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Before thet 192. The pa- ceding a dreadful hurricade ture miracles 373: Proceed.
pers read, witnesses exami. in Scotland 104 Sec Luc ings of towa-meeting-in
bed, and debates on 289. Beatric, Dr, his sentiments of Bolton 375.

The motives for, found Roffeau's writings 78. Made poems 484 Born's Bar
right 292. Accounts of the doctor in Civil law by the cellany fermons 593. Crade's
operations of the troops 159. univerfity of Oxford 387. correction of the tranflation
The Caribs totally reduced Mis literary merit rewarded of the rooth pfalm 594, h-
219. Lors fustained by the by the King 504

art's address to the parith.
troops 220. The articles of Beauty, how to compensate oners of Cramond 597 For
the treaty with the Caribs 175 the lots of 23

gufon's moral philosophy
Virginia, the paper-cur. Beggar's opera, Sir J. Field- 019. Statutes at large sc.
rency of that province for- ing requests that it may not Ellis on preserving feede est.
ged 326. Some of the for. be acted 495 Stri&ures on Rutty's natural history
gers apprehended ib. Means it ib. Sarcastical retort O 496 Dublin ib. Henry's bitary
taken to alleviate the diltress Bellamont, E. account of his of G. Britain os4. A vor
thereby occafioned ib. Pre. dispute with L. Town fhend age to the Ife of France, &c.
miums allowed R. Bolland to Wounded is a duel 700.
enable him to cultivate the with 29. The Bp of Car- Borgee, Fort, taken by Sea-
vine ib.

life's ietter to n duelling s7 han a failor 182
Anecdotes; Of Whison 196. Bengal. See Verelt Borlum. See Macintola
Of Pedro I. King of Portugal Bible, alledged meaning of Borrowltounnels, a remark.
231. Of the ñ, de Guife fubscribing 455

able instance of fomnolenty
35 3: Of the Empress of Black, a person of that oame

at soo
Ruflia 358. Of Jerom Boss supposed to be dead, but Boss, Jerom, anecdote of s&
568 Of G. Hallewood an comes to life 613

Boston. See America
English foldier 584

Bon mot of C. Yorke 196 British fhips, foreigoers pro-
Anguis niger, a description of Books, etcracts from and re- hibited from being part-

marks on : De la Chapelle's owners in 206, 7
Apprentices. See London ventriloquist 31. 81. A po- Brown, Jicondemned and a
Armstrong, Dr, on longiogs etical epistle on the English ecuted 444
in fevers 307

poets 34. On the trade from Brown, J. lofes the ule e
Arts and sciences but of a late G. Britain to Africa 38. fpeech by a fever, agd
date 526

Stuart's letters to L. Maof- gains it by another soos
Aurora frigate, a black's ac- field 41. Verelft on the flate Brown, Mr. See Gen. af

count where loft 612 of the English government Bruce, J. fome acconats er tek!
Audrey's epistle on English in Bengal 72. Beattie on travels 286. Prefents a 4-
poets 24

truth 78. Sele&t works of byffinian maqufeript and
Baillie, J. abstract of the mi- Abraham Cowley 80. De ther curiofities to the king
nutes of debate on his claim. Lue on the barometer and of France 491
jag a jury to try his defence thermometer 135. 93. Sir Brydone's whimsical apel
in bar of execution of a fen- John Dalrymple's memoirs nicots io electricity 690
fence against him 113. A jury of G. Britain and Ireland Buru's mifecllany ferthion
granted 119

140, 77. Of the origin and Burne's man of nature 150
Bamffshire, fiars of for 1772 progress of language 143. Butter, how to prevent te

The Prince of Tunis 144. effe& of turnips on 526
Bank of Scotland, receive The man of nature 150. Byron, Com. an epitose ei
Douglas and Heron notes in The sentimental failor 151. his voyage round the world
payment 443. Give money Efsays on public worship, 425, 69
for defaced gold 443, 99. &c. 197. Alonzo, a tragedy Calder, a man at loks the
668. Call in the remaining Medical and philofo- vse of his speech and rece.
two tenths of their capital phical commentaries 204. vers it soo
499. Resolve to apply to Pyle's sermons 205. Gib. Cambufiang. See Generala
parliament for leave to dou bons's, with Cromwell's ge- fembly
ble it 668

nealogy 206. The man of Campbell, A. trial berci
Bankes, Mr, made a member the world 208. Tables re and the collector of Grand-

of the Batavian society 116 lating to refractios and pa. da 442
Barbadoes. See America sallax 300. Armstrong on Cainphor, virtues of in
Barbary, the French greatly loogings in fevers 307. Win- ogical cases 310
refpected at Algiers 50. Vio tringham's Mead's medical Canal, bavigation of open.
kent shocks of an earthquake admonitions on the virtue of 357.612. Carters imprifoe
felt on the coasts of 325. camphor 310. Hawkefworth's ed for opening the tocka ei
The English consul obliged voyages to the Soutbera he. 612. An aqueduct brio
to leave Algiers 663

misphere 369. See Southern belonging to gives way, ter
Barometer, great fall of pse. hemisphere. Owen od fcrip. is repaired ib


ment 266

son 133

Canto J. indicted for fire-rai- China, dreadful devastation to the Lords of the admiral.
fiag 613. His trial comes done by a hurricane in the ty 165
on 668

river Canton 265

Coroner's jury, origin of 23)
Capon, Mr, brings up a crowo- Circuit-courts, appointments Corpse, one found vegetared

piece he had fwallowed 52 of 331.554. Trials at ib wholly into hair 428
Cascafe. See Phipps Civil-lilt revenue computed Courland, D. of, outlines of
Cardross. See General ar.

his life 53
sembly -

Clive, L. See Ea - Jodia Co. Covent - Garden Magazine,
Caribs, authentic papers rela. Coal-pits: One overflowedwith the publisher of profecuted
tive to the expedition against water 558. A toad' found for indecency 387
62. 137. Sec Sc Vincent's, alive in the heart of a coal Cowley's select works 80
under America

in one 2 12. Terrible explo- Crane's translation of the rooth
Carlifle, Bp, his letter on duel fons in another 666

psalm 594
ling 57

Cobb, Mr, his new method Cromwells, Voltaire's opinion
Carron river, Rich. III. acted of filing more fuccefsful of 30. Gibbon's genealogy
for the purpose of building than the old 557

of the family 206
a bridge over 104

Colebrooke, Sir G. Nops pay- Culross, a coal-pit near over.
Chapelle, M. de la, his Ven-

flowed with water 558
triloquist3181. A scaphandre Commons, motions and de. Cumberland, the Duke and
invented by 83. Sce Ventri- bates in the House of : On Duchess set out for foreign

the East-india company 05. parts 495
Characters: Of Lady John. 111. 159.5:8,85. 617. See Cupar, a meal.mob at 16
None 120. of Dr S. John East-India coopany. On the Dalrymple, Sir, J. his me-

Of the K. of Po. high price of provifons 66. moirs of G. Britain and Ire.
land 139. Of Dr Gregory 225. Sec P:oritions. On the land 140. An anonymous
110. 183, Of M. de Vol- niry cftablifliment 185. On challenge to, and bis fpirited
taire 304

the army-establillment 188. answer 142, 3. Letters con-
Charicable Society, regulations on the land-lax 191. On cerning the birth of the pre-
of a new ove established at

the expedition to Si Vin- tender 177.-182
Edinburgh 23. Number of cent's 188, 91. 289. See St Dantzick, the King of Pruf
families relieved by 667 Vincent's. On a bill for re-

fid's behaviour to 47. 214.
Charity workhouse of Edin- lief of the aged poor 192, 3. 261. That city presents a
burgh, report concerning The Speaker's let:er for a memorial of their grievances
393. Tes funds 394. Num. call of the boufe 221. The to the Stares-General 261.
bers maintained by it 395. Sheriffs of London's answer King of Prullia's answer to ib.
Town' valuration 395, 6. informing that they had ci His memorial to the magi-
Computation of a poor's rate ted Mr Wilkes ib.' Wilkes strates 262. The Rullian

attends, and proceedings in minister's memorial to 321.
remarks on. Field. confequence thereof 221,50. The answer 322. Number of
cottages and field-labour ft-

His letter to the Speaker 248. Niips that entered that port
test for the poor 356. Re On a bill to encourage fo in 1709 ib. Ruffian mini-
gulations of poor. boules in reigners to lend money on

fter determines the port to
England 397. Of baftards West Indian eftites 292. belong to the K. of Prullia
and persons nor intitled to Witnefies examined to prove 381.

The K. of Pruflia's
the charity ib. The propo- the propriety of 293. The demands on 440. 548. Com
fed poor's rate a very heavy bill passed 161. 294: On millioners appointed to atlift
tax 398. Of out.penfioners shortening the curation of his minister there 491. Oak
ib. The economy of she parliaments 294. On a bill for the British admiralty
managers extolled ib. Of a

for preventing foreigners be- stopped by his orders ib.
Bridewell 399. A method of ing part owners of British The merchants complain of
supplying the deficiency wich- Ships 296. Wirnesses exa- his inspectors, and obtain
out a poor's rate ib. A poor's mined concerning the bad redress $47. Emprefs of
rate derrimental to the pro- consequences of 297.

The Ruflia advites the magistrates
perty within the royalty 400. bill pafled 220, 97. On in to submit to him 548. Great
A poor's rate the last selource creating the halfpay of the distress of the city ib. Upon

Davy.captains 345 Refere delivery of the duchy of six-
Chatham, the falaries of the

red to

à committee 349. mogitia, Prussia to renounce
clerks of the yards at auga Their report ib. Address all claims ro 605. The com-
mented 265

his Majesty to agrce to the millioners of delegation at
Chesterfield, E. extracts from

report 350: On fubfcription Warsaw transmit articles
his will 287. Voltaire's leto to the thirty-nine articles at greatly in its favour ih.
ter to 424

matriculating youths at the Taxes imposed by Pruffia
Chillingworth on fabfcription universities 426, 52

taken off, and his officers re-
Cooke, Capt. part of his letter moved ib. lle selinquishes
Vol. XXXV.


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ripter 329


all claim to 665.. The Prof. Dublin, a riotous mob at 496., for a loan $39. A coma't
fian and Ruslian ministers to The Mayor's address to ib. tee waits upon L. North
be rewarded by the magic Ducks, a method of railing 428 know what plan he well
Itrates ib.

Duelling, the bishop of Car- propose for the good of a
Davidson, W. condemned for life's letter on '59

company ib His aita:
robbery 333. Pardoned 3 34 Dombuck ford. Sve Golbourn Substance of the peritia
De Luc Sce Luc

Dootries, trial at 550 parliament ib. Debic "
Denmark, (and Danes) affairs Dundee, a mob at 16. Some the petition 20d por
there last year 341.. Sve Eu of the rioters apprehended 'tions 529.

A depr
торе. Rigorous reftriction


Refolutions of the waits on L. North lo ba
agaimt selling pieces, relative county of Fortat concerning if the perition corresposk.
to the procefles against C. 164 329 Trial of the his sentimen's 535, 1,
Sirventec and Brandt 49. A

answer 531. The per te
wooden church feni to Green Dunmore park, an account of prefented to the Comune
* Band 381. Presents given to a robbery at 556

and debate on 531-1
the Dey of Algiers 440. Per. Earthquakes in leveral pla- Propositions proposed
fons who have demands on ces of Italy 159. ' Accounts North for their relief j's
the counties of Oldenburg of that in Shropíhire 299. Agiced to 536. Debates
and Delmenhorst ordered to and of the defiruction of a general court concern
give in their claims ib. Tbele Pleurs 390, An inquiry into L. North's restricting
counties to be exchanged the cause of such phenomena dividends '585. 612.
with Ruflia for Ducal Holi 301. An earthquake at Su. bato in the Commuasc.
slein 490. Accounts of the

matra 262. at Jersey 266. At cerning L. North's pr.
transference 606, 61. Some St Malo 323. at Ragusa and fals about the dividends of
of the chief inhabitants of Corfou 324 at Gibralcar and Reports from the secrets
Holstein refuse to take the Algiers 325, at Eton 388. at mittee and debates on ".
outh of fidelity $49.

Re. Tangier: 492. at Guatimala 8, 9, 21. Propofitiods 1.7.
yards bestowed on the min 609, 03

by L. North, and agree!
nillers employed in that ne. East-India Company, delvate 619. The company's
gotiation 606. A muster of of a general court about the tion against 623. LN
the perfons fit to bear arms dividends st. Agreed to be requelled to
- ordered to be made 549 Ge fix per cent. ib. Reasons the plan of the intended in
nerofily and benevolence of for their distress ih. Morion for the better regulatie:
a countryman rewarded by and debate in the House of the company's atfuits,
the King ib. The buoys at Commons for taking their his answer ib. Recoler:
Copenhagen not to be taken Rate into confideration, and moved for in the Houk
up so early in winter 661 appointing a committee of Commons ly Gen Burger:
Deptford dockyard visited by fecrecy 65, 6. Agreed to 66.

The bit: brough
bis Majesty 552

Report from the secret com- ib. Mr Wedderburn's ha
Defaguliers, Gen. military ex- mittee, and motion for a against 680. Mr 1:7
periments by 494

bill to restrain the company in aufwer 10 68..
Diderot, M. generofity of the from fending out a füpes. tion against Lord Core, 1.

Empress of Rullia to 358 vifion to lodia 121. The debate on 622 Pated
Diluvian remains found near bill ordered in 122. The the negative and provide 4

company's petition against his favour carried ib. 7b
Dockyards visited by the ib. A second report from company and city of 2
Lords of the admirally 285. the secret committee 123. doa petition against the can

Motion and debate an 124. 623. Carried to the Lo
Dougias and Heron bink give State of the company's affairs 624 The company pro

up buliness 443. A meeting ibs. Counsel heard against it in that house ib. 6
of the proprietors, and fub the bill 125. Witnesles ex- protest against 683: RA
jects under their confidera- ayyined to prove the necef- ceives the royal afsent 614
tion.868. A copy of one oflity of a fupervision 126. Number of proprietors per

their annuiry.bonus ib. Leyte on the evidence 127. selling roool, and 500!. AC
Dow, P. & l. banished for Moronson, and counsel and its amount 685
frauds againt Chelsea hofpi- headagdinft by the Lords ib. East Indies, two princess

Their protest against ib. The presented to his Majesty asi
Dioit l'aubaine, what 447 bill paíles ib. The com- Anextraordinary bitdtry
Drowned perions, account of piny resolve to apply for a from ib. An account of eher
a fociory established for the loan to parliament 159. De- king of Broach 38Anes
recovery of 169

bate aloue dividend ib. A gagement between the
Druidical work, remains of committee appointed to con- bob of Arcot and the Ni
one in Scotland 251

fider of regulations for India raftoes-610
Dry dock, pac built at Leith 221. - Propositions concern, East Louhian, fiats of forrt":

jog applying to parliament 108


Oxford 303

tal 498


Eildison's method of feeding Revolutions in Sweden and 628, 2. The senate disinised,

horses with whins 465. of Denmark 341. Disturban and a new, one named 629.
feeding caurle in the farm- ces in S. America, in Suri. The revenues made pere
yard iba and 'of improving name and the Brafils 342. petual, and all the powers
forca-lands ib.

and in Chili 343. 491.

Of of the fate lodged in the
Edinburgh, regulations of a the negotiations between the King 630, 131. The diet
charitable society.established Turks and Rullians 400 breaks up ozi. Rewards and
at 23. Number of families Of the war with Ali Bey honours conferred 632. Ret
relieved by 667.

State of 404 Conduct of the threc volution in Denmark 673.
the infirmary there last year partitioning powers in Po. C. Strùenfee and Brandt cas
56. Damages done by a

Jand 406.

Conduct of the ken up-076. The Queen
violent storm at 103.


court of Vienna wiih regard fent to the castle of Cronen-
magistrates 'order the chim. to Poland 452. Union in burg ib. A commission ap-
ney tops to be repaired ib. she counsels of Vienna and pointed to try the state-pri-
Ajury's report concerning Berlin 458. Hints thrown 1oners ib. Struenice and
the fufficiency of the new out by the former of claims Brandy condemned, and exe-
bridge 104. A malked ball on Poland ib. Of the Confe• cuted 677, 8.

The Queen
at ib. Au embalmed beart derales 459. Salt-mines sei. convoyed to Stade by a Bri-
found at the West-church zede by the Austrians 460.' tifh{quadron 678. Peace
500. The revolution-club Joint manifesto presented by between the Danes and Al-
resolve to walk in proceflion, the parritioning powers ib. gerines 679. Reconciliation
613. Şec Charity- Work. Specifications by the three between the French King

powers respectively 401, 2. and the Princes of the Blood
Egorism ridiculed 131 Some observations on them ib. Scarcity of provisions
Electricity produced from 463, 4. Polith answer to in many countries ib. Mag-
hair 305. Whimsical expe- the manifesto to the parti- nificence of the Emprefs of
riments in 640"

tioning powers 513. Reply Russia 680.
Elgin, a great Norm at 104

ib. A diet to be fummoned Falkirk, a great quantity of
Ellis no preserving feeds Ø5I 514. Wretched fate of Po. black cattle fold at 612
Emigrations, from Glengary, land ih. Dantzick oppreff. Ferguson's institutes of moral

&c. 499, from Storeoway ed by the K of Prulia srs. philosophy 049
557. trom Croydal, Locha- Privileges of the British Ferrers, E. trial of a curious
ber, &e. ib. from the coun- merchants, &c, invaded by yacht constructed by 494
ties of Moray, Ross, &c. ib. him $16. Thorn also op- Fevers, Armstrong ou long.
Prevented by relieving the prelied by him $18. Incon- ings. ja 307. Rogers on the
oppretled 591. Meafures for listency concerning the allem- cure of 407
preventing faid before, the bling of a diet ib. A covoter Fiars for 1772 168
King 667

dies conveyed by Prullian Fielding, Sir J. applies against
Englitli poets, a poetical e. means 519.

Forfeiture of actiog the Beggar's opera
pille on 34

Pr. Czartericki, and C. Kicki 495. Sce Beggar's opera
conftitution, Voltaire's view ib. Magnanimity of Pr. Finlay, See St Ninian's
of 60

Radzivil, and of ihe March. Fish, description of a mon.
Entail-act, an abstract of the Weilopolska $20. Of the strous oue seen in Greenland
late one relating to Scotland ancient Swedilla government

509. Great change by Gu- Fitzgerald, See Scawen
Epsom and Harrigate waters ftavus Vasa ib. Nobleness Fluid copper, a strong poison
compared 132

of Gustavus Adolphus ib.
Esquimaux, one of their cap- Desporifm established by Foreigners. See Commons
tains and his wife appears Charles XI. 570. Affairs at Forfar county, riots in 17.
in London 52. An affini- the death of Charles XII. A police-scheme established
ty betwixt their language 576. A fucceffor elected there 164. Resolution con-
and that of Greenland ib.. 572, Conduct of the pre- cerning riots at Dundee ib.
A further verification of font King 4t his accession ib. Several gentlemen thanked

Matters preparatory to the for their activity in fup.
Efsays on public worship, &c. re solution 573. Revolt of pressing the riots 320. Trial

the garrison of Christianstadt of the rioters i 5
Eton, shocks of an earth- 574, Pr. Charles's conduct Fortrole, resolution of the
quake at 388

575. Measures taken by the magistrates, &c. against por-
Europe, history of for 1772. denate 576. Behaviour of ter 499

Revolutions in the political the King ib. Rupture with France, (and French). A fire
fyftem 337. Of the balance the feoare 615. The revo- in the Hotel Dieu 49. The
of power 338. Probable lution takes place in Stock. King and nobility contri-
contequences of the dismem - holm 626. The old form of bute to make good the da-
berment of Poland with r. government abolitlied, and mage so. The number ķill-
1pext to other states. 339. now one ellably thed $27. ed and wounded by din fire



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Warlike prepa-

buried 323

ib. A child supposed to be General afsembly meets 206+ distemper, among harned
drowned recovered 49. The L. Cathcart commiflione cattle 49.
secret of extracting the el. 267., Dr Drysdale moderat: rations of the K. of Prullia
cence of barley found out tor ib. Ministers appointed ib. Measures to alleviatt
50. New manufactories - 10 preach ib. Determina. ibe dearth -in Bohemia go.
Nablishing 97. The cry. tion conceroing Air çoma A fire, at Montgatz in Hea-
city exercised on a religious million ibn , Dillent againt gary, ib. Emperor's dispáte
ib. Of discoveries, made in 245, Address his Majelty on with the Pope about the
The terrz australes 263, An the birth of a prince 268. elechion and investiture of
armanent sent out to prole. Report of the committee for Bilops 158. His letter to
cute them 264. An old per the better ordering of the the K of Poland 216. In
fon falls into a trance, and affcmbly , house ib. The tends to vifit Poland, boris
awakes when going to be time of mcering of the fy: diffuaded from it ib.. The

Earthquakes nod of Moray altered 269. Emprefs. Queen causes chil-
at St Malo ib. Jnfurrections Me Burges's licence fustained dren to be inoculated under
at Toulouse, and Guienue ib. A collection appointed the care of her own plyi.
on account of the high price to be made for building a ciao 322. K. of Pnflià relieds
of provisions 323, 4. Ma: bridge over the Northetk ibsome towns of debts incur.
rine officers at Brent to erect. Determination in the case of red by furnishing contribu-
à ftatue to the King 323.

Si Ninian's 270. See St Ni- tions lalt war ib. Damage
and the King busts of such pian's, Determinaziou in, done by a thunder-storm in
of that body as have diftin. the case of Cardross 271, the circle of Voigtland ib.
guillied thenifelves is. Da Diffent against ib. Report. The Prince of Gonzague
mages done by a bursicane of a committee in the case cedes his right to the priscia
ar Oricans 324 Measures of Norristown agreed 10 272. pality of Castiglione ta Aur
taken to lower the price of Determination in the case of fria 381. Prices of coro de
bread ib. Great damage Cambunang ib.! Saxony expected to fall 78
doue by a hail-Storm in le. cerning Lentrathen dilinified A hand of coliber detected
veral places 392. The vil. ib. A new presbytery erected and punished ib. Rasages
lage of Epry burnt ib Of under the name of Naisn. commiued by fwarms of tas
ficers broke for refusing to prefbytery ibe On the mig, and mice 441. $50. A de
serve under a lieutenant-co- nisters vislows, fund 273• Iructive hail storm at Breme
lonel ib. Bounty to the ex Sec Ministers widows De. 441. Letter from London
porters of African laves dif. termination in the case of to the Empress Queen afting
continued ib. The sieur the united parifh of Liff and payment of a loqu oo Silehi
La Lande foretells the dica Beovie ib. Overtures con- ib. A plentiful. baisek .
appearance of Saturn's ring cerning minifters accepting Bull for fuppreflion of the
383. Convention with the of fictitious qualifications, Jesuits publillied ib. See
United Provinces mutually and of clders judgiog in the Jefuitse K. of Proflia Taka
exempting their subjects from trial of ministers, ordered to an improvement on the rain
the droit d'aubaine 441. Alic on the table 273, 4. Un rods of muskets ib. Aeg.
1ecret expedition sent out to vertures ordered to be se ments his army 550. ls.
the Indies 442: Damages transmitted to presbyteries porcs a duty upon fugan
done hy a thunder-sorni in 274. Proceediogs against the fent from Hamburg 662. E-
Bretagne 491. Chev. Bryce growth of l'opery in the dict against duelling al Mu-
prefents an Abyflinan ma., highlands ib. Determina nich 606. For urbat ratsa
Dufcript and oiher curiofi-' tion in the case of l. Kenne to Austria and Pruja (**
ties to the King 401. A dy, against Mr R. Brown, cerning Poland, Ice Poland.
grand canal making to join 274, S. 6. Window-lax Gibbon's gencalogy of Crom
the So'nme to the l' Efaut committee continued 277) well 200
5ş!. An earthquake ar 1411 Kirk-feflions ordered to par. Gibraltar, an carebquake at
6072 A powder magazine chale acts of allembiy ib. 325
blown up at Abbeville il. Protestation admitted against Glasgow, a great form at roy.
The loss thereby occasioned elders for not infining in an Trials at 334. 555. Veles

come directly to from free
Franklin, Ds. acknowledges he commission of, determi- land $12. A fhocking mur
trapfinitted Gov, Huachine nation in the cate of Mir der at ib.
fon's, &c. letters to Boston Wrighe accused of limony, Glenorchy's chapel, an acci-

&c. 388. in that of Fetter dent happens at 499
Gage, Gen, arrives from Que cairn 389. and in that of St Golburn, Me, finithes his opt
bec 387

Ninian's013. See St Nigian's rations at Dumbuck ford
Game-act for Scotland, abi Georgia. Sce America

Germany, affairs there Jaft Gold coin, abstract of the ad
Ganscl, Gen. tried and ac year 342. See Europe. Per for preventing the counter-
quitted 495
uafite root cflicarious in die feiting, &c. of 364. Th:



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Itract of 449


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