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Mr. JONAS. That is the reason you need an especially designed camp which would be constructed in the nature, say, of a prisoner stockade?

Admiral JOHNSON. Stockade, towers. It is a 5-day course. send about 36 men each 5 days. It operates around the year.


Mr. JONAS. I do not wish to usurp the chairman's time, but while I have the floor I will ask another question. Will this complete the construction program at the camp, or will you be in for something else next year?

Admiral JOHNSON. This is the only requirement.

Mr. JONAS. How do you get this land for a dollar an acre?

Admiral JOHNSON. I believe I made a misstatement, sir. I understood it was a dollar a year, but Mr. Tiencken, who is more familiar with the details, says it is $2,000.

Mr. TIENCKEN. $2,000 a year for the campsite plus the use of this lumber company's 19,000 acres of land.

Mr. JONAS. That is not much more than a dollar an acre.

Mr. TIENCKEN. Per acre, yes.

Mr. JONAS. It is a dollar per acre a year.

Admiral SYLVESTER. Ten cents an acre, sir.

Mr. JONAS. How do you get it that reasonably, which is surprising to me. It is privately owned land, is it not?

Mr. TIENCKEN. It is not an exclusive use. The timber company is in the process of growing timber for commercial purposes. We are permitted to go through the area at will, plus the use of this campsite. Mr. JONAS. These improvements there will not enhance the value of the land and make negotiations for renewal of the lease more difficult at the end of 5 years?

Mr. TIENCKEN. No, sir.

Mr. JONAS. You do not think so.

Mr. SHEPPARD. How long a lease did you negotiate?

Mr. TIENCKEN. Five years. The indications are that the company will extend the term, but they did not want to commit themselves to a long-term lease in advance because

Mr. SHEPPARD. It is made up of land and also made up by logging operational requirements, too?

Mr. TIENCKEN. That is true.

Mr. JONAS. It is not worth much more than 10 cents an acre.

Mr. SHEPPARD. This is interesting, gentlemen, to find both the Army and the Air Force doing their training, as I understand, in parallel fashion.

What is your training workload?

Admiral JOHNSON. Thirty-six students per week for a 5-day course. Mr. HANABURY. The staff will be 2 officers and 35 men. These are the people who will run the place.

All squadrons will feed in for a training period. We anticipate a full load all the time, sir.

Mr. SHEPPARD. That is right, but the actual men who will be there and in training at one time is 30, more or less?

Mr. HANABURY. That is right, sir.


Mr. SHEPPARD. The next item covers the Naval Air Station, Cecil Field, Fla.

Insert in the record page 34.

The preliminary engineering for this item was prepared by the district public works officer, 6th Naval District, and is complete.

The final plans and specifications have been authorized and will be prepared by Thomas E. Ewert & Evans and Hammond, Jacksonville, Fla. Will be completed June 30, 1961. Fee amount, $3,568.

(The following was submitted for the record:)

The second project is detailed on page 34 of the book. It is at the Naval Air Station, Cecil Field, Fla., and consists of a line item for $68,000 for a full pressure suit facility. This is the first of four similar facilities proposed in this program. This item will provide a building specially designed to support two squadrons

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flying aircraft which utilize full pressure suits. The use of a "full pressure suit" by a pilot allows him to operate, without physiological damage, high performance aircraft above altitudes of 50,000 feet, heights at which the maximum combat effectiveness designed in the planes, can be attained.

Because of their highly specialized nature, these suits require careful handling, storage, cleaning and cooling. It is necessary to provide in the proposed building, controlled temperature of 75° to 80° Fahrenheit, and relative humidity in the 45 to 55 percent range. This will allow pilots and aircrewmen, wearing full pressure suits, to be briefed and on alert in a controlled environment which will insure that the physical condition of the personnel is not impaired for effective use of the modern aircraft.

Mr. SHEPPARD. Give us an explanation of this facility, will you? Admiral JOHNSON. This facility is required for our pilots who will be flying modern jet aircraft to altitudes of over 50,000 feet. At that altitude, as you know, they require a special suit because of pressure against certain parts of the body.

We have in this category four of these facilities. The facility itself varies in scope at these four different activities which we have in this year's program, depending on the number of jet aircraft squadrons which are supported at the particular air station. This one is one of the cheaper ones. It supports only two of the squadrons. As you can see, it is made up of a readyroom in which the pilots already in their full pressure suits have a special air hose for conditioned air, which keeps them cool during the time they are being briefed or waiting to man the jet aircraft. These pressure suits are vulnerable to deterioration, of course, due to temperature and humidity. This facility will provide a suitable storage space for these suits, and also provide a room for testing the suits.

Mr. SHEPPARD. I can understand the $68,000 requirement indicated for this. Am I right in assuming this would be a structure adjacent to other structures or is it a unit within itself?

Admiral JOHNSON. Sometimes it is separate and at other times it is integrated within another building.

Mr. SHEPPARD. What is it here?

Admiral JOHNSON. Separate here.

Admiral PELTIER. It is a lean-to at Beaufort where we have another such project.

Admiral JOHNSON. Sometimes when we build a new structure we include this as part of the structure.

Admiral PELTIER. This is a unit within itself.

Mr. SHEPPARD. What is the square footage involved?
Admiral PELTIER. 1,809.


Mr. SHEPPARD. The next item is Fallon, Nev.
Insert in the record page 36.

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