanus. 53 735160

— But bear it as our Roman actors do, with untir'd spirits, and formal conftancy

Then came each actor on his afs

Atute. The gift is good in those in whom it is acute; and I am thankful

Julius Cafar. 2 17491 8 Hamlet. 2 21014147 for it Love's Labour Loft. 4 2 1592 All's Well. 279151 Ant. and Cleop. 3 6 785112 Com of Errors. 4 3 114153 kept the prifon Ibid. 4 3 114157 Much Ado about Nothing. 1 1123251 Ibid. 2 I 12619

Acutely. I am fo full of businesses, as I cannot answer thee acutely
Adallas. The Thracian king, Adallas

Adam. Have you got the picture of old Adam new apparell'd

[blocks in formation]

-Though she were endowed with all that Adam had left him before he tranfgrefs'd

-Had he been Adam, he had tempted Eve

[blocks in formation]

Adam's profeffion. Gardeners, ditchers, and grave-makers; they hold up Adam's pro

[blocks in formation]

And haft thou kill'd him fleeping? Brave touch! Could not a worm, an adder, do fo much? An adder did it; for with doubler tongue than thine, thou ferpent, never adder stung

Midf. Night's Dream. 3 2 185 236 - Is the adder better than the eel, because his painted skin contents the eye?

[merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small]

A. S. P. C. L.

Adder. And when they from thy bofom pluck a flower, guard it, I pray thee, with al lurking adder

[ocr errors]

What, art thou, like the adder, waxen deaf? be poisonous too
Whose tongue more poifons than the adder's tooth

It is the bright day, that brings forth the adder


[ocr errors]

As an adder, when the doth unroll to do fome fatal execution
For pleasure and revenge, have ears more deaf than adders to the

Each jealous of the other, as the ftung are of the adder

[ocr errors]

Richard ii. 3 2 Henry vi. 3 3 Henry vi

2 4262 28 2587 2 21

[blocks in formation]

4 608 39


838 49

[blocks in formation]

voice of any true Troilus and Creffida. 2

And my two school-fellows,-whom I will trust, as I will adder's fang'd Adder's fork.

Adders' beads and toads carbonado'd

Addiction. Each man to what sport and revels his addiction leads him
Addition. Where great addition swells, and virtue none, it is a dropfied

Lear. 51 961 2 49
Hamlet. 3 41025 2 37
Macbeth.41 3781 3

Winter's Tale. 4 3 352 135
Othello. 2 2 1054|2|24


titled Goddess and worth it with addition
This man, lady, hath robb'd many beasts of their particular additions

Troil. and Creffid. 1 - I came to kill thee, coufin, and bear hence a great addition earned in thy death

All's Well. 2

[blocks in formation]

All's Well. 4

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

One I will beat into clamorous whining, if thou deny'st the least syllable of thy addition

[ocr errors][ocr errors]

Lear. 2 2
Hamlet. 1
Othello. 4

They clepe us drunkards, and with swinish phrase foil our addition
The worfer, that you give me the addition whose want even kills me
Addle. He efteems her no more than I esteem an addle egg
Yet thy head hath been beaten as addle as an egg, for quarrelling
Addrefs. I will then addrefs me to my appointment
Merry Wives of Windfor. 3
Do you think he will make no deed of all this, that so seriously he doth addrefs
himself unto

[blocks in formation]



All's Well. 3 6 294151

It lifted up its head, and did address itself to motion, like as it would speak Ham. Addrefs'd. Were all addrefs'd to meet you

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2 Henry vi. 5


601 220 21003235

Love's Labor Loft 2

[ocr errors]


As You Like It. 5

[blocks in formation]

Macbeth. 2

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Mid. Night's Dream. 5 1

1931 38

[blocks in formation]

Adhere. Nor time nor place did then adhere

Merchant of Venice. 2 9

Julius Cæfar.31

Macbeth. 736829

Labor Loft. 4 3 163230

Though that my death were adjunct to my act, by heaven I would do it
Admiral. Thou art our admiral, thou beareft the lanthorn in the poop
Admiration. Let us bury him, and not protract with admiration what is now due debt


K. John. 3
I Henry iv. 3

3 399 2 57


461 248

[blocks in formation]

This admiration is much o' the favour of other your new pranks
Admired. Broke the good meeting with moft admir'd diforder
Admiringly. The king very lately spoke of him admiringly, and mourningly

Lear.1 4937 Macbeth. 3 4 376154

[blocks in formation]

Admittance. You are a gentleman of excellent breeding, admirable difcourse, of great
Merry Wives of Wind for. 2 2 56114
Ibid. 3 3 60210

Titus Andronicus.1 2833238
Richard ii. 2 I 421 4

- The Ship-tire, the tire volant, or any other tire of Venetian admittance
Admits. The people will accept whom he admits
Admonition. Dar'ft with thy frozen admonition, make pale our cheek
Ado. Let's follow, to fee the end of this ado

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1275118 2 34118

[blocks in formation]

Henry v.41529222 Cymbelines 3 908120


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