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let him return unto the Lord, and be will have mercy upon him, and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. Your frequent backslidings, Jer. iii. 1. 4. They say, If a man put away his wife, and she go from him, and bea come another man's, Mall he return unto her again? shall not that land be greatly polluted? but thou hast played the harlot with many lovers ; yet return again to me, faith the Lord. Wilt thou not from this time cry. unto me, My father, thou art the guide of my youth? Come to Christ, unite with him by faith, in the way of the covenant, and God will pardon and adopt you.

Case 2. But I fear I never will be able to carry as a child of God. Ans. Is it thay fincere purpose to labour to conform thyself to the manners of God's house? then he bids thee welcome into his family. He can do for his children, what no other father can do, even transform them into his own image and likeness, and preserve them by his mightý power through faith una to salvation. svega ovoga gengur og gay polepolegada garage again The divine Call to leave the Devil's Family ex

plained and urged *.

2 CORINTHIANS vi. 17. 18. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ge separate,

faith the Lord, and touchi not the unclean thing ; and
I will receive you, and will be a Father into you, and
je Mall be my sons and daughters, faith the Lord Ala
THE facred feast before us the Lord makes for

I his own children in the lower house, and for thein only. His children that are above need it not. The children of the devil, which all in the state of nature are, will not get the welcome of the Master of

* This discourse was preached at Ettrick, June 8. 1718, immediately before the celebration of the Lord's fupper. VOL. II,


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the feast to it, for he has made it only for those of his own family. But there is another family that bears the greatest bulk in the world, and that is Satan's : and all the world belongs to one of the two. The apostle tells us there can be no communion or agreement be. twixt these two families, ver. 14. 15. 16. But God making up his family of such as are brought out of Satan's, the gospel is sent into the world to invite finners to desert their natural father's house, promiling them thereupon a kindly reception into the family of God, both which we have in the text. Wherein is,

1. The gospel-calt to finners. And that is to come out from among them, &*c. And here is,

(1.) The substance of the duty, Come out from anong them. This black fociety, which ye are called to come out of, is that of unbelievers, unrighteousness, darkness, idolaters, headed by Belial, the devil. "That is, in a word, the world lying in wickedness; alt the unconverted world, which the text and context represents as the devil's family, to which the family of God is opposed. To come out from among them, is to come out of your natural state, to renounce'the devil, the world, and in, and to come to Christ by faith. And that the text aims at no less than this, (though it is pertinently enough appliec to renouncing external visible church-communion with idolaters), I think is evident from this, that adoption into God's family is proposed and promised on compliance with this call, ver. 18. And let men separate as they will, till they make this holy separation, that they can never have.

(2.) The manner of the duty. [1.] Ye must come away freely, and for all together: Be ye separate. A withdrawing for a time while the relation stands be: twixt you and them, will not do; there must be a total feparation, by going to the contrary side, and setting up in opposition to them. Be je separate. Thus the apostle explains Is. lii. lt. whence this is tiken. [2.] Ye mult conie away cleanly and honeft

ly, taking up nothing of theirs to carry away with you, as Rachel did her father's images. Touch not the unclean thing, Thus. God himself calls you away; faith the Lord,

2. The gospel - offer and promise, on compliance with the call, I will receive gout, I will take you in, . namely, into my house and family; namely, as chil. dren by adoption, having left your natural father the devil. Compare ver. 18, which we explained before.

Toblerve from the words the following doctrine, viz.

. Doct. The Lord calls to finners to come freely and E cleanly away out of the devil's family, promising there's

upon to take them into his ozun family, as children of bis boufe by adoption,

Having at large explained the doctrine of the divine adoption from ver. 18. and applied it in the way of trial, I have chofen further to pursue that design in a way of exhortation, in the words of this text. To prepare which for application, I fall only,

I. Shew you a few things implied in this call, c. II. What thịs coming out from among them is.

I. I Mall thew you a few thing's implied in this call.

1. Sinners naturally are of the devil's family, John viii. 44. Ye are in among them, else there were no need of coming out from among them. The family of Satan confiits of devils, damned spirits of men, and all the unconverted world lying in wickedness ; in a word, of all those that are not of the family of God. All these are under one head, the prince of devils. And accordingly, when time is at an end, they shall all be housed under one dreadful roof for ever, Matth. XXV, 41, o unconverted finner, thou art a fon of the house of hell (whatever blood run ia thy veins), a prison-house, a dark house, a dreadfully. miferable house, Matth, xxiii. 15: Never was a child liker a father than thou art like the devil. He is a Allen creature ; lying in wickness; his nature is een

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light. So thou are 2. It is poflible them. Satan has has in the lower damved spirits.

in hel'), Opeut from

mily as the othey are th Thall abide

-, that as lonac other, 2 Como as really

www and his holy law; fo art thou and

wuch thou put a fair face on it by a

hels, that will not make thee unlike E can transform himself into an angel of

thou art among them. i poflible thou may get out from among 'Satan has a great family, one part whereof he

e lower house, in hell; these are devils and od spirits. If once he get you down among

ve cannot get out from among them again, but nbide among them for ever and ever. So this I has nothing ado with that part of the devil's family: they are past hope. But there is another part

fit in his upper house of this world, who as really belong to his family as the other, 2 Cor. iv. 4. with shis difference, that as long as they are there, he is never quite sure of them, that as sons they shall abide in his house for ever. The elder brother of the fa. mily of heaven, the Lord of his Father's house, has his lower house in this faine world, where Satan has his upper one; and he has his Father's commillion to fill it out of Satan's family, those of them in his upper house. And for this cause he sends out his ambaffadors, minifters, to call in the name of the Lord to them as in the text, Come out from among them, &c. Forget thine own people, and thy father's house, Pfal. xlv. io. They must be in earnest with that part of the family, and give them no reft, because there is yet hope, Luke xiv, 23. and he has a Spirit that can draw them out effectually, that are fartheit in in the hofe.

3. Ye will not be carried away from among them against your will. Ye must come away voluntarily, setting down your own feet to make your escape, Psal. cx. 3. There is a generation that inake the doctrine of man's impotency to good a pillow for their floth: they say they can do nothing, and they will do nothing. But if ye were willing to como away, ye would do something for that end; ye would fretch out the withered hand, ye would take the help of Christ's grace offered unto you, ye would take no

you, ye would

4. Ye’ncedre got away.

wife did, on come outcome a

. 4. Yenced not expect to get the good-will of your father, nor of the family, to the parting. The call is directed to you, without noticing of them; for it is known, they will never let you go, as long as they can hinder you. Therefore you must be resolute and peremptory over the belly of all opposition to come away from among them, Matth. xi. 12. No sooner does one begin to stir out from among them, but he will raise the hue and cry after him. Hell's flatteries and threatenings are all plied to get them back again, and to lay aside their purpose. But ye must stop your ears to them all, and look not behind you, as Lot's wife did, Gen. xix. 17. .

5. Ye must come out from among them, for good and all. Be ye separate. Come away wholly, come away for ever, Pfal. xlv. 10. Come away, with a fincere purpose never to go back among them, Píal. lxxx. 18. Leave not your heart behind you. Re. member Lot's wife, who was turned into a pillar of falt, for the rueful look she gave to what she had left in Sodom. They that come not away thus, freely feparating from them, they will not go far away, they will not go off the devil's ground: and they will go back again, if the communion were over.

6. Lastly, Take up nothing froin among them, to bring along with you. Touch not the unclean thing There are many who meaning to come out from among them, fecure themselves in the devil's înare, and shut the door of the house of heaven on themselves, by the preparation they make for the journey.

(1.) They think they will need something in God's house for their hearts to feed upon. They think Christ's blood will do well enough for their confcien. ces; but to get tomething to stop the mouths of their hungry hearts, that must have something to feed upen, they bring along with them lume

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