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50 Affairs in Spain, Portugal, Barbary, and British West Indies. Vol. XXXV. old, the son of a paper. maker at Mou- med the Ajurias, Don Antonio de Metiers, fell lately into the river of Breile, rada commander, but just arrived at Caand was not taken out till about an hour diz from the South seas, entirely confirms after. He was inmediately afterwards it ; and adds, that when he failed from put on a bed, and covered up warm, the city of Conception, in Chili, the na. where he remained for two hours; when tives were entirely in poffeffion of the a skilful person arriving, he extended him- town of Caftrio on the inand of Chili, self over the child, and breathed strong and likewise the whole island itself; also Jy into his mouth, at the same time stop. that the Chilele had attacked the city ping the child's ears. After this he of St Jago, the capital of Chili, and took the child near a fire, where he rubburnt great part of it to the ground.' bed him fuccellively with flannel, cau de vie, and falt; but this not effecting his


PORTUGAL purpose, the artist went to seek a pipe « Lisbon, Jan. 1. We have just res with tobacco. However, this last fuc- ceived tbe agreeable advice, that the discour was not wanted; for, during his turbances which have lately happened absence, the child gave signs of life, and at some of the Portuguese settlements on in a short time after was entirely recover the coast of Africa, particularly at Ar

verri, Mogador, and Arebo, are now " London, Jan, 21. Letters from Pa- entirely fettled, through the bravery and ris mention, that his Majesty has order. conduct of the Portuguese commander ed the sum of 50,000 livres to be illued at Benin, who, with about 700 Euro. towards making goud the damagès occa- peans, (moft of them irregulars), and alioned by the late fire at the Hotel Dieu; bout 8000 friendly Negroes, gave battle and that the Royal Family, the Princes to an army of between 30 and 40,000 of the Blood, the ministry, and several Negroes, under the command of the other persons of the firit rank, have King of Whilah, a Negro prince, and contributed very largely to the same pur- obtained a complete victory ; [mce which, pore.”

peace has been effectually re-established.” “ London, Jan. 30. Letters from Paris, by yesterday's mail, mention, that

B A R B A R Y. on a ítrict examination the number of Ancona, Dec. 14. A rupture is talk those who perished in the great fire at ed of between Spain and the Barbary the Hotel Dieu, amounted only to four powers, in support of which it is said, teen burnt, and nineteen wounded. that the Spaniards have taken a large thip Great numbers of patients, at first thought belonging to a certain power, and carto have been loft, were found at differ. ried her into Carthagena, on pretence ent houses, where they had taken refuge that she was laden with warlike stores, in their fright.”

deligned as a present for the Dey of Al" Paris, Dec. 15. A person animated giers, – According to all our accounts with a benevolent zeal, has found out from the coast of Barbary, the French the secret of drawing an essence from are highly respected all over Algiers, barley, of which four ounces (at the where the merchants of that nation have rate of one fol per ounce) will be a fuffi- obtained leave to build, not only an hocient daily subsistence for a man; who fpital, but a church, hefides feveral privi. would grow too fat if he used more. With leges with respect to their trade. The this eflence, it is said, human nature Dey of that regency carries his attention may be amply supported, without any to the French fo far, as to take all the other aliment, even bread. The project European goods he has occasion for of will be proposed to the government; and the French conful; to whom besides he if it is found practicable, and be adopted, gives leave to set lix slaves at liberty eve. will be a great relief to the poor at this ry year. This favour is looked upon as time of general scarcity;"

a return for the services done by the

French in aslifting the Dey with engiSPAIN.

neers, &c. to put his navy on a respect" Madrid, Dec. 14. We have lately able footing, and fortifying all the strong had the disagreeable news, fome time places in his dominions.” Tince received from South America [xxxiv. 5727, more fully authenticated BRITISH WEST INDIES. than crer, A Spanish fip of war, na, “ London, Jan. 16. Letters from St

... Christopher's, Christopher's, dated the 16th of Novem- an average the company carried to their ber last, meation, that they had had credit, government, with customs, fine, fome fine rains there, and that the island &c. &c. received one million and a quarwas in a fair way of making a great quan- ter. He arraigned very freely the late tity of sugars this year, the canes being proceedings of parliament; and concluded fery fine and green; and that a great by saying, he was not afraid to declare, number of the houses which had been he wondered how they dared take such blown down in the late hurricane were unconstitutional measures. Gov. Johnrebuilt; and they were in hopes in a stone agreed on the whole with Mr Macklittle time to complete the whole, as worth, but differed in some conclusions : they hourly expected ships from England he threw the blame of all the company's with building materials, which were miscarriages on the directors, who were much wanted."

buoying up the spirits of the proprietary

with a pompous account of their affairs, ENGLAND.

when they knew every circumstance that At a general court of the East-India at present affects them. Mr Dempster company, Dec. 3. the chairman acquaint- said, that though from the plan he had

the court, that the directors had come comunicated, he imagined they needed to a resolution of recommending, for the not be so much distressed as to reduce cluing haif-year, a dividend at the rate their dividend so low, yet fome late de. cf fisier cent. Mr Sullivan diffented : terminations of another house had renbear in a state of the company's af- dered their affairs so uncertain, that he fairs, powing their ability to divide ten had altered his opinion, and that he Der coni. and to give as much to the pu- therefore believed the present dividend

, with a play for that purpose. Mr was the most eligible for the present.Rumbold gave his opinion' in favour of A ballot was taken, Dec. 29. That the fix per cent. Gov. Johustone also gave dividend for the last half-year fall be in a sketch of a plan, which agreed with three per cent.; and carried in the affir

Sullivan's, in point of the company's mative, 131 to 12. kihing ftate; but recommending it, The present distress of the East-India at the same time, as a matter of pru- company, says a writer in the London denke, to confine themselves to fix per papers, cannot be deemed surprising to ccat, till out of the power of parliament. those who con verone moment the causes Mr Dampfter delivered two plans; but which have cuntributed to haften their ceclmed entering into their contents, the ruin: let us, says he, attend to the fol. court being thin, and the hour late, lowing fact. Our colonies fent annually

This subject was taken again under to England 600,cool, for the single article confideration Dec. 23. Mr Mackworth, of tea; but when it became a question, 2 chairman of the committee of twenty. whether they should be slaves under that ive proprietors for inspecting the affairs importation, or freemen importing it of the company (xxxiv. 687.), assured from a foreign market, the tea remained the court, though their cash-account was in the company's warehouses, and the Fery low at prefert, the general com- 600,000l. went to Holland and Denplexion of their affairs looked well; that mark. That non importation or loss of he thought it his duty (though they had market - has now continued for five Dot gone through the whole of the ac- years, it makes three millions diffi-rence, Cunts) to tell the proprietary on that in their cash-account, -- is the true cause day what progress they had made; he of the great quantity now on harici,- is therefore produced a debtor and creditor an immense loss to the revenue, to the

count of the company, where a coníi- merchant, to the state, and has operated dcrable ba ar ce appeared in their favour; very considerably towards producing the be likewise afured the court, they need present scarcity of money, and universal be in no danger from a supposition of stagnation to all business. This is not their bec ming further dependent on go- all: - the fame motives which prevented Serpmer; for according to their ac- our colonists from consuming the comcounts from the year 1767 to the present pany's tea, also prevented the purchase time, the latter could not wish for better of many other valuable articles; - it is dents; he produced, in support of this difficult to afcertain the amount, but it opinion, annual accounts within that is very confiderable, and makes a nonpcriod, where, for every 300,000l. on Arous difference in the state of their af

fairs. In short, it has been the principal those who excelled in the great style, cause of their approaching diffolution. which gave him an opportunity to speak

At a meeting of the creditors of Mefl. of the characters of Raphael, and MiNeale, James, Fordyce, and Down chael Angelo. He then proceeded to [xxxiv. 473.7, held at Guildhall, Dec, 23. those styles, the excellency of which conto declare a dividend; it appearing, that fifted principally in the union and harthe proofs and claims under the commis- mony preserved in all the component fion amounted to 181,3301, 19 s. 5d, and parts, without which a work cannot have that the assignees had a balance in their ihat marked and determined character hands of 33,0191. 15 s. 2 d. a dividend which is so much the characteristic of of 4s. in the pound was ordered to be genius : under this class he more partimade.

cularly placed Salvator Rosa; and likeThe office of register of the consents of wise spoke of the peculiarity and characpersons going to the plantations, given ter of style of Poulline, Rubens, and Carto Mr Thompson (xxxiv. 696.), has lain lo Maratti. He concluded, by giving dormant for more than half a century. them a caution to be as select in those It was eftablished in thereign of Charles II. whom they endeavour to please, as in at a time when great encouragement was those whom they endeavour to imitate, given to people to settle in the colonies, alluding to the exhibitions, which, though to prevent their taking a part of the hire, producing such admirable effects, by and defrauding the hirers, which was nourishing emulation, and calling out common at that time,

genius, have also a mischievous tendency, At the anniversary meeting of the royal by reducing the painter to an ambition academy, held at Somerfet-house, Lon- of pleasing, indiscriminately, the mixed don, Dec. 10. the following premiums multitude of people who resort to them. were given, viz.

On the 27th of November, Mr Capon A gold medal to John Keyes Sherwin, of Lowestoffe, who had been formerly for the best composition in oil colours, subjected to fits, and who about twenty the subject of which was Coriolanus ta- months before had forcibly swallowed a king leave of his family.

crown-piece, which was placed between gold medal was likewise given to his teeth to prevent bis biting his tongue, Thomas Engleheart, for the best model brought up the fame, but was almost of a la -relief, representing Ulyfres ad- choked in the effort. He has since endrifti g himself to Nausicaa.

joyed a continued state of health, which Tore silver medals were given for the before was frequently interrupted with beit drawirgs of academy-figures, to pains in the stomach, and a disagreeable N-fr. Charles Sherrif, William Griffin, uite in his mouth. The piece, when and John Howes.

brought up, was so black that the inAliiver medal was given to Mr John fcription could not be read, and ftill conLoci ée, for the beit mcdai of an acade- tiones very much discoloured. my figure.

In the morning of Dec, 22. was a great · Two Glver medals for the best draw. fog at London and its environs, infoirs of architecture, being drawings of much that carts, coaches, and other carthe Banqueting - honfe at TVhitchall, riages ran against each other at noon-day. done froin accurate admeasurements, The darkness was so great, that the carwere given to Meli. John Rudd and John riages of the nobility and gentry were

aitended with lights, the same as at midAfter the medals were given, the pre- night. fii'ent, as usual, read to the fiuderts a An Esquimaux Indian captain, with discourse. He filtracomincnded to them his squaw or wife, appeared in London, to keep their principal attention Exed on Dec. 24. They were brought by Com. the higher excellercies of the art, but Shuldham from Newfoundland, to estacautiored them agaiint attempting to u- blith a lating friendloip with the Eglots, niie con radictory excellencies, whether as these people call the English nation. in regard to torin, or the exprcfiions of The Elquim iux nation inhabit the coulpaflions. He then ipoke of the fubor- try on the north of the river St Lawrence, dination in which various excellencies between whom and the inhabitants of ought to be kept, and expatiated on the Greenland there has been found a reluding principles and capital works of markible alinity of language.


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