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The Bank is entering the final year of its multi-year affirmative action plan, which was adopted in January 1989. The Bank's original targets for 1992 are shown in Table IV. In setting

long term largeus for 1992 we realized early on that we were establishing ambitious goals. At this

poial we capes that the attainment of the original 1992 targets will be very difficult and, in the case of minority officers and senior staff females, probably unattainable this year.

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Looking beyond 1992, we will evaluate the results of our affirmative action program in order to develop our next multi-year plan. That plan will be based upon the 1990 census data, scheduled to be available by mid-1992. We believe that the programs begun in 1991 and which will be strengthened and built upon in 1992, will position the Bank to meet the challenge of maintaining

a highly qualified and diverse work force in the years ahead.


In 1992, the Bank will continue to concentrate on recruitment, the smooth transition of

professionals into the senior staff, and the development and retention of employees. In the area

of recruitment, we will increase our efforts to attract master's level candidates and professionals

through an expanded master's level summer internship program, greater efforts at networking,

various affiliations with professional minority organizations, and targeted advertisements in national,

minority-focused publications. Given the unprecedented staffing increases planned for Bank Supervision in 1992 and 1993, the need for recruiting efforts to tap all available sources of female

and minority talent will be particularly acute.

In addition, we will encourage the more active participation of area management in the

training and development of its staff who are deemed to possess management potential. We expect

to accomplish this through the development of stronger communication between management and

staff with the introduction of a new Coaching and Counseling Program early in 1992 and a new Performance Appraisal System. Also, the Vice President of the Corporate Planning Group and the Personnel Officers will visit area management to discuss the training and development needs of

certain individuals, including minorities and females, with a view toward increasing advancement potential where possible. Details concerning these initiatives are included in Appendix III.


It is the policy of the Bank to provide equal job opportunity for persons who are disabled.

We will not discriminate against any person because of a physical or mental disability provided the

disability does not impair the person's ability to perform a particular job.

This year, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) will take effect. As part of the Bank's

commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity and the ADA, the Bank's physical facilities have

been reviewed to determine if any structural limitation to the disabled exists. In addition, all

Personnel policies will be reviewed to ensure total compliance with provisions included in the ADA.

The Bank will continue its contact with the International Center for the Disabled and an

officer serves on its Special Committee for Placement.

Additionally, the Bank will provide, upon request, special counseling for disabled employees

in all work-related matters.


An important element of the Bank's Equal Employment Opportunity policy is the

investigation and resolution of any employee grievance relating to discrimination because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age or disability. Any employee who believes

that he or she has been discriminated against or subject to unlawful harassment should discuss the

grievance with his or her supervisor, assistant chief, chief or manager, or with a counselor in the

Personnel Department.

Any employee who does not wish to go to his or her area management or to the Personnel

Department may bring the grievance to the Equal Employment Opportunity Officers. A finding by the Equal Employment Opportunity Officers may be appealed to either the First Vice President

or the President.

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Increased emphasis on senior staff and MBA/MA minority recruitment. Given the Bank's increasing need for professionals and master's level candidates, we undertook various recruitment initiatives to target this group.

• attended Columbia University Black Business (MBA) Association Conference;

established affiliations with the national president and the regional president of the National Black MBA Association as well as the regional president of the National Society of Hispanic MBA's;

sponsored for the first time a booth at the job fair of the National Black MBA Association conference;

identified minority publications for placement of national advertisements next year (Hispanic Magazine, Minority MBA Magazine and Black Enterprise magazine).

Increased contact with minority organizations on campuses where we recruit. A number of information sessions were conducted on campus and in the Bank which targeted minority graduate and undergraduate students:

• Rutgers Minority Career Fair
• Howard University Finance Club
• Princeton University Hispanic Business Society Job Fair
• A Predominantly Minority Fraternity at Princeton University
• Manhattan College Minority Job Fair

In addition, one-on-one networking occurred between Bank staff members and career counselors and economics professors at Morehouse College, and with a Board member from the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management (a group assisting talented minorities pursuing graduate degrees) in an effort to further strengthen our access to sources of talented minority candidates.

Improved communications and follow-up with minority summer interns. Summer interns are an excellent source of publicity for the Bank on their campuses. Therefore, we initiated efforts to maintain contact with the interns and keep them informed of activities at the Bank. We encouraged interns to participate in our on-campus information sessions and to refer candidates to the Bank.

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