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Attended a seminar sponsored by the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU). We attended a seminar focusing on the recruitment and retention of Hispanic applicants and derived a variety of ideas on how to effectively recruit talented Hispanic students.

Hosted an ADA Training Session. The Bank hosted a program on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to discuss the Act, its implications, and its implementation. Speakers were provided by the Federation of the Disabled. The seminar was attended by several major employers in the metropolitan area.

Development and Retention

Implementation of new centralized Management Development Initiatives. New management development initiatives have been designed to replace the former Management Training Program (MTP) and Executive Training and Development Program (ET&D). A training curriculum has been designed to identify and develop senior staff members with potential to become chiefs/staff directors. In addition, the initiatives are designed to incorporate chiefs/staff directors into the Bank's management team by providing increased flexibility. As with all our Personnel programs, representation of minorities and females is encouraged.

Actively monitored the progress of high potential minorities and females in the Bank The Personnel Officers have actively monitored the promotion, transfer, performance appraisals and assignments of minorities and females in the Bank through frequent dialogue with area management.

Encouraged mentor relationships. A number of officers were contacted and encouraged to develop mentor relationships with minority and female employees to provide a support and counseling structure, as well as offer broader management perspectives.

Management Awareness of Employee Development and Feedback

Focus Groups, The Bank used focus groups, comprised of minorities, females, and non-minorities at various management levels (chief and officers) to provide feedback on many of the Bank's management and development initiatives such as coaching and counseling, performance appraisals and the management development curriculum.

Reviewed sexual harassment program. The Personnel Officers, along with officers from other areas of the Bank, reviewed programs on sexual harassment in anticipation of a presentation to management on this topic in 1992.

Inclusion of sexual orientation in the Bank's equal employment opportunity policy
The prohibition of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation was included in the
Bank's formal equal employment opportunity policy for the first time.

Community Involved

Chamom Ios The Bank is participating in a pilot program designed to teach high school students practical business skills using PC-based simulation models. Two senior Bank officers and two senior staff members are participating as mentors to students at Franklin D. Roosevelt High School in Brooklyn. A senior officer serves as a member of Classroom Inc.'s Business Advisory Board.


Continuing Programs In Support Of Affirmative Action


Altimative Action Job Fair. The Bank attended its second Affirmative Action Job Fair for experienced applicants. Several candidates are under active consideration for future job openings. American Institute of Banking (AIB) Career Success Program, AIB, the NYC Department of Employment, and participating banks (including this Bank) provided office and clerical skills training and employment opportunities for economically disadvantaged candidates INROADS. INROADS is a program designed to identify and develop talented Black and Hispanic high school students entering four year colleges who possess an interest in pursuing business careers. The Bank provided summer employment and business advisors to six students in 1991. The Bank increased its participation in the program by conducting two workshops, sponsored by INROADS, for their students. Finally, the Bank actively recruits graduate INROADERS who are seeking employment. Summer Internship Program. For 12 weeks each summer, ten interns receive first hand work experience and participate in a variety of seminars and workshops designed to expose them to the many job opportunities at the Bank. Each of the students is matched with a mentor to assist him or her in adjusting to the Bank and to support and encourage personal and professional growth. Recruitment at Predominantly Minority Colleges and Universities. The Bank continues to recruit on campus at five women's

colleges on the east coast and at four minority colleges in the southeast. The Bank also participated in our ninth minority college career fair at the Atlanta University Center. Leadership. Education and Development (LEAD) Program in Business Inc. This program is designed to attract outstanding minority high school students to careers in business and management. During 1991, the Bank hosted "A Day at the Fed" for 20 LEAD students. American Economic Association's (AEA) Summer Program for Minority Economists. The Bank provides financial support to this program which teaches econometrics to minority students during the summer. Urban Bankers Coalition (UBC). UBC encourages the advancement of minorities in banking and finance through a variety of development programs and seminars. A senior officer is a member of the local chapter's board of directors and Mr. Oltman, First Vice President, served as honorary chairperson for UBC's annual awards dinner. AEA Federal Reserve System Ph.D. Fellowships for Minority Students. The Bank provided financial support to this program which seeks to increase the representation of minorities at the Ph.D. level in the economics profession.


The Fund for Corporate Initiatives. Inc: Young Executive Program. This program is designed to develop managerial and leadership skills and provide exposure to a broad range of management issues, as presented by successful corporate executives. For the last six years, the Bank has sponsored a minority senior staff member's attendance at this program. Black Executive Exchange Program (BEEP), The Bank sponsors, under the auspices of the National Urban League, minority employees as guest lecturers at predominantly black colleges and universities. Four minority officers and senior staff employees participated in 1991.

Community Involvement

Join-A-School Program. This program, sponsored by the New York City Board of Education, promotes one-to-one partnerships between businesses and public high schools. Its purpose is to build a bridge for students between the classroom and the world of work. Among the variety of activities in its partnership with Curtis High School, the Bank provided technical assistance in the form of workshops and seminars, and sponsored a Mentorship Program.

Youth Opportunity Council. During the summer of 1991, the Bank employed 12 students in various clerical positions under the auspices of the New York City Partnership Program which provides job opportunities for economically disadvantaged high school and college students.

Solidaridad Humana. Solidaridad Humana is a non-profit institution which teaches adult language skills and office skills to Hispanic students and recent immigrants. A senior staff employee and a senior officer provide technical guidance as members of its Business Advisory Council.

International Center for the Disabled (ICD), ICD is a vocational training organization which provides placement assistance to the disabled. A Personnel Officer is a member of the Placement Committee.

Lower Eastside Service Center (LESC). LESC is a non-profit organization providing drug and alcohol abuse treatment programs. During the past year, two members of the Bank's training staff provided word processing training to staff at the LESC and a senior officer provided technical assistance member of its Business A ory Council.

Federation for the Handicapped. The Federation is a vocational training organization which provides training and placement assistance to the disabled. A senior officer is a member of its Business Advisory Board.

Model Office Classroom (MOC), Sponsored by the Mayor's Volunteer Action Center, MOC brings business speakers to the classroom. In 1991, the Bank provided guest speakers to students at Mabel Dean Bacon High School, a vocational school located in lower Manhattan.




Graduate level summer internship program. Given the Bank's increasing need for master's level candidates and the greater potential for this group to move into the senior staff ranks, we will shift our summer internship program emphasis to the recruitment of more master's level students.

Urban Bankers Coalition (UBC). A senior officer of the Bank will serve as the National President of the National Association of Urban Bankers. The Bank will continue to network with a large pool of minority professionals through this organization.

Minority professional oranizations. We will establish contacts, where possible, with minority professional organizations, especially for recruitment of master's level and professional candidates. This will be done by participating in job fairs coordinated by these organizations, advertising in their newsletters and hosting seminars and information sessions for these groups. Advertise in minority-targeted publications. Given our increased need for senior staff professionals, we will target various national minority publications in which to advertise job openings.

Development and Retention

Implement Management Development Initiatives. The Personnel Officers, working with area management, will identify "pivotal" positions within the Bank which provide development opportunities for high potential employees. Personnel will recommend, where appropriate, cross-functional rotational assignments into pivotal jobs for training and developmental purposes.

Offer Coaching and Counseling Program. The Bank will offer a customized coaching and counseling program starting in the second quarter of 1992 that is designed to develop stronger communication and feedback between management and staff.

Encourage mentor relationships, Officers are encouraged to develop mentor relationships with minority and female employees to provide a support and counseling structure, as well as broader management perspectives. Review stalling of task force and Bank obiective work groups for representation de minorities and females. Special efforts will be made to include minorities and females on Bank task forces and work groups. This will provide individuals with greater exposure and visibility and further developmental opportunities.

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