The New Practical Housekeeping: A Compilation of New, Choice and Carefully Tested Recipes

Home publishing Company, 1890 - 689 Seiten

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Seite 670 - Break up the curd repeatedly, and carefully separate the whole of the whey, which should then be rapidly heated to boiling in a small tin pan placed over a spirit or gas lamp. During the heating a further quantity of casein, technically called ' fleetings,' separates, and must be removed by straining through muslin.
Seite 143 - Boil one and one-half pounds moist white sugar, two ounces butter, one and a half tea-cups water, together with half the rind of the lemon, and when done (which may be known by its becoming quite crisp when dropped into cold water) set aside till the boiling has ceased, and then stir in the juice of the lemon, butter a dish and pour in about an inch thick. When cool take out peel (which may be dried), pull until white, draw out into sticks and check about four inches long with a knife.
Seite 169 - When cold, beat with an egg beater, until as white as snow ; beat the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth, and stir them into the pudding.
Seite 27 - In the morning add a level teaspoonful of soda dissolved in a little water; then put it in a large pan, smooth the top with the hand dipped in cold water; let it stand a short time, and bake five or six hours. If put in the oven late in the day, let it remain all night. Graham may be used instead of rye, and baked as above. This is similar to the " Rye and Injun
Seite 639 - J and the violence done at the foot-stalk may injure the bud there formed for the next year's fruit. Let the pears be quite dry when pulled, and in handling avoid pinching the fruit, or in any way bruising it, as those which are hurt not only decay...
Seite 104 - THE PREPARATION AND APPEARANCE OF SAUCES AND GRAVIES are of the highest consequence, and in nothing does the talent and taste of the cook more display itself. Their special adaptability to the various viands they are to accompany cannot be too much studied, in order that they may harmonize and blend with them as perfectly, so to speak, as does a pianoforte accompaniment with the voice of the singer.
Seite 115 - Mode. — Choose a hen lobster, as this is indispensable, in order to render this sauce as good as it ought to be. Pick the meat from the shells, and cut it into small square pieces ; put the spawn, which will be found under the tail of the lobster, into a mortar with 4 oz.
Seite 670 - Into the one-third of a pint of blue milk left after the abstraction of the cream put a piece of rennet about one inch square. Set the vessel in warm water until the milk is fully curdled, an operation requiring from five to fifteen minutes according to the activity of the rennet, which should be removed as soon as the curdling commences, and put into an egg-cup for use on subsequent occasions, as it may be employed daily for a month or two. Break up the curd repeatedly, and carefully separate the...
Seite 326 - Make a fine puff paste ; lay a border of it around a large dish, and cover the bottom with a veal cutlet, or a very tender steak free from fat and bone ; season with salt, cayenne pepper and mace. Prepare as many pigeons as can be put in one layer in the dish ; put in each pigeon a small lump of butter, and season with pepper and salt; lay them in the dish breast downwards...
Seite 655 - Eat slowly, masticating the food very thoroughly, even more so, if possible, than is required in health. The more time the food spends in the mouth, the less it will spend in the stomach. 2. Avoid drinking at meals ; at most, take a few sips of warm drink at the close of the meal, if the food is very dry in character.

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