Caedmon's Metrical Paraphrase of Parts of the Holy Scriptures: With an English Translation, Notes, and a Verbal Index

Society of Antiquaries of London, 1832 - 341 Seiten

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Seite 243 - He answered and said, Lo, I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire, and they have no hurt; and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God.
Seite 24 - I power of my hands, might one season be without, be one winter's space ! Then with this host I — But around me lie iron bonds, presseth this cord of chain ; I am powerless ! me have so hard the clasps of hell, so firmly, grasped ! Here is a vast fire above and underneath. Never did I see a loathlier landscape. The flame abateth not hot over hell.
Seite 24 - This hard-polished band, Impeded in my course, Debarred me from my way ; My feet are bound, My hands manacled ; Of these hell-doors are The ways obstructed, So that with aught I cannot From these limb-bonds escape ; About me lie Of hard iron Forged with heat, Huge gratings, With which me God Hath fastened by the neck.
Seite 20 - Because they his deed and word Would not revere ; Therefore them in a worse light, Under the earth beneath, Almighty God Had placed triumphless In the swart hell ; There they have at even, Immeasurably long, Each of all the fiends, A renewal of fire ; S.4 TAX'S PUNISHMENT. r 25 Then cometh ere dawn The eastern wind, Frost bitter-cold, Ever fire or dart...
Seite 206 - The folk was affrighted, the flood-dread seized on their sad souls ; ocean wailed with death, the mountain heights were with blood besteamed, the sea foamed gore, crying was in the waves, the water full of weapons, a death-mist rose...
Seite xxv - At ipse cuncta, quae audiendo discere poterat, rememorando secum et quasi mundum animal ruminando in carmen dulcissimum convertebat; suaviusque resonando doctores suos vicissim auditores sui faciebat.
Seite 114 - ... and there was a strife between the herdsmen of Abraham's cattle, and the herdsmen of Lot's cattle...
Seite 7 - There had not here as yet, save cavern-shade, aught been; but this wide abyss stood deep and dim, strange to its Lord, idle and useless; on which looked with his eyes the King firm of mind, and beheld those places void of joys; saw the dark cloud lower in eternal night, swart under heaven, dark and waste, until this worldly creation through the word existed of the Glory-King. . . . The earth as yet was not green with grass; ocean cover'd, swart in eternal night, far and wide the dusky ways.
Seite 40 - However natural or downright may be this specification, it is what could not have occurred with the bosom of our naked mother of mankind; and the artistical conception eluded the difficulty of carrying these apples, ' From the tree returning, in her hand, A bough of fairest fruit.
Seite 33 - Adam spake, Where on earth he stood, A self-created man : " When I the Lord of triumph, The mighty God, Heard speak With strong voice ; And he me here standing bade Hold his commandments, And me gave this bride, This wife of beauteous mien ; And me bade beware That in the tree of death I were not deceived, Too much seduced : He said that the swart hell Should inhabit He who in his heart aught Should admit of sin.

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