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and take whatever steps are required to obtain pertinent facts. The EEO officer and the EEO specialist are responsible for keeping the employee informed of the progress of the investigation.

Upon concluding the investigation and review of a grievance, the EEO officer may: (a) resolve the matter informally; (b) instruct area management to take appropriate action, including disciplinary action if necessary, to effect a remedy for the complainant; or (c) dismiss the grievance, explaining the reason to the employee. A record of the EEO officer's investigation is prepared and filed in the EEO office. Any decision of the EEO officer may be appealed directly to either the first vice president or the president. A brief description of the EEO officer's responsibilities and resolution process are outlined in a bulletin issued on May 18, 1992 (copy attached).

The EEO officer and the EEO specialist periodically visit the regional check processing offices in the Second District in order to make themselves available to employees outside the head office who may wish to discuss a grievance with them. In addition, the EEO officer at the Buffalo Branch is available to address any issues at that office. The EEO office also has a voice mail system which enables evening and night force employees and others who cannot, or prefer not to, contact the office during regular hours, to call at their convenience and leave a message. The EEO officer is responsible for returning such calls promptly.

The Ombudsman office

The complaint resolution process used by the ombudsman

office is described on the reverse side of the Bank's News

Bulletin, which was sent to Bank employees from James H. Oltman, first vice president, on March 30, 1992 (copy attached). This or similar reminders about the office of the ombudsman are sent to all employees twice a year.

The Bank's EEO officer and ombudsman prepare written reports to the president and the first vice president regarding the activities of their respective offices, including information on the various complaints handled during the year. Such reports

are submitted directly to the president and first vice president

by these officers, without any review by the Personnel Department officers or any other parties at the Bank. The President and

First Vice President follow-up directly with the EEO office or

ombudsman on particular issues or concerns.

In addition, the

employees of the Buffalo Branch have access to the Branch

ombudsman and a deputy ombudsman at that office.

The Personnel Department

A personnel officer or personnel counselor will meet with an

employee to determine the nature of his/her grievance. If the grievance pertains to equal employment opportunity, the personnel representative notifies a personnel officer and the Bank's EEO officer. A member of personnel management will speak with the parties involved in the grievance, including the employee's department management, in order to gain a clear understanding of the circumstances: The EEO officer is kept informed of

developments and the status of the investigation, and the legal department may be consulted where appropriate. The personnel officer will seek to develop a solution to the grievance with all

parties involved.

In addition, Personnel follows up with the

employee to determine the effectiveness of the resolution.


memorandum, documenting the grievance and steps taken to resolve it, is prepared by the personnel officer who handles the case. A copy of the memorandum is sent to the personnel files and the EEO

officer for EEO files.

In addition, periodically the first vice president meets with the EEO officers, the Ombudsman and his deputies, the head of personnel and the head of the corporate planning group (to whom the head of personnel reports), to discuss in detail the background and status of complaints that are under investigation.


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The Equal Employment Opportunity (EEC) office is responsible for investigating and resolving complaints of discrimination, based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including sexual harassment), sexual orientation, age, or disability, that are lodged by employees of the Bank. My staff and I are available to give each grievance prompt and careful attention.

If you feel you have been harassed or treated unfairly or in a discriminatory manner, you may call or visit the office and speak either with me (Extension 6434) or with Franklin Goins, EEO Specialist (Extension 6627), and we will make every effort to assist you. we are located in Room 643 in the Main building; our regular hours are 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

In addition, for evening and night force employees and others who want to contact the office outside of regular hours, a voice response system has been installed. This new system can be reached by dialing Extension 6336. Leave a message indicating when it is convenient for one of us to contact you.

Donald R. Moore
Equal Employment

Opportunity Officer

May 18, 1992

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Effective April 1, 1992, I have appointed Ronald G. Honry, Assistant Chief, Currency Verification Division (Day), us a new Deputy Ombudsman to succeed Felicia Fair-Devis, Operations Support Specialist, Electronic Operations Support Department, who has served as Deputy Ombudsman since October 22, 1990.

Following are the names, office locations, and telephone numbers of the Ombudsman and his designated deputies:

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Printed on the reverse side is a description of the Ombudsman's activities. As a reninder of the means available to you to resolve any grievances you may have, please refer to paragraphs 2 and 3.

Jos N. 01 taan
First Vice President

March 30, 1992


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