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within these five days. Good man-mender, stop me up with parsley, like stuffed beef, and let me walk abroad, and let me be dressed to that warlike tune, John Dory.

Surg. You shall walk shortly.

Ant. I will walk presently, sir, and leave your salads there, your green salves, and your oils; I'll to my old diet again, strong food, and rich wine, and see what that will do.

Surg. Well, go thy ways, thou art the maddest old fellow I ever met with! [Exeunt severally.




1 Con. I have told all I can, and more than yet Those gentlemen know of me, ever trusting Your concealment-but are they such strange crea


Land. There's the younger, ay, and the wildest, Don John, the arrant'st Jack in all this city: Has been a dragon in his days! the truth is, Whose chastity he chops upon, he cares not; He flies at all; bastards, upon my conscience, He has now a hundred of 'em. The last night He brought home one; I pity her that bore it, Some rich woman

(For wise I dare not call her) was the mother, For it was hung with jewels; the bearing cloth No less than crimson velvet.

1 Con. How?

Land. 'Tis true, lady.

1 Con. Was it a boy too?
Land. A brave boy!

1 Con. May I see it?
For there is a neighbour of mine, a gentlewoman,
Has had a late mischance, which willingly
I would know further of; now if you please
To be so courteous to me.

Land. You shall see it :
But what do you think of these men, now you know

'em ? Be wise, or you may repent too late. I tell you But for your own good, and as you will find it.

1 Con. I ain advis'd.

Land. No more words then ; do that And instantly, I told you of: be ready: Don John, I'll fit you for your frumps.

(Aside. 1 Con. I will, dame : But shall I see this child?

Land. Within this half hour. Let's in, and then think better.



Near the Castle of the DUKE.

Enter PETRUCH10, Don John, and FREDERICK. John. Sir, he is worth your knowledge, and a gen

(If I that so much love him, may commend him)
That's full of honour: and one, if foul play
Should fall on us, will not fly back for fillips.

Petr. You much honour me,
And once more I pronounce you both mine.

Fred. Stay;

What troop is that below i'th' valley there?
John. Hawking, I take it.

Petr. They are so; 'tis the Duke, 'tis even he, gen

tlemen ;

I know him by his company.
Fred. I think too,

He bends up this way.
Petr. So he does.
John. Stand you still,

Within that covert, till I call: you, Frederick,
By no means be not seen, unless they offer
To bring on odds upon us: He comes forward;
Here will I wait him fairly: To your places.
Petr. I need no more instruct you.
John. Fear me not.


Enter DUKE and his Party.

Duke. Feed the hawks up,

We'll fly no more to-day; Oh, my blest fortune,

Have I so fairly met the man!
John. You have, sir,

And him you know by this.

Duke. Sir, all the honour, And love

[Showing his Hat.

John. I do beseech your grace stay there. Dismiss your train a little.

Duke. Walk aside,

And out of hearing, I command ye: now, sir,
Be plain.

John. I will, and short;

You have wrong'd a gentleman, beyond all justice,
Beyond the mediation of all friends.

Duke. The man, and manner of wrong?
John. Petruchio is the man;

The wrong is, you have dishonour'd his sister.
Duke. Now stay you, sir,

And hear me a little. This gentleman's
Sister, that you have nam'd, 'tis true I have long lov'd;

As true, I have possess'd her: no less truth,
I have a child by her. But that she, or he,
Or any
of that family are tainted,
Suffer disgrace, or ruin, by my pleasures,
I wear a sword to satisfy the world, no,

And him in this case when he pleases; for know, sir,
She is my wife, contracted before Heaven;
(A witness I owe more tie to than her brother)
Nor will I fly from that name, which long since
Had had the church's seal and approbation,
But for his jealous nature.

John. Sir, your pardon ;

And all that was my anger, now my service.
Duke. Fair sir, I knew I should convert you; had


But that rough man here now too-
John. You shall, sir.

What, hoa, hoa !

Duke. I hope you have laid no ambush ?


John. Only friends.

Duke. My noble brother, welcome.
Come, put your anger off, we'll have no fighting,
Unless you will maintain I am unworthy

To bear that name.

Petr. Do you speak this heartily?

Duke. Upon my soul, and truly: the first priest. Shall put you out of these doubts.

Petr. Now I love you,

Fred. How

And beseech you, pardon my suspicions;

You are now more than a brother, a brave friend too.
John. The good man's overjoy'd. What ho
Mr. Modesty, you may come forth now-


goes it?

John. Why the man has his mare again, and all's


The Duke professes freely he's her husband.
Fred. "Tis a good hearing.

John. Yes, for modest gentlemen;

I must present you-May it please your grace,
To number this brave gentleman, my friend,
And noble kinsman, among those your servants:
He is truly valiant, and modest to converse with.
Duke. Oh, my brave friend! you shower your boun-

ties on me.

Amongst my best thoughts, Signior, in which number You being worthily dispos'd already,

May freely place your friend.

Fred. Your grace honours me.

Petr. Why, this is wondrous happy. But now, brother,

Now comes the bitter to our sweet: Constantia !

Duke. Why, what of her ?

Petr. Nor what, nor where do I know :

Wing'd with her feats, last night beyond my knowledge,

She quit my house, but whither

Fred. Let not that

Duke. No more, good sir, I have heard too much. Petr. Nay, sink not,

She cannot be so lost.

John. Nor shall not, gentlemen;

Be free again, the lady's found: that smile, sir,
Shows you distrust your servant.

Duke. I do beseech you.

John. You shall believe me, by my soul she's safe. Duke. Heaven knows I would believe, sir.

Fred. You may safely.

John. And under noble usage: This modest gentle.


Speak, Frederick.

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