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PoliticAL pasquinades and political caricatures are parts (though humble ones) of political history: they supply information as to the personal habits and manners, and often as to the motives and objects of public men, which cannot be found elsewhere.

It is true that the portraits are for the most part exaggerated and unfavourable, but there is stillageneral resemblance; and the ridicule, though sometimes too highly coloured, is seldom wholly unjust.

These pasquinades have usually appeared first in the newspapers, and been subsequently col

lected into volumes; and though the Editor is far from thinking that the articles he has here collected are of equal merit amongst themselves, or collectively to be compared with the Rolliad and Anti-jacobin, he yet considers them worth preserving, as filling up a space which would other

wise be vacant in the lighter history of parties in this country.

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