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Mr. SHEPPARD. What is the basis for your projecting an increased enrollment in high school students here?

General SEEMAN. There is some slight increase in deployment of troops to the Okinawa area and I believe there has been, in the discussion before the Congress, discussion of an additional battle group which has been moved there and the movement of an aviation engineer battalion from Guam and some increase in missile units. There have been some HAWK or HERCULES units moved in there.

Mr. SHEPPARD. In other words, they will add to the operational requirement to the degree that you have added this additional load factor into the requirement?

General SEEMAN. That is correct.

Colonel ADAMS. That is part of the added factor. The other part is the worldwide phenomenon where the high school population is increasing.

Mr. SHEPPARD. But, that increase in high school population is not generated there.

Colonel ADAMS. This has to do with the age group of the World War II babies. It would reflect itself, even though there was no increase in the change of strength.

Mr. SHEPPARD. How does the unit cost of construction here compare with high school construction in the continental United States? I wonder if the gentleman from the Engineers can tell us that? Mr. NORWOOD. I would have to provide that for the record. I cannot say for the United States.

(The informataion referred to follows:)

The cost of the Okinawa High School at $15.39 per square foot compares with other high schools as shown in the following tabulation:

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1. The above basic cost data were extracted from "Costs and Trends" published by the F. W. Dodge Corp., New York, N. Y.

2. Pricing was adjusted by adding approximately 8 percent for contingeneles and inspection of the work to be comparable with the appropriation request.

Mr. SHEPPARD. Why is it necessary to construct outdoor athletic facilities with appropriated funds?

General SEEMAN. We do not ordinarily apply nonappropriated funds to dependent schools of any sort, but we do apply them to outdoor recreational facilities and various recreation facilities and parks for troops. We have to have these facilities for the children, but we do not use all appropriated funds.

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This is a small item of $31,000 in the estimate. It is part of the school plant, basically. This is not an income-producing thing such as a snackbar or sales and service clubs and things like that. Even in the morale area of service clubs, the original capital expense is generally from appropriated funds. In many cases alterations and additions are done with nonappropriated funds, based upon the income after the facility is a going facility. This does not apply to dependent schools.

Mr. SHEPPARD. This would not be in reasonably close proximity to the ocean, would it?

Colonel ADAMS. It is not real close. I have a pretty good general idea of the plant. Nothing in Okinawa is too far away from the ocean, but actually, the ocean is not a very good recreational medium in Okinawa,

Mr. SHEPPARD. Off the record.

(Discussion off the record.)

Mr. SHEPPARD. If there are no further questions on the issue, we will pick up the next item.


The next item is the "Pacific Scatter System Facility No. 6" and we shall insert in the record at this point page 460 of the justifications. Mr. SHEPPARD. We have one item here of land acquisition. Will you please give us an estimation of it?

General SEEMAN. This land acquisition on the island of Guam is for a Starcom communication facility. A part of the land for this facility now is under the control of the Navy, but a part of it is through leasehold which has a final expiration date of June 30, 1962. We must acquire it, and this is the request for the necessary funds. The total estimate, Mr. Chairman, is $80,000.

Mr. SHEPPARD. Do you know whether or not this land is leased land at the present time?

General SEEMAN. It is under lease at the present time for our purpose, but

Mr. SHEPPARD. For military purposes and not for productive purposes? General SEEMAN. Correct.

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Mr. SHEPPARD. Under the caption of "Europe" category, we shall insert page 462 of the justifications into the record.

(The page referred to follows:)

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Mr. SHEPPARD. Will you please give us a brief explanation of this item?

General SEEMAN. I will be glad to do so, sir.

The items requested for Europe total $18,270,000, comprising $4,370,000 for France, principally for ammunition storage and utility items; $5,709,000 for Germany, primarily operational and training facilities; a small item of $40,000 in Italy; $5,046,000 for the Forward Depot, and $3,105,000 in communication facilities for the Starcom system. I will provide further details as we come to each of the areas I have mentioned.


Mr. SHEPPARD. Now we pick up the next item which is the Captieux subpost in France and at this point in the record we shall insert page 463 of the justifications.

(The following information was supplied for the record:)

For France this year we request six projects. The first of these, in the amount of $3,450,000, will provide 69 ammunition igloos for the Captieux Ammunition Depot.

Exhaustive studies made as a result of concern over the high maintenance and operating costs at Captieux Depot show the necessity of replacing existing uneconomical storage facilities with a total of 200 unhardened Standley igloos. This project represents the first increment of these igloos. One hundred and ten thousand tons of ammunition valued at $120 million are now stored in 9 earth-covered igloos (total capacity approximately 4,500 tons) and on dunnage in 4,585 earth-floored, metal prefabs; 1,331 earth-floored asbestos-cement prefabs, and 725 earth-floored canvas covered A-frames. These huts and A-frames were erected in 1952 under an austerity program which envisioned a useful period of 5 years, a period which has proven to be unrealistic. The wide daily range in temperature changes and the high humidity prevalent at this location, which is subject to onshore winds from the Atlantic Ocean 50 miles to the

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