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Life of Dr. Franklin, as written by himself,
Continuation of his Life by Dr. Stuber,
Extracts from his Will,

7 102 159

ESSAYS. On Early Marriages,

169 On the Death of his brother, Mr. John Franklin,

- 171 To the late Dr. Mather, of Boston,

ib. The Whistle, a true story, written to his nephew,

173 A Petition of the Left Hand,

175 The Handsome and Deformed Leg,

176 Conversation of a Company of Ephemeræ ; with the Soliloquy of one advanced in age,

178 Morals of Chess,

180 The Art of procuring Pleasant Dreams,

- 183 Advice to a Young 'Tradesman,

188 Necessary Hints to those who would be Rich, 190 The Way to make Money plenty in every Man's Pocket,

191 An Economical Project,

192 Sketch of an English School,

- 196 On modern Innovations in the English Language, and in Printing,

202 An Account of the highest Court of Judicature in Pennsylvania, viz: the Court of the Press,

207 Paper. A Poem,

211 On the Art of Swimming,

213 New Mode of Bathing,

215 Observations on the generally prevailing Doctrines of Life and Death,

216 Precautions to be used by those who are about to undertake a Sea Voyage,

218 On Luxury, Idleness, and Industry,

223 303

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