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Ne quid falsi dicere audeat, ne quid veri non audeat.


Printed by A. MURRAY and J. COCHRAN.

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ihend 29.

To cach article is annexed the number of the page of this volume in which it is to be found. 1773 Jan. 6. Gov. Hutchinson delivers his remarkable speech to the Massachusets-bay affen

bly, co the dependence of the colonies on the mother country. 97. -19. A fociety formed at Edinburgh, for relief of honest and industrious poor in and

about that city. 23:
20. A dreadfuil hurricane in many places of Scotland. 103.

27. The Queen of Great Britain delivered of a prince, Augustus Frederick. 53. 109. Feb. 2. A duel fuugnt, at London, by the Earl Bellamont and the Viscount Town

17. The Caribbs of Sc Vincent reduced by Gen. Dalrymple. 175. 220. 23. Gov. Hutchinfon refuses his afsent to grants of salaries by the Massachusets-bay

afsembly to :he judges. 219. Mercb 12. Baillie, a condemned criminal, pardoned on condition of his transporting him

felf, but failing to perform, and offering defences against his first sentence being carried into execution, found intitled to have a proof of these defences

tried by a jury. 119. 26. A fifth remonstrance of the city of London presented to the King. 562. dpril 22. A British fleet ordered to be fitted out with all expedition. 212. May 27. An earthquake, or a finking or cracking of the earth, at Birches in Shrop

shire. 299. Faze 2. Private confidential lecters of Gov. Hutchinson and others, taken under con

fideration by the Massachusets-bay assembly. 413. 28. An ad passed for establithing certain regulations for the better management of

che affairs of the East India company. 328. -12. A royal naval review at Portsmouth. 281. — 39. Mr Thomfon admitted minister of St Ninian's in a very uncommon manner.

360. 614. Juhy s. An act paffed for the better preventing the counterfeiting, clipping, and o

ther diminishing the gold coin. 385. — 12. Authors tound, by the court of session, not to have a perpetual property in

their books. 498. - 31. A bull ifsued by the Pope, suppresling the order of Jesuits. 495. Ang. 4. Jofanity, even after a verdict returned, fustained by the court of jnsticiary as

a stay of pronouncing sentence. 445.

9. A viceonial prescription of crimes fustained by the court of justiciary. 443. - 1s. The bank of Douglas Heron & Company give up business. 443.

- 33. A riot of the manufacturers in Dublin. 496. Sept. 20. An insurrection at Palermo. 551.607. 0a. 1o. The Grand Duke of Ruflia married to the Princess of Heffe. Darmstadt. $58. Is. The Americans resolve to oppose the sale, or even the landing, of tea sent

thither by the East-India company. 664. 24. The Duke d’Artois, third grandson to the King of France, married to the

Princess Mary of Savoy.' 616: Nov. 16. The duchy of Holstein transferred by the Grand Duke of Rusia to the King of

Denmark. 600. 19. The treaties with the three partitioning powers ratified by the King of Poland.

659. — 24. The marriage of Prince Charles of Sweden with the Princess of Holstein-Gottorp

declared. 670 24. A acw church erected in Leith, and to be settled in a manner that may render

future feceflion unnecessary. 613,67. Dc. 13. The Bank of Scotland resolve to apply for leave to increase their capital. 668.

YUT away the blue covers, and advertisements stitched in any of the Maga-

zines ; and place this quarter of a sheet, containing the General Title-page, the Chronological Series of Events, the Woek-day Table, &c. before the Magazinc for January.

Place the COPPERPLATE, representing a whin-mill, and a house from which horses may be fed in a farm-yard, so as to front p. 465.

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The day of the week on which every month of 1773 began : A help to

find the date of any article exprefled as falling on a certain week-day betore or after a date mentioned.

[The ist, 8th, 15th, 22d, and 29th, of a month, fall on the same week-day. -The

month-day advances one week-day every common year, and iwo every leap year : so, as 1773 and 1774 are both common years, every month-day of the current year will fall-on the week-day next after that on which the fume month-day fell lift year. ] January, Friday.

May, Saturday. September, Wednesday. February, Monday, June, Tuesday. October, Friday. March, Monday.

July, Thursday. November, Monday: April, Thursday. Augst, Sunday. December, Wednesday.

Botes inclosed thus [ ], for explaining or illustrating any thing in a paper or extract, are generally our own. Notes added by the authors of the pieces inserted, or by the compilers of the collections from which we take them, are not so inclosed. Examples of both may be seen, of the first p. 451. and of the second p. 242. of this volume.

References made by letters and figures, when no book is named, point to this collection ; the letters directing to the volumes, and the figures to the pages :, Scots Magazine, vol. xxix. [or Mag. 1767.] p. 651, is thus referred to [xxix. 651.] in this volume, p. 95. col. 1. lin, 43. - Vol. i. answers to the year 1739, vol. ii. to 1740, and so on, a volume every year. - Figures without lecters, point to pages of the volume in which the reference is made.

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Pag. col. lin.

24. for Ellham, read Eltham,
55. for Dickson. read Edmonstone.
27. for David read Daniel

19. for John, read James,
168. 17. Best Barley, read 18 s. 4d. rf.

19. Best Peafe, read 14 s. 7 d. 2 f.

Tbird Peaje, read 12 s. 1 d. 2 f. 169. 8. Contents. for 122. read 222. 375. 42. for Jan. read Feb. 225. 14. Contents, for 246. read 240. 305. 28. delete (throwing away the fraction)

32. read 46 1. 145. 6 d. $61. 3. Contents (also running titles) for CHRISTINA read SOPHIA DOROTRE A

See p. 648. col. 2. 1. 45.


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C ο Ν Τ Ε Ν Τ S. An account of LESMAHAGO W parish 1. The dispute between Lords TOWNSHEND On the education of YOUNG LADIES 6.

and BELLAMONT 20. · The duel 29: PLEASURE heighưened by reflectiog on part Voltaire's opinion of the CROMWELLS 30. dangers and distresses ;.

NEW Books, with remarks and extracts. FLUID COPPE.a a strong poison 8.

La Chapelle's Ventriloquist 31. A poetie Of the ecclefiaftical eitablishment in AME cal epistle on the English poets 34. FoBICAQ. The case of diflenters in New reign books 35. Religion, Controversy, and Old England compared 10.

&c. 36. History, 'Law, Politics, &c. 37. Sabícription to HUMAN FORMULARIES Natural History, Medicine, Mathematics, uft scd 11.

&c. 39. Beiles Lettres, Criticisin, &c ib, OB SPLITTING VALUATIONS to create

Entertainment, &. ib. Miscellaneous 40.

Plays and Poetry ib. MEAL-MOBS. A particular account of those POETRY. The new-year ode 41. The o.

on the banks of the Tay 14. Perth-coun rigin of tragedy in Scocland ib. On beauty resolutions :8. Vindication of the Pro ty 42. Elegy on Clackmannan 43. Epivolt of Perth 20.

taphs on Gen. Wolfe ib. Prologue preAa improvement in SheeP-MARKING 20. vious to Mrs Yates's appearance on the EAn abstract of the lace ENTAIL-ACT 20. dinburgh stage 44. The triumph of ScotOF POTATO-DISTILLATION 22.

land jb, Dublin-castle ode for the Queen's How to compensate the loss of BEAUTY 23. birth-day ib. Epigram from Martial ib. Rules of a new CHARITABLE SOCIETY 23. HISTORICAL AFFAIRS 45 --52. An extraordinary MUMMY 25,

Lists of Deaths, &c. Edinburgli and Aber. The CIVIL·LIST revenue computed 25. deen infirmary-tables, Quantity and value Ways and MEANS proposed for 1773 30. of linen stamped for sale in Scotland 53, &c.


To the author of the SCOTS MAGAZINE.


January 1773.

my nativity. At the fame time I hope it will be agreeable to some of your readers, and be a means of engaging them to favour us with the antiquities to be found in the feve ral parihes in which they refide, or with which they are connected. In this case, a far more complete and entertaining history of our country might foon be obtained. (xxxiv. 173.}.

An account of the antiquities and other curiosities in Lesmahagow paris. ESMAHAGOW is situate We cannot think Lesmabagow, which in the upper ward of Clydesdale, is so sweet and delig!ıtful, elpecially on thirty computed miles from the water of Nethan, and in those parts

Edinburgh, Sixteen from Glaf- bounded by the river Clyde, and which gow, and twenty-five or twenty-lix from lies on the inner fide of the famous wall the town of Air, or the western sea. betwixt the two friihs, was unknown to It is called Lesmahagow, from les, which the Romans, or unfrequented by them: in Gaelic fignifies à garden, and serves and what puts this beyond all manner of to point out its plealant situation ;, and doubt, is, 'that several of their urns have Mahagow, from Machute, the ancient been found under large heaps of stonés ; guardian saint of the place.

and this was the case fome years ago at VOL. XXXV.

A Auchlochan,


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