The Scots Magazine, Band 35

Sands, Brymer, Murray and Cochran, 1773

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Seite 365 - Whereas nothing can redound more to the honour of this nation as a maritime power, to the dignity of the crown of Great Britain, and to the advancement of the trade and navigation thereof, than to make discoveries of countries hitherto unknown...
Seite 160 - KING'S MOST EXCELLENT MAJESTY. The humble Address, Remonstrance, and Petition, of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Livery of the city of London, in Common Hall assembled.
Seite 254 - And stop the hand uprais'd to give the blow. And when the air with heat meridian glows, And nature droops beneath the conquering gleam, Let us, slow wandering where the current flows, Save sinking flies that float along the stream.
Seite 367 - ... the Adventurer and the Reader nearer together, without the intervention of a ftranger, more ftrongly excite an intereft, and confequently afford more entertainment; but it was objected, • VOL.
Seite 98 - you know of no line that can be drawn between the supreme authority of Parliament and the total independence of the colonies.
Seite 253 - To form that harmony of soul and face, Where beauty shines, the mirror of the mind. Such was the maid, that in the morn of youth,. In virgin innocence, in Nature's pride, Blest with each art, that owes its charm to truth, Sunk in her Father's fond embrace, and died. He weeps : O venerate the holy tear ! Faith lends her aid to ease Affliction's load; The parent mourns his child upon the bier, The Christian yields an angel to his God.
Seite 32 - Gill thought it high time to disabuse the good fathers. This purpose, however, he found it extremely difficult to effect till he had prevailed upon them to return with him into the church, and there be witnesses of the manner in which he had conducted this ludicrous deception.
Seite 337 - Under the influence, however, of this tender regard to the forms of equity, the miferies of an undone king, and of a ruined people, are to be aggravated by an unprofitable and unheard-of intuit.
Seite 31 - Wherever the banker conducted him, at every step, his ears were saluted on all sides with the complaints, and groans, not only of his father, but of all his deceased relations, imploring him for the love of God, and in the name of every saint in the calendar, to...
Seite 365 - ... and product, his Majesty taking the premises into consideration, and conceiving no conjuncture so proper for an enterprise of this nature as a time of profound peace, which his kingdoms at present happily enjoy, has thought fit that it should now be undertaken.

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