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Ne quid falli dicere audeat, ne quid veri non audeat.


Printed by A, MURRAY and J. COCHRAN.

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D UT away the blue covers, and advertisements stitched in any of the Maga

zines ; and place this quarter of a Mheet, containing the General Title-page, the Chronological Series of Events, the Week-day Table, &c. before the Magazine for January.

Place the COPPERPLATE, representing a whin-mill, and a house from which horses may be fed in a farm-yard, so as to front p. 465.

The day of the week on which every month of 1773 began : A help to

find the date of any article expreffed as falling on a certain week-day

betore or after a date mentioned. [The ist, 8th, 15th, 22d, and 29th, of a month, fall on the same week-day. The month-day advances one week-day every commox year, and iwo every leap year : so, as 1773 and 1774 are both common years, every month-day of the current year will

fall on the week-day next after that on which the same month-day fell last year.] January, Friday. | May, Saturday: 1 September, Wednesday. February, Monday.

June, Tuesday, October, Friday. March, Monday. 1 July, Thursday. 1 November, Monday. April, Thursday. Aug:ft, Sunday. December, Wednesday.

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Kores inclosed thus [ ], for explaining or illustrating any thing in a paper or extract, are generally our own. Notes added by the authors of the pieces inserted, or by the compilers of the collections from which we take them, are not so inclosed. Examples of both may be seen, of the first p. 451. and of the second p. 242. of this volume.

References made by letters and figures, when no book is named, point to this collection; the letters directing to the volumes, and the figures to the pages : ex. gr. Scots Magazine, vol. xxix. [or Mag. 1767.] p. 651, is thus referred to [xxix. 651.] in this volume, p. 95. col. 1. lin. 43. = Vol. i, answers to the year 1739, vol. ii, to 1 740, and so on, a volume every year. -- Figures without lelters, point to pages of the volume in which the reference is made.

E R R A T A. Pag. col. lin.

3. 2. 24. for Ellham, read Eltham, * s. 1. 55. for Dickson. read Edmonstone.

1. 27. for David read Daniel

2. 49. for John, read James, 168. 2. 17. Best Barley, read 18 s. 4 d. if.

19. Best Peafé, read 145. 7 d. 2 f.

Tbird Peaje, reed 12 s. ud. 2 f. 169. 2. 8. Contents. for 122. read 222. * 175. 1. 42. for Jan. read Feb. 225. 1. 14. Contents, for 246. read 240. 305. 2. 28. delete (throwing away the fraction)

- 32. read 46 1. 145. 6 d. sol. s. s. Contents (also running titles) for CHRISTINA read SOPHIA DOROTHEA

See p. 648. col. 2. 1. 45.



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