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consequences, to the security of our There was another evil attempted at 2nd-rights, and the property of this the last general election, which I am incountry, than the practice that has for formed is now become more general and une time prevailed of splitting valua- alarming to the gentlemen of the differtes, and creating nominal qualifica. ent counties, on whose free choice etoos for voting to serve a job. Numbers lections formerly depended ; and that is,

kafible men, in the heat of party, by the several Noble families of large "Lae been induced to do it; but no wise eitates in the different counties, who ta that ever tried it, but when he are otherwise by law discharged from in

Des to think coolly, will tell you he'll terfering in the election of commoners, Tu do it again, if he can but get the their improving this splitting plan, and

tered parts of his estate restored and splitting their whole estates, to over1 x together: and yet it is amazing, to power the private gentlemen of property Ticine how many are deluded into it at in each county; so that in a few years

Ty return of a general election. The we shall see applications made, not to ea Grit was much confined; and after the gentlemen of a county, but to any jahintary law made a good many years Noble family that has property enough

3 be a great lawyer, afterwards an e- within it, which, when split, shall be *** judge, had fettled the rules of sufficient to overpower all the other gen

os on general principies, and cut tlemen of the county : and so this part igeat harvest of litigation that pre- of our constitution, that was formerly in od that falutary law, then it was, that the hands of private gentlemen of proop wethren of the gown set their in- perty, shall go into the hands of a few an to work to bring fresh grift to Noble families throughout the kingdom.

, by splitting of valuations, and It has been said, Why should not Noating away the trust oath. At first, ble families have the use of their property

ben confined their maneuvres of as well as private gentlemen ? The ar

within their own families, and gument is at first light fpecious, but nei. leated themselves with giving ficti- ther conclufive nor folid. This is an

stes to fecond fons, brothers, and use of their property that never was in

Icar connections; now it is gone tended by the constitution, but directly iz, that the ministers of the gospel the contrary. They have by the constierze barons by these fictions, and some tution their own province, with which

then are the foremost to swallow oaths private gentlemen cannot interfere; and at att and pofTeflion at county-meetings this use of their property was never AUDr. 656.]. It is matter of regret, that dreamed of till of late, that a stretch for

grademen who go to parliament, do power, and the invention of lawyers, Pax their own ease attend to this ab- (often hurtful to the constitution), introbok, and procure a law to put a stop to duced it: and if it go on, all the coun- There is no denying, that it is a ties in the kingdom will be represented Ezt caly matter to deal with a few gen- by a son, a brother, or a connection of

20 of fubftantial interest in a county, those families, with no other interest in sa to run about to numbers forced in the county but their connection, and a ure them, that have no other interest few skins of parchment; whereas the tabo many sheets of parchment for influence of those families in such matteir territory. It has been observed, ters should depend on different princiHe Doorflary requisite for a qualification ples; their civility, hospitality, friend

constitution is rather too bigh; thip, and good offices cultivated among i lo, why not obtain a law to fix it the country gentlemen ; and not the dista leis valuation? I have heard, that charge of their weight of metal around

Fortby gentleman lately in parliament, them, in consequence of a modern de. Plow a judge, did frame an act to this vice of lawyers, subversive of the constirol, and for restraining all splittings, tution, and contrary to the genius of it. 53.ept in cases of actual solid sales made The first stretch of this kind was made

Tous purchasers; and yet, that by by a Noble family in one of the more e partial connections of a few members northern counties of this kingdom, fevewith kme Noble families who opposed ral years ago, when I attended the bar. fasad, cold water was thrown upon it, A private gentleman opposed the family; du dropped, to the shame of such as and the county bad spirit to support him; Teisitruments in so doing, . be carried his point; and to thrust him


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