Switzerland and the Swiss

Orell, Füssli & Company, 1875 - 203 Seiten

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Seite 140 - Orbelus, and every man drives in three for each wife that he marries. Now the men have all many wives apiece, and this is the way in which they live. Each has his own hut, wherein he dwells, upon one of the platforms, and each has also a trap-door giving access to the lake beneath; and their wont is to tie their baby children by the foot with a string, to save them from rolling into the water. They feed their horses and...
Seite 59 - The miracles of the second and third century are, usually, healing the sick, and casting out evil spirits, miracles in which there is room for some error and deception. We hear nothing of causing the blind to see, the lame to walk, the deaf to hear, the lepers to be cleansed...
Seite 140 - Their manner of living is the following. Platforms, supported upon tall piles, stand in the middle of the lake, which are approached from the land by a single narrow bridge. At the first, the piles which bear up the platforms were fixed in their places by the whole body of...
Seite 207 - Cook's Excursionist is published at short intervals during the season in London, New York, and Brussels, at 2d., post-free, 3d., and contains programmes and lists to the number of nearly one thousand specimen Tours. Tickets , for which are issued by Thomas Cook and Son, with fares by every Route. Cook's Continental Time Tables and Tourist Handbook, with Eight Sectional Maps, price Is., post-free.
Seite 207 - They are therefore prepared to conduct large or small parties in the most comfortable manner through the country ; to Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, the Jordan, Damascus, Sinai, &c.
Seite 206 - Tours to Palestine are rendered easy, safe, and economical, by the superior arrangements of Thomas Cook and Son, who now have their own Resident manager in Beyrout and Jaffa.
Seite 141 - ... giving access to the lake beneath; and their wont is to tie their baby children by the foot with a string, to save them from rolling into the water. They feed their horses and their other beasts upon fish, which abound in the lake to such a degree that a man has only to open his trap-door and to let down a basket by a rope into the water, and then to wait a very short time, when he draws it up quite full of them.
Seite 206 - District. Cook's Scotch Tours cover all points of Tourist interest in Scotland, Oban, Staffa, lona, Isle of Skye, Caledonian Canal, Kyles of Bute, the Trossachs, the Highlands, the Lake District, Edinburgh, etc.; and can be used in a similar manner to the Irish Tours.
Seite 207 - Damascus, Sinai, etc. The parties can be so fixed as to go independently or under personal management any time between October and April. Over one thousand ladies and gentlemen have visited Palestine under their arrangements. Turkey, Greece, the Levant, etc.— Thomas Cook and Son are now prepared to issue Tickets by any line of Steamers, to any port touched by the Austrian Lloyd's, Messageries Maritimes, and Rubattino Co.'s Steamers.
Seite 206 - Son issue Tourist Tickets to and through all parts of Ireland, including the Giant's Causeway, Belfast, Dublin, Galway, Loch Erne, the Lakes of Killarney, etc.

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