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hedges may be formed, in a more expedi- Red campion flors plentifully.
Arts, for having discovered that hawthorn Bugle, yellow rattle, male orchis, and
tious manner than usual, by cutting the female orchis, flower.
roots of this shrub into small pieces, and May, or whitethorn, flowers sparingly.
planting them with the top one-fourth of Gardens, fields, and meadows begin to
an inch above the ground; the upper end assume their richest liveries. The trees
of each piece may be marked when cut- are in young green leaf, and every hedge
ting, by giving it iwo cuts, and the lower and bush seems in flower. The orchards
end but one.

The spring is the best time are delightful, when in full blossom at this
to plan: the sets; of those planted by Mr. time.
Taylor, not five in one hundred were lost.

This is the bird-inonth. Swallows and

martins have all arrived. The nightingale
The first of May stands in the church and thrush continue to delight the ear by
calendar as the festival day, of these night, the voice of the cuckoo is heard by
apostles, respecting whom, and for large night and by day, and all the birds are in
accounts of the celebration of May-day, full song.
reference may be had to the Every-Duy

May 2.
Up, up, let us greet

William Camden, the illustrious es-
The season so sweet,

plorer of our antiquities, who was born
For winter is gone :

in the Old Bailey, on the 2d of May,
And the flowers are springing,

1551, relates concerning the objects of
And little birds singing,
Their soft notes ringing,

worship with our forefathers, as follows,
And bright is the sun!

Where all was drest

Mercury whom they called Woodan, his
In a snowy vest,

sacrifices were men, and the day conse-
There grass is growing

crated to him the fourth of the week,
With dew-drops glowing
And flowers are seen

which we therefore at this day call Wed-
On beds so green.

nesday. The sixth they consecrated to All down in the grove,

Venus, whom they called Frea and Frico,

whence we call that day Friday, as Tues-
Around, above,
Sweet music floats ;

day is derived from Tuisco, the founder
As now loudly vying,

of the German nation. They also worNow sofdy sighing,

shipped the goddess Herthus, i. e. their The nightingale's plying

mother earth, imagining that she interested Her tuneful notes,

herself in the affairs of men and nations,
And joyous at spring

In a temple (called in their vulgar tongue
Her companions sing.

Ubsola, the furniture whereof is all of
Up, maidens, repair

gold) the people worshipped the statues of
To tbc meadows so fair

three gods. "Thor, the most powerful of And dance we away

them, has a room by himself in ihe middle; This mery May !

on each side of him are Woodan and Godfrey of Nifen, 13th Century. * Frico; the emblems of them are these :

Thor they take to be the ruler of the air,

and to send as be sees convenient thund May 1.-Day breaks

2 7 and lightning, winds and showers, fair Sun rises

4 37 weather and fruit. Woodan, the second, is sets.

7 23 more valiant; it is he that manages Twilight ends

9 53 wars, and inspires people with courage Bulbous crowsfoot Aowers beautifully against their enemies. Frico, the third, in the meadows.

presents men with peace and pleasure, and Lords and ladies, or the flowers of the his statue is cut with a terminus, as someArum maculatum, are under the hedges times seen in representations of the god of and shady places.

gardens. They engrave Woodan armed,

as Mars is with us. Thor seems to be • Lays of the Minnesingers. represented with the sceptre of Jupiter.



h. m.


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May 3. Away to that sunny nook; for the thick shower

The driving boy, beside his team Rushes on stridingly: Ay, now it comes, Of May month's boauty now will dreaja, Glancing about the leaves with its first dips,

And cock his hat, and turn his eye
Like snatches of faint music. Joyous thrush, On flower, and tree, and deepening sky,
It mingles with thy song, and beats soft time

And oft burst loud in fits of song, so thy bubbling shrillness. Now it louder And whistle as he reels along; falls,

Cracking his whip, in s:arts of joy-
Pattering, like the far voice of leaping rills;

A happy, dirty, driving boy.
And now it breaks upon the shrinking clumps
With a crash of many sounds,-the thrush is

Tallis's LITANY still. There are sweet scents about us ; the violet May 3, 1751, the anniversary festival hides

of the sons of the clergy was held at St. On that green bank; the primrose sparkles Paul's cathedral, upon which occasion, by there :

order of the dean, was revived the anThe earth is grateful to the teeming clouds, cient manner of chanting the Litany, as And yields a sudden freshness to their kisses. composed by Dr. Tallis, music-master to But now the shower slopes to the warm west, Henry VIII. The collection at the church Leaving a dewy track; and see, the big drops,

and dinner, and at a previous rehearsal, Like falling pearls, glisten in the sunny mist.

with a benefaction of £50 from the Apollo The air is clear again ; and the far woods Shine out in their early green.

Let's onward,

Academy, amounted to £1140. 16s., which then,

was the largest sum ever before contriFor the first blossoms pecp about the path,

buted. The lambs are nibbling the short dripping

HORSEMANSHIP. grass, And the birds are on the bushes.

May 3, 1758, a wager was laid at Knight's Quarterly Magazine.

Newmarket, by a youig lady, that she

would ride 1000 miles in 1000 hours, “ For so have I seen a lark rising from

which she accomplished in little more his bed of grass, and soaring upwards, than a third of the time." singing as he rises, and hopes to get to heaven, and climb above the clouds; but

WuPPING Toms, LEICESTER. the poor bird was beaten back by the

[To Mr. Hone.) loud sighings of an eastern wind, and his Sir-If you consider the following acmotion made irregular and inconstant, count of a Shrovetide custom at Leicester descending more at every breath of the worth preserving in your amusing misceltempest than it could recover by the vi- lany it is much at your service, brations and frequent weighings of his On the south-western side of Leicester, wings; till the little creature was forced and adjoining to the remains of its ancient to sit down, and pant and stay till the castle, once the residence of the powerful storm was over, and then it made a pros- and warlike earls of Leicester, and also perous flight, and did rise and sing as if of several of our early monarchs, and in it had learned music and motion from an the spacious hall of which the assizes and angel, as he passed sometimes through other courts for the county are still held, the air, about his ministries here below." is a large open space in the shape of a - Jeremy Taylor.

cross, forming in the centre a handsome square surrounded by large and principal

ly old fashioned mansions, occupied by Muy 2.—Day breaks

2 3 the wealthy manufacturers and bankers of Sun rises

4 36 that thriving town. This space is called sets

7 24 “the Newark," i. e. Newworks, being adTwilight ends.

9 57 ditions and outworks made principally by Pike, geranium flowers scantily. John of Gaunt, with whom the castle was a

Wall speedwell flowers in fields and on favorite residence. It is open at three valls.

of the extreme ends of the cross, two of The common marigold of last year's which are entered by ancient embattled plants are in flower. Its seedlings flower gateways and the fourth is a Cul-de-s10. in July.

* Boyle's Chronology

h. m.

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So much for the locality, which during Cross flower flowers. the afternoon of Shrove-Tuesday is the Poetic narcissus flowers scene of considerable inirth. In this space Germander speedwell flowers abunseveral (I think three) men, called “Whip- dantly. ping Toms,” each being armed with a Stock gilliflowers are out in profusion. large waggon whip and attended by Common wallflower is numerously in another man carrying a bell, claim the flower. right of Aogging every person whom they can catch, while their attendant bell-man can keep ringing his bell. If you have

May 4. occasion to go to any of the houses in the place a small gratuity secures you from a whipping. The amusement consists in

4th May, 1733, died Mr. John Undersurrounding the bell-man, and silencing wood, of Whittlesca, in Cambridgeshire. his bell; for during the cessation of ringing At his burial, when the service was over, the whipper is powerless: this however is a

an arch was turned over the coffin, in service of some hazard and requires the

which was placed a small piece of combined address and activity of the white marble with this incription,

Then the six young men who take part in the frolic. omnis Moriar, 1733." As soon however as a whipping Tom finds gentlemen who followed him to the grave nis companion silenced, and subject to the

sang the last stanza of the 20th Ode iaugh of the spectators, he hurries with his

of the second book of Horace. No bell attendant bell to the rescue, and the scene

was tolled, no one was invited but the six becomes one of considerable mirth and gentlemen, and no relation followed his animation, and many daring attempts are

corpse. His coffin was painted green. often made to capture the succoring bell, He was laid in it with all his clothes on; and increase their amusement on the one

under his head was placed Sanadon's Hohand, and to liberate the captured bell and

race, at his feet Bentley's Milton, in his get both whips into action on the other. right hand a small Greek Testament, with By the three outlets escape is easy, and the

this inscription in gold letters, EIMI EN fourth contains a space dignified by the

ΤΩι ΣΤΑΥΡΩι, J. O., in his left hand a name of little London, within which if small edition of Horace, with this inscripattained you are entitled 10 sanctuary. tion, “Mysis Amicvs, J. U.," and The bustlē, activity, and address occasione Bentley's Horace, sub police. After the ed by the attempts to “ silence the dreadful ceremony the six gentlemen returned to hell,” or to cross the space in defiance of his house, where his sister had provided the whipping Toms, together with the mis- a cold supper; and, on the cloth being haps of the luckless wights who are

removed, they sang the 31st Ode of the unsuccessful in the attempt, and the bois

first book of Horace, drank a cheerful terous mirth of the spectators when suc

glass, and went home about cight. Mr. cessful, render it a scene of gaiety and

Underwood left nearly 60001. to his sister, humor to which the young look forward

on condition of her observing this his with considerable animation.

will; he ordered her to give each of the I have vainly endeavoured to ascertain gentlemen ten guineas, and desired they the origin and antiquity of this custom :

would not come in black clothes. The none of the inhabitants are able to afford

will ends thus :-“ Which done, I would any information respecting it. The town

hare them take a cheerful glass, and and neighbourhood contain several objects think no more of John Underwood."* interesting to the antiquarian and general enquirer, of which I will cheerfully furnish you some brief notices if you consider

h, m.

1 56 them worth your acceptance, and remain May 4. Day breaks Yours, truly,

Sun rises

4 32 J. C. B.

7 28 Twilight ends 10 4

Early piony flowers. May 3. Day breaks

Pasque flower appears daily.

2 0 Sun rises

Slender narcissus flowers. 4 34

7 26 Twilight ends

Geat's. Mag • 10 0





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h. m.

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May 5.

traffic, which they deemed a disgrace to

humanity, and a reproach to the name of SHARK AND Boy.

Christians, might be abolished. In 1792 5th May, 1803, at Ongar Point, on the the house of commons resolved, in a coast of Java, John Walker, aged 13, committee of the whole house, that the boatswain's boy of the Ganges Ea India- slave-trade was improper to be continued; man, then lying at anchor, was swim- but, on account of certain considerations ing close to the ship, when he was of expediency, determined that its abolidiscovered by a shark, which imme- tion should be gradual, and a bill was diately approached him, and in spite of passed, permitting the trade, under certhe exertion of a boat's crew alongside, iain limitations, to be cained on ull the who instantly endeavoured to intimidate

1st of January, 1796, after which it was the hungry monster, he seized the unfor

to be totally prohibited. When this bill tunate boy, by including within his mouth was carried to the house of lords, the the whole of the right leg, and more than

peers found it inconsistent with their dighalf the thigh. Hle pulled the boy with nity to admit evidence which had not him beneath the water, in the presence of been taken at their own bar; and, as their upwards of 100 men, who were spectators examination of witnesses could not be of the scene, and kept him below for closed during the then session of parlianearly two minutes, in which tiine he had

ment, the bill was necessarily lost for that torn off the leg and thigh to the extent

year. In the mean time the claims of above-mentioned. The boy once more certain parties, whose “ vested interests". made his appearance on the surface of the

were likely to be affected by the abolition water, and the shark turned upon his back, of the traffic, were represented by the folwith his jaws again extended, to finish his lowing prey, when a lad from the boat struck him with the boat-hook, and by the

PETITION same instrument laid hold of the boy, and To the Right Honorable, 8c. dragged him board. The boy had lost a “ Sheweth, vast deal of blood; the stump was dreadfully lacerated, and the bone so splintered

“ That your petitioners are a numerous as io require amputation close to the hip body, and, at present, in a very flourishjoint. Under all these untoward circum- ing situation, owing chiefly to the constant stances, the poor fellow recovered within

visitation of the shipping of your island. three months from the date of the opera

“That, by hovering round these floating tion, and the fleet, compassionating his dungeons, your petitioners are supplied extraordinary case, subscribed upwards of with large quantities of their most fa

vorite food-human fesh. 280l. for him.*

“ That your petitioners arenot only For more than three years previously to sustained, by the carcases of those who 1792 the abolition of the slave trade, carri

have fallen by distempers, but are freed on from the coast of Africa to the West- quently gratified with rich repasts from India islands, by British subjects, was

the bodies of living negroes, who volunwarmly agitated in the parliament of Bri- tarily plunge into the abodes of your petain ; and a committee of the house of com- tioners, preferring instant destruction by mons appointed to examine witnesses

their jaws, to the imaginary horrors of a during two successive sessions of parlia

lingering slavery. ment, collected a great body of evi

“That, among the enormous breakers dence, which was printed for the informa

and surfs which roll on the shores of your tion of the members. As this formed a

petitioners, numbers of English boats are large volume in folio, au abridgment of the destroyed, the crews of which usually fall whole was made and printed also, for the

to their lot, and afford them many a deliuse of the members, and several 'abridg- cious meal; but, above all, that large veyments of this abridgment were afterwards sels, crowded with negroes, are sometimes published throughout the nation. The

dashed on the rocks and shoals, which people, in general, warmly espoused the abound in the regions of your petitioners, abolition, and petitions were presented to whereby hundreds of human beings, both parliament, from almost every class of black and white, are at once precipitated

into their element, where the gnawing of persons in the kingdom, praying that this

human flesh, and the crashing of bones, • Rombay Courier.

afford to your petitioners the highest grati

fication which their natures are capable of Soft airs and gentle heavings of the wave enjoying

Impel the fleet whose errand is to save, * Thus benefited, as your petitioners

To succour wasted regions, and rep'ace are, by this widely-extended traffic, a

The smile of opulence in sorrow's face,traffic which has never before been mo

But ab! what wish can prosper, or what lested, it is with the utmost indignation


For merchants rich in cargoes of despair, they hear that there are in Britain men,

Who drive a loathsome tratfic, gauge and span, who, under the specious plea of humanity,

And buy the muscles and the bones of man ? are endeavouring to accomplish its abo

COWPER. lition.—But your petitioners trust that this attempt at innovation, this flourishing “ What greater measure can we have, of the trumpet of liberty, by which more than that we should bring joy to our brois meant than meets the ear,' will be ther, who, with his dreary eyes, looks to effectually frustrated.

heaven, and round about, and cannot find “ Should the lower branch of the legis- so much rest as to lay his eyelids close Jature be so far infatuated by this new

together; than that thy tongue should be fangled humanity as seriously to meditate tuned with heavenly accents, and make the destruction of this beneficial com

the very soul to listen for ease and light, merce, your petitioners have the firmest and when he perceives there is such a reliance on the wisdom and fellow-feel- thing in the world, and in the order of ings of the lords spiritual and temporal of things, as comfort and joy, to begin to Great Britain.

break out from the prison of his sorrows, “ Your petitioners know that the truly at the door of sighs and tears, and by benevolent will ever be consistent,—that little and little melt into showers and they will not sacrifice one part of animated refreshment? This is glory to thy voice, jature to the preservation of another, and employment fit for the brightest that they will not suffer sharks to starve, angel. But so have I seen ibe sun kiss in order that negroes may be happy; the frozen earth, which was bound up with yet your petitioners are apprehensive that the images of death, and the colder breath ihe baleful influence of this philanthropic of the north ; and then the waters break inania is already felt, even within ihe

from their enclosures, and melt with joy, walls of your lordships ; wherefore they and run it useful channels; and the flies crave to be heard by counsel, at the bar do rise again from their little graves in of your august assembly, when, notwith walls, and dance awhile in the air, to tell standing the wild ravings of fanaticism, that their joy is within, and that the great they hope to evince that the sustenance of nother of creatures will open the stock of sharks, and the best interests of your her new refreshment, become useful to ordships, are intimately connected with

mankind, and sing praises to her redeemer: the traffic in human flesh.

so is the heart of a sorrowful man under “ Fearful of becoming tedious, your the discourses of a wise comforter; he petitioners have only to add, that, should breaks from the despairs of the grave, the abolition take place (which the god of and the fetters and chains of sorrow; he sharks avert!) the prosperity of your pe blesses God, and he blesses thee; and he titioners will inevitably be destroyed, and feels his life returning; for, to be miser. their numbers, by being deprived of their able is death ; but, nothing is life but to accustomed food, rapidly diminished.

be comforted; and God is pleased with But, on the other hand, should your lord.

no music from below, so much as in the ships, in your legislative capacity, scorn

thanksgiving songs of relieved widows, the feelings of the vulgar, and nobly in- of supported orphans, of rejoicing, and terfere, either openly, or by procrastina- comforted and thankful persons." - Jeion, to preserve this invigorating trade

remy Taylor.
from the ruin that now seems to await it,
your petitioners, and their wide-mouthed
posterity, as by nature urged, will ever

Alay 5.-Day breaks 1 52
Sun rises

4 31

7 29

Twilight ends 10 8
Heav'n speed the canvass, gallantly unfurl'd
To furnish and accommodate a world,

Oaks are in young leaf.
To give the pole the produce of the sun,

Elms have their leaves nearly expanded. And knit the unsocial climates into one. Early cherry-trees go out of blossom.

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prey, &c.”


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